Levi may be cold but everything he ever does is for the team. Even if it calls for giving up Petra’s patch to the man who caused him to abandon his loyal squad’s bodies. He’ll take any possible way to save the survivors because that’s what a great captain does. 

Upon hearing Petra’s dad speak of her with so much love and care, Levi remains stoic. Because after so many expeditions and so much loss, he can’t afford to lose it. A captain remains strong for the team even when he feels like he’s dying inside. 

The commander may be the brains of an operation but the captain remains the bridge between his superiors and the corps. He directly affects both sides as they do him. A captain must live with everyone’s choices including his own. Goddamn it, he has every right to a choice of no regrets.

Whether I believed in my own abilities, or whether I believed in the decisions of my trusted comrades, in the end no one ever knew what the outcome would be. So I guess… you have to do your best to make a decision that you won’t regret.

this is for nothalfsocurious who is my recipent in this exchange!! i’m sorry it looks so rushed, but i’ve been sick these past three days and i haven’t had much energy to draw, which is a shame because the prompt made me super excited ; _ ;!!

i hope you like it and have a merry christmas to all of you!! i had a lot of fun drawing this despite everything uwu (let’s pretend i know how blankets work aight)



This was supposed to be for Rivetra Week but since it’s been more than a month since then I don’t think I’ll label it as that anymore ^^;;;

And yup, the lovely Su (aka hitomi-sy aka the Shingeki no Ballet AU overlord) gave me the overall concept for this doujin, so this work is dedicated to her. (Go check out her blog, she’s got an event going on!)