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Do you guys own your own journals / what is the best way to begin one

Yeah! I think if you’re really committed to keeping up a nice journal & if you wanna treat yourself it’s nice to get a good notebook like a  moleskin or baron fig or Leuchtturm, whatever u think looks nice and then you can look up posts like this one http://artgirlfriend.tumblr.com/post/107139931106/trumermaid-hi-ok-so-one-of-my-goals-for-the for daily inspo, try to journal as often s you can!

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Hey how do you organise your life like could you run through whatever journals or diaries etc you use to plan everything out and be sorted please xxx love your blog xxx


I don’t really “organise my life”, it’s more like my “student life”. I’m soo lazy and my planning has to be through to actually work. I have 4 planners/notebooks that I’m currently using.

The first is my planner that I got from school for free. That’s where I write every single thing that has to do with school: assignments, dates, exams, materials for revision, exam content, appointments, timetables etc. It is not colour coded or nicely written, nor tumblr worthy:). But here are two pictures from my calendar and notes from a week.

Then there’s my bullet journal. I use a pink LEUCHTTURM 1917. This is where I colour code everything and make sure that every scrap of information is in the right place so that I’ll find it. This is a picture from the cover and there’s also a picture from a week. I also have pages for my timetables and big assignments at the end of the notebook. There are also some books, music, films and motivation pages if I’m not mistaken but I don’t use them that often.

If my week turns out to be really crowded, I’ll use the Passion Planner to identify my free periods so I don’t have to do a massive amount of tasks in a short time frame. 

I always write a list with all my assignments leaving space for the due date, class and grade. On one side, this keeps me from procrastinating because I have it hanging on my board and always see how much still needs to be done. But on the other side, it is rewarding to cross things out and read it at the end of the month and see my grades all in one place. 

After I have my assignments list I can decide which needs a study plan and which doesn’t. I use theorganisedstudent’s study planner. You can find more about it here.

Another notebook I use is from the Collection Safavid from PAPERBLANKS. This one has all my drafts for German class (I like to write everything by hand, except the final result). It is mostly full with analyses for short stories, authors, poems and some essays on historical personalities for my history class.

Then there’s my last notebook that I use. I bought this one from Romania a few months ago and I have no idea what it’s name or producer is. This is full of summary sheets for politics, history, chemistry, biology, physics and maths. I like writing everything I have to learn for a big test in a notebook and learning my summaries because that’s the only method that allows me to sleep before an exam.

I also enjoy making flashcards for information that keeps repeating itself which means that I have to revise it regularly. I keep it all on a bracelet that I got at a concert *glows in the dark*

I also have an Excel list with my grades and it is programmed to show me my final grades so I’ll know what grade I’ll need to get in order to change/keep it.

Hope I could answer your question! Have a nice and productive week!


wandered into an alleyway bookshop and found that they had the leuchtturm1917 notebooks! It was pretty pricey at $13 + tax for a small notebook like this, but I splurged that day since it was Chinese New Year and I wanted to start it organized! I love it so far - paper is great, and page numbers + table of contents is super useful. Using it as a bullet journal.

Dyrhólafjara: Nochmal der (scheinbar endlose) schwarze Strand am Kap Dyrhólaey im Süden Islands. Von der Landzunge aus mit Blick Richtung Westen aufgenommen. Links der Fels im Wasser nennt sich Kambur. Der Leuchtturm ist der Dyrhólaviti.