My friend actually made this after I asked her… I can’t even…
Credit to @no-name-otaku​ since they actually spawned the idea in the first place with a certain post
(My friend’s tumblr: @kawaiiharleyquinn )

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  • Levi in AU fanfics: Rich, probably. Most likely a business man. Sometimes a cop or a mafia boss. Probably owns a store or something. Rides a motorcycle or a fancy sports car. Has a big house. He's just a rank just under Erwin's CEO status or something. Maybe he's some kind of artist or writer. A college or high school professor.
  • Levi in Isayama's AU: A janitor, naturally.

I commissioned the lovely @bev-nap for this piece and I am so in looove with it! Thank youuuu!

Professor Eren and student Levi

Today is a great day!

It’s the 25th of December and you know what that means……


Ah, yes….Victor

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So mature

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Majestic af

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Radiating sex appeal

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Go celebrate with your boyfriend, you handsome dork.

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And, Levi

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You’d probably scoff at the idea of your “birthday”

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and “push” everybody away

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but we all know you totally love it all

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especially being with your troublesome trio.

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So, Happy birthday to my two guys 

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and Merry Christmas to all! 

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