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Newsfeed #63 July 20, 2016 (20 Cermië)

Book II: Not Quite Done…?

The Saga of Thranduil is officially done–somewhat. Seems I forgot I had to split up the entire Trilogy Appendix in order for the characters in each book are referenced by individual book. I realized that when I asked some Tolkien Experts to read the Appendix and references (and they agreed, got excited and jumped all over it especially the experts in Sindarin and Quenya when they saw my crate of Tolkien–nearly every book he and his son Christopher put together and then some). Keeping up with things became the next battle realm, though infinitely easier.

Since the last great review of the last 97 pages–Chapters 1-10 have been read, now Chapters 11-19 went out (half of 19, I realized so now I have to reissue that next week with Chapters 20 and 21), I realized that, like Tolkien, no one could follow this (like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Narnia, and anything else with a litany of characters with extensive backgrounds spanning periods of time) without an appendix. I can’t even follow it without an appendix–and I have to work with mine and Tolkien on top of it all.

Then there are the meanings, places (within Eryn Galen/Mirkwood/Eryn Lasgalen), things like the Ithilorn, etc. that need to be explained and translated. The elvish used is not all of it–and that is more of an “age” thing. Some things are in Quenya and Tolkien expressions (one) but most of the Sindarin used is a marker in some cases (as King Oropher didn’t like Sindarin and preferred Quenya, so it would stand to reason he would use the latter more than the former–ref. Unfinished Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien).

Then there is the bibliography (which I won’t post here unless you ask) that will tell the untold story of how I wrote an untold story of Thranduil. That one is extensive–and that’s what the experts want to see for the most part–how closely TKWR follows Tolkien. It does and the details of the Battle of the Five Armies from the POV of Thranduil was only the beginning of doing this, but also the hardest to do without changing anything in the original structure found in The Hobbit Book*.

The photos above are examples of how complicated this will probably get in defining an entire genealogy for existing characters without a genealogy but actually have a past that is relative nondescript. I know, that didn’t make any sense and it won’t until everything is done. Then it won’t make any sense unless you obsessed with Tolkien, Elves, Lee Pace and Orlando Bloom.

As the story moves on toward what now has started a interesting discussion on canonical fan fiction writings (it has been done before just not on this scale which might be why The Saga of Thranduil is expected at Mythcon at the last minute). To get there, the detail and explanation of that detail will be scrutinized on a monumental scale. So far, so good for Thranduil.–J.

*This was also done with The War of the Last Alliance and will be done with Battle of the North and The Fall of Dol Guldur. Book I Battles (TBA).

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noot-of-tim  asked:

Is that the Game Theory video about giving Undertale to the pope? What's so bad about it?

He basically acts like he did some revolutionary act towards ending the stereotyping of Gamer Culture and it’s just…. bad

Like this is John Green levels of sucking your own dick 

My sister was messing around with my phone and suddenly she’s like *sad voice*  “Oh, you haven’t caught a zubat yet.” and I’m like “Yeah I don’t have anymore pokeballs” So she hands me the phone like “well here, you can look at it.” 

And my train is facing off with a zubat that appeared in our house and it’s flapping around and I have no pokeballs GEE THANKS SIS 

So I was able to get Black Cat to level 5 yesterday, but Mary Jane is still at level 1.  I have three Bugle Exclusives currently, 41 Green Goblin tokens, and 28 spider coins. 

Looking at the math, it’s currently impossible for me to get Mary Jane upgraded past level 4 (minimum 8 days to get enough film to create enough exclusives to get her to level 5) or recruit Green Goblin.

So before you stress about this week of the event, do the math to see what you’ll be able to accomplish.

Quick note to Berners deciding to focus their attentions primarily on electing local progressives:

Getting your progressive fave elected to a town’s city hall is not any step in a movement that will ever stop the monopoly capitalist class, fascist and neoliberal, from spreading war and exploitation around the globe. Speaking from experience as someone who worked on the Minneapolis mayoral campaign for a ~progressive~ woman who would eventually give the okay to the police to break up BLM protests, placing all of your energy into liberal party politics at the local level, whether Democratic, Green, or otherwise, provides very little but disappointment, much like that already felt in Bernie.

It’s time y'all start thinking outside of the bounds of liberal party politics and realize that what happened with Wasserman Schultz in the Democratic National Committee is nothing new nor unusual. From the national down to the local level, absolutely all elections under liberal ‘democracy’ are determined by the 1%. Even in your small-ass, backwoods town that elected a dog as its mayor, that dog probably has some wealthy friends. This isn’t Animal Crossing where random people get elected by accident! Any politician within the state can only win an office by being determined to preserve that state as is. If you want change, go put your money where your mouth is and get involved in actual, non-electoral activism and build a movement towards socialism, girl. Communism even.

And the Cliff Badge is mine! This was a pretty rough gym fight, my team was a bit under leveled. Also, chose the green bike! The yellow one just doesn’t look good to me.

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as much as I love unit white their last two performances were pretty subpar compared to the amount of talent we all knew was in that group, i mean doha and haejoon are my babies but I feel like their creativity and willingness to improve isn’t really on the same level as unit green or yellow (who debatably have weaker vocals) so I’m just disappointed??? If they get eliminated next round I’ll be devastated but not surprised, sadly.