Headcanon #20

Eren literally can`t say one damn word about Levi at all once his friends join him and Squad Levi in the castle because they all latch onto Jean`s taunt that Eren is in love with him. The worst part is they openly embarrass him whenever he offers to help out Levi or does his chores well, they all start hooting and catcalling him. Right. In. Front. Of. Everyone.

“OOOH Eren liiikes him!” Connie would scream,

“Eren and Levi sittin` in a tree~” Jean would whiny,

“Eren is in love with you Captain!” Reiner would yell.

Petra is trying to be supportive and hides her giggles, Gunther is smiling, which he hardly ever does, Eld has a straight face but you can see the amusement in his eyes and Oluo is outright guffawing like everyone else. And when Levi raises a thin brow at him he just wants to sink into the floor. He`d never have guessed Levi was all too pleased with his blushing cheeks and stuttered apologies.

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Don't you think Isayama is only playing the edgy autor by teasing a 'possible relationship' between his 2 most popular male charas?? It kinda feels forced, especially ever since the second popularity poll came out


How is Isayama playing edgy by expanding the relationship between Erwin and Levi? If anything, he’s being edgy towards homophobic norms on magazines but…

Erwin and Levi’s relationship isn’t forced in the least? A forced relationship comes when love suddenly happen between characters who rarely interacted or talked to each other in a casual way. This isn’t the case for Erwin and Levi:

Petra describing Levi’s initial situation to Eren - Ch. 20

From this panel alone, all you can do is develop their relationship. Not to mention, Erwin (and eruri) weren’t always that popular. I don’t recall seeing him in the first one anyway. And popularity or not, people appreciate Erwin and Levi for reasons other than shipping. While eruri is a major pairing in the fandom, it’s nothing compared to the quantity of comics/fanarts related to ere//ri. I’ve been browsing the first 15 pages of the shingeki tag on Pixiv and ere//ri clearly dominates the place, yet the relationship between Eren and Levi is peaking down even faster than the Cargo Titan.

So yeah, Levi treasures Erwin and vice-versa. It doesn’t feel forced in the least. There’s no “fujo conspiracy” or whatever. 

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Eren and Levi Play Pokemon Go
  • Levi:Good for you.
  • Levi:Wonderful Eren.
  • Levi:*rolls eyes and sighs* Well would you look at you, baby boy all grown up, doing amazing things. Now go catch me a legendary before I disown you.
  • Eren:I caught you... I consider that a pretty legendary catch.
  • Levi:...
  • Levi:You asshole.

Today I wanted to see Levi in a movie╰(°ㅂ°)╯So I modify a part of these two images of Dane DeHaan (I love his face) ; here and here ~ I would like to make others caracters and animate it also but yeah mmmmmaybe one day

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Agi as Isabel Magnolia
Me (Dantelian) as Levi Ackerman
Lifelessly, Levi began to walk. As he did, he felt his foot hit something. The rounded mass rolled into a nearby puddle. Stained with mud, he couldn’t distinguish its features - but Levi recognized that unkempt red hair. ©