because levi had to work late, they had to go out for lunch the day after to celebrate oli’s birthday. olivia and alanna were so mad at levi. alanna couldn’t believe it. she didn’t mind levi working so much so long as work didn’t interfere with their lives. but now that he’d chosen to go work rather than celebrating his first daughter’s birthday, things were different. 

levi: oli you know how much i love you and how much i would’ve loved to be there yesterday, i just couldn’t skip work. they needed me down there

oli: yeah, but so did i, dad. i also needed you. and you bailed on me. 

rainyruby  asked:

I was wondering if maybe you could draw Levi and Eren having a pillow fight and Eren is TERRIBLY losing? If not that's fine <3

Eren loses because Levi always takes the mattress instead of a pillow… ಠ_ಠ

Thank you for your request! ♥ (*゚∀゚*)


Agi as Isabel Magnolia
Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Lifelessly, Levi began to walk. As he did, he felt his foot hit something. The rounded mass rolled into a nearby puddle. Stained with mud, he couldn’t distinguish its features - but Levi recognized that unkempt red hair. ©