wandered into an alleyway bookshop and found that they had the leuchtturm1917 notebooks! It was pretty pricey at $13 + tax for a small notebook like this, but I splurged that day since it was Chinese New Year and I wanted to start it organized! I love it so far - paper is great, and page numbers + table of contents is super useful. Using it as a bullet journal.

~night doodles~ in my new LEUCHTTURM sketchbook!! I’m honestly IN LOVE with it! The paper quality is thinner but actually better than the paper you’d get in a moleskine and its so great I love it and it’s small so I can fit it in any of my purses its so cute too and just so great but it probably will be filled up in two weeks lol but STILL GREAT. I RECOMMEND IT 10/10 :) they’re just hard to find lol. On the far right I have some @macdemarco lyrics from Blue Boy:

“Blue boy, worried about the world’s eyes
Worried every time the sun shines
Worried about his haircut
Calm down sweetheart, grow up….”
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