Levi looks like jean I fucked up


like seriously 

can we talk about hanji’s ex-crush on shadis 

and levi pulling more of his toilet humour


(sasha looks so much like a titan here omfg)

can we talk about mikasa not giving a shit as usual

and eren x connie bromance

and jean being a fucking asshole


omg look at mama levi kicking their bratty asses

did someone say character development??

just look at these stupid kids

#erwin no the kids are staring


bonus: bertl in a hoodie thing

highlights of snk chapter 59
  • a new character who looks JUST like marco

  • shirtless levi

(and sasha stitching levi up!!)

  • jean is alive

  • levi comforting armin after his first human kill

  • hitch and marlowe return

  • jean insulting marlowes haircut

  • kind and badass marlowe

  • hitch calls jean horseface

  • and last but not least, connie’s hat

he is such a fucking dork.

Jean swivels back and forth on a bar stool. “You know that’s illegal?”

“You gonna arrest me?” Eren, perched on the stool next to Jean, knocks back another shot.

“Maybe I should. You look it now, but I know you aren’t old enough to drink. It would make a good headline.”

“Yeah, a good headline about you supposedly arresting someone for underage drinking and then not being able to prove it.”

Levi intercepts the next shot the bartender slides in front of Eren and drinks it himself. “Stop arguing.”

Jean goes still and silent, looking like a soldier awaiting orders.

“Really? You listen to him?” Eren turns around and leans with his back to the bar so he can observe the room.

“I can’t help it, man.” Jean shakes his head ruefully. “You hear his voice? How can you not obey?”

“Wow. You’re kinda fucked up. Hey, just out of curiousity, completely unrelated, did your dad leave your family at a young age?”


“Damn, Jean. You should trot on over to therapy. Get that shit sorted out.”

“Be quiet,” Levi snaps.

Jean emits a noise and Eren whips around, eyes wide. “Did you just whimper?!”

“Shut up,” Jean grits out.

“I swear, Jean, if you pop a boner I am leaving right fucking now. Fuck the mission, I’m not dealing with that.”

Levi tears his gaze away from the men in the corner they’re supposed to be surveilling and glares at the two next to him. “Both of you-”

“Careful, Boss.” Eren interrupts, “If you scold him, he might just pass out right here.”

“Fuck you with a cactus, Eren.”

“Fuck you with Levi’s cane. Of course, you’d probably be all for that.”

Levi’s voice reaches dangerous levels of fury as he notices some of the other bar patrons glancing in their direction. “Stop this now, you shitty brats.”

“I mean,” Eren quips, “I get that he’s hot. I would hop on that. But this is pathetic, Jean.”

“And you should know all about pathetic, Shifter!” Jean jumps down from the stool, crowding into Eren, who rolls his eyes hard.

“Oh, shit, what a comeback. I truly have been bested.”

Levi snaps his cane against both of their shins, earning him twin yelps. “You idiots can keep fighting each other. But I’ll be focused on fighting those nasty men other there. You know, the ones who now know who we are because you yelled our codenames.”

Looking up from rubbing their stinging legs, Eren and Jean see that indeed, they have attracted the attention of the entire bar, including the smugglers they were supposed to be taking down. The men are closing in on the three, brandishing weapons.

“Great. Look what you did, Eren.”

“Fuck you, Jean. If I die, I want that written on my tombstone.” Eren pops his knuckles and shakes out his limbs.

“Fuck you, too, Eren.” Jean drops into fighting stance.

“Fuck you both.” Levi pulls the sword out of the sheath of his cane.

Simultaneously they answer, “Yes, please.”