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Thanks for reblogging Levi's fundraiser. I didn't know it even existed! I'm going to donate my gas money. I hope we can make it to the goal!

Oh gosh, you are so welcome, but thank you for donating!  Seriously, that’s amazing of you.  I too have donated what I can right now and hearing of others dong the same is wonderful - you’re wonderful!  

Yeah, a lot of people didn’t know it existed.  They tend to be quiet about it, which isn’t an excuse in the SPN fandom (let’s be real), but yeah, I too wasn’t aware it was going on right now.  

But I so hope we can make the goal!  It would be awesome, done for a lovely cause, and would make Jensen very happy :)


A Lifetime (Part Three)

Part [1] [2]

Based on a request sent in by @im-beautifully-sewn, tagging @cassjoream

So here’s the last part, warning it may get a little sad (sorry guys)!

A whole year after your wedding you were sitting beside Jared and Jensen at a supernatural panel. You listened intently to every question the boys were asked and every answer they gave. Of course you had your own questions that you were more than happy to answer, but the boys always got the most not that you minded, you enjoyed seeing Jensen react to the attention.

“My questions actually for Y/N.” A nervous fan that Jensen had picked out held the microphone as steady as she could.

“Shoot away sweetheart.” You smiled at her as you tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear.

“Now that you and Jensen have been married a year, are there going to be any little Ackles running any time soon?” The noise the crowd made proved that it was a popular question and you heard Jensen laugh amongst it all. You looked at him for support and all he gave you was a simple nod showing that it was okay to answer truthfully.

“Uh actually, baby Ackles is due in October.” The whole crowd went up in a chorus of cheers as Jensen placed his hand on your stomach. You’d found out you were pregnant two months ago and you’d both agreed to wait until you were showing before you announced it, but the two of you could barely contain your excitement.

“So you heard it here first.” He laughed as he waited for the crowd to die down before picking the next person.

“So first of all congratulation.” Both you and Jensen thanked her before she continued. “I just wanted to ask, did Jared already know? Or did he just find out?“

“I’m pretty sure Jared knew before me.” The crowd chuckled along with him as he made a reference to how close you and Jared had truly become.

“I actually didn’t, but my wife did.” Jensen playfully rolled his eyes as Jared confessed that you actually confided in Gen as soon as you’d found out.

“Of course she did.”


You tilted your head back, enjoying the warm sun wash over your body and the feeling of sand under your skin, the sound of the ocean taking every ounce of stress you had away. You were glad to be on holiday, everything had been so hectic over the last few years with your filming schedules and interviews and panels. Not to mention your personal life with your wedding, moving house and having your beautiful little girl, Callie Grace Ackles. Obviously you’d loved every part of it, and you would never change any of it for the world but the quiet break was needed.

A smile found its way to your face as you heard your daughter giggle proudly as her first sand castle stayed standing. You watched as she and Jensen continued to build their impressive sand fort, admiring how much alike they were. She may have had your hair colour and your face shape but other than that she was completely Jensen. Her bright green eyes shone full of life like his, his freckles covering her face. You loved the bond they’d formed over the last three years, there was no doubt she was a daddy’s girl and had him wrapped around her little finger.

After a while Jensen noticed you watching and motioned for you to join them with a childlike smile, an invitation you were more than happy to accept.


A faintly familiar pain rippled through your body as you reached out in the darkness to find your husband.

“J?” You shook his shoulder in attempt to wake him up. “Jensen come on its happening.”

“Huh?” He opened his sleep glazed eyes to look at you, blinking several times to adjust to his newly awake state.

“The baby’s coming!” You tried your best not to scream out in agony to assure you didn’t wake up a sleep Callie in the next room. Your words finally sunk in for him as he shot up right, grabbing his phone to call Gen and Jared to ask them if they could take Callie.

Ever the true friends, Jared and Gen were at your place in minutes both Shep and Tom with them as they buzzed in excitement for you. They were practically pushing you out the door, eager to meet the new baby that they would happily adopt as their nephew just as you had with their sons.

You were at the hospital in no time, the pain of labour making you cry out. Just like the first time Jensen was by your side, guiding you through it all and being the best support you could ask for. All the pain was soon forget when you finally held your son in your arms. Aaden Levi Ackles was perfect.


You felt the tears forming in your eyes as your emotions bubbled over. Three years ago Callie had moved out and left for school and now it was finally Aaden’s turn to leave home.

Supernatural had been finished for years now, Jensen still continued to work staring in a number of different shows before eventually turning to films. You on the other hand had decided to retire from set life, completely happy with everything you achieve on the show to not want to continue your career further. Instead you stayed at home, raising your two beautiful children. Now to see your youngest finally leave home was breaking your heart.

“Are you sure I can’t drive you?” You asked hoping he’d changed his mind as he packed the rest of his things in his car.

“I’m sure mom, I’ll call you when I get there and you can visit when ever you want.” He laughed lightly as you sobbed before he pulled you into a hug and kissed you on the head as a goodbye. You watched silently as he said bye to his father before he drove off. You stayed there for a while, watching his car grow smaller and smaller with distance while Jensen disappeared back inside.

“J?” You called out as you closed the door behind you. You felt your heart break even more when you found him in the kitchen, tears streaming down his face as he realised that both his babies were grown up and didn’t need him as much anymore. The two of you broke out in laughter when you realised that you both had matching wet streaks on your cheeks.

“Don’t you go moving out.” He joked as he wiped his own eyes before yours.

“Never.” You smiled as you hugged him, your arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he nestled his face in your neck.


You hummed to yourself as your stirred one of the pots on the stove. You loved weekends like this when your whole family stopped over.

Callie had recently turned 27, and no longer owned the Ackles last name. She was now married to a fellow lawyer Gregg, and had been for five years. The man in question had fitted into your family perfectly and you were more than happy to call him your son. Of course, with marriage came children and they’d given you your first two grandchildren, the twins Eli and Eva.

Aaden too was on his way to parenthood with his fiancée. Just like Gregg, Rilee had been welcomed into your home with opened arms. Just like his parents, he’d followed in your acting footsteps and was currently in the audition process for a main character on a new tv show. You had no doubt that he wouldn’t get the part, not only did he have his fathers extremely good looks but he was beyond talented.

Both your children now had their own homes, their own lives, their own little families. They reminded you so much of both you and Jensen when you had both first started out. Neither of you could have been happier for them nor have wished for things to turn out any different.

“Grandma grandma come play!” The twins ran around your legs in circles, their energy making you feel dizzy.

“Carefully kiddos grandmas getting old.” Jensen winked at you, his whole body leaning against the door frame. Even years later he still gave you butterflies.

“Hey less of the old.” You scolded him with a smirk as you playfully punched him in the arm.


Jensen clung on to your hand with his own, his sobs racking through his body as he cried, not caring how loud he was being. The several familiar figures all remained silent as they gathered around your bed side, each and every one of them finding their own way to deal with the grief and pain.

You and Jensen had, had a great life together. An amazing one. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about meeting you on set for the first time all those years ago. From that day he had given himself to you, he had been yours and yours only. He felt a tingle run though him as he remembered the friendship you’d shared, the bond you’d grown together before eventually you’d become the greatest love of his life.

Even now he still felt like the luckiest man alive that you’d agreed to become his wife, that you were willing to be his forever and always. He would forever be grateful for the life the two of you had shared and the two amazing and beautiful children you had blessed him with. Who in turn had given him just as equally brilliant grandchildren, the total number now hitting a loving seven. He would never stop thanking God that he’d been the one to love and hold you for most of your life, or for the fact that he got to grow old with someone as wonderful as you.

But as he sat there at your bed side he couldn’t help but feel like everything was wrong. It was meant to be him on the hospital bed, he had been the oldest of the two of you, wasn’t it fitting that he’d been the one to go first? Yet here you were, laying lifeless before him as he grieved and found himself wanting nothing more to hear the words ‘I love you’ fall from your lips one last time.

But that was never going to happen again.

And Jensen wasn’t sure how he was going to deal with that heart breaking pain.