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Hey Babes,

We here at at Vagina are hoping to publish a third issue but we need your help! If you could mosey on over to our Kickstarter and give a little something, we’d be most appreciative. We’re hoping to raise at least $350 by November 25 so that we can finally afford to print some of your amazing art work and photography. Every little bit helps and you’ll get some fantastic goods out of the deal! 



Vagina editor-in-chief

Meet Our New Music Editor

Ladies and Lads,

I am so excited to announce that Vagina officially has a new Music Editor! Her name is Sarah Herndon and we are completely enamored of her. She’s an Austin gal who works at an independent TV station, idolizes Dolly Parton, wears fun vests, and is a fan of blueberry cake donuts. So basically, she’s a total babe!

She’ll be handling the music section of our zine and website, scouting talent to write pieces on, helping book bands for our parties, and sharing her love of music with you all. We are absolutely ecstatic to have her on board. Here’s a little message from her to you all:

Hey y’all! I am super pumped to be your new music editor! I have admired the Vagina ladies for a long while and can’t wait to be a part of it all. One of my favorite things to talk about is music and now I have a whole dang audience. YES!

You can reach her at Sarah@TheVaginaZine.com with your questions, comments, stories, and jokes!


Hillary-Anne Crosby

Vagina Editor-In-Chief

Photographer Profile: Gillian Laub

AI-AP interviewed Reportage photographer Gillian Laub about her new documentary “Southern Rites,” which is set in Montgomery County, Georgia, whose schools had long held segregated school proms until 2011.

In 2002 [Laub] was just launching a freelance career when Spin magazine assigned her to travel to Montgomery County. The editors had received a letter from a black high-school student there explaining that the school, though integrated, held separate proms for black and white students.

“It was a cry for help, really,” says Laub. “The letter said, ‘Please, please, please show what’s going on here—it’s outrageous. I can’t take my boyfriend to the prom; he’s black and I’m white.”’

Laub says she was fascinated by what she found during the trip. “On the one hand, the town seemed so friendly and integrated,” she says, “but there was a dissonance because I’d never seen a place with such overt displays of racism.”

Read more on the AI-AP website. See more of Gillian Laub’s photographer on Reportage.

hello everyone!! with overwhelming support, i have decided to open up a t-shirt shop!! if you all wanted to reply to this post with your fave quotes/request specific shirts, that’d be super!! (please do not send me an ask citing the quote, that gets very overwhelming very quickly) so: what quotes would you all like to see on shirts??

Bonsoir, babes!

I am so excited to introduce Vagina’s new Style Editor, Ms. Rachel Martino! Rachel is based out of Nashville and is a style and fashion lover! She took her love of everything fabulous to New York for an internship with mark Cosmetics and rocks her stylish tendencies on her YouTube channels in English and French and has her own Fashion blog! Speaking of, Rachel is an English Writing and French double-major studying at Belmont University. She enjoys traveling, tweeting and applying any one of her 24 lipsticks. Y'all may have already seen her SXSW Street Style articles or even met her at SXSW when she was taking your style pic. She’s thrilled to be joining the Vagina team and we’re thrilled to have her with us!

If you have some style pieces you’d like to submit or style questions, send them to Rachel! You can contact her at RachelM (at) TheVaginaZine.com. Remember, if y'all are ever interested in editor positions with Vagina, just email me and we can chat!



Vagina Editor-In-Chief

hi everyone! here are some more plays i would totally love more submissions/posts about:

  • much ado about nothing
  • richard III
  • the tempest
  • the merchant of venice
  • as you like it
  • the merry wives of windsor
  • king lear

send any and all submissions in!! thanks everyone!!

Dear Readers,

I was watching an old Steve Harvey comedy special, and I was really touched by one thing he said. He told his audience that he didn’t get his first car until he was 28. He also said that while you may not be exactly where you would like to be, you have to be grateful that you’re not where you were. Excuse my bad paraphrasing (LOL). 

There are a lot of things that some of us go through that others won’t. I know some college students that didn’t have the traditional experience. Many college students don’t have a lot of support from home. That’s why Gal Pal Magazine was created. 

I hope to see a slew of subscribers for this upcoming issue. I’m still unsure of the release date, but I do know the theme. Gal Pal Magazine will be releasing a money issue. Inside will be affordable fashion and beauty. Money tips that any college girl (or boy) can use will also be in this issue. I invite you all to allow Gal Pal Magazine to fulfill it’s ultimate mission in being a guide through college for many students. Thanks for reading!



Happy Birthday!

One year ago today, I officially founded Vagina. And by that I mean that I purchased the domain name and started emailing some gals I barely knew to see if they’d be interested in working on a feminist zine. Those first few weeks are a blur– arguments over the name, drafts and edits of our mission statement, editor appointments, email issues. But a lot of the time it was just a bunch of girls having a good time in my living room, playing with my cat and swapping ideas, stories, and jokes. 

When I started Vagina last January, I told myself that I would give the zine a year. I figured that after a year, we would all know if this adventure had been worthwhile or not. And to be honest, after those first few weeks of confusion I kind of, maybe, sort of wasn’t sure if we’d even make it that long. I was starting a crazy last semester of undergrad, I could barely afford to buy a domain name much less offer to pay my editors, and I’d never actually kept up with any of my hobbies. In fact, I just really love to quit things. 

But over these past 12 months, we’ve grown so much! Three issues have been released, our first Kickstarter project was launched and funded, nearly 100 gals have contacted me about submitting their work, and we’ve made friends with some incredible folks.

I’m not sure where the next year will take us; I don’t think any of us are. We just released our Winter Issue so now we’re hoping to get it into shops like Domy and MonkeyWrench. Lately, we’ve been on the prowl for some new gals to add to our editor circle. I’m also hoping to expand our field of regular contributors and maybe even get our name “out there” in other cities/states/countries. Phew, that last one is a pretty big goal. But I think we’re off to a pretty good start, don’t you?

Thank you all for your support, advice, and love this past year. We could never have done any of this without y'all.



Vagina Editor-In-Chief

Letters From The Editor: Tina’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

That’s right folks, Patrick AND I are giving a list of movies we are looking forward to! So get ready to get excited for movies.

American Sniper (Select theaters December 25, 2014, Everywhere January 16, 2015)

So this one is kind of cheating because it opened some places in 2014 but the theaters closest to me are opening it the…

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