Feeling really excited about this just-finished project! I made the J-card insert for a new CQ cassette tape released through the amazing HAVN friends here in Hamilton. Carved a lino block printed with a blue-grey rainbow roll, used hand-set metal type for all text, then scored each sheet on the press and assembled by hand! Whew! (Also I am playing in this band and leaving for tour on Tuesday so won’t be taking orders until mid-August!)

Also head over HERE if you’re interested in hearing or downloading the tunes! :)


I’ve been meaning to post pics of this whole table for a billion years. Sorry for the delay!

This is my curiosity table! It’s an old printing press drawer that someone made into a little coffee table. My mom bought it for my dad back in the 1970s and he used to keep a lot of his Civil War relics in it.

A few years ago he gave it to me and I stuffed it full of all sorts of little curiosities. It houses bones, skulls, teeth, fossils, shells, feathers, claws, fur samples, insects, and more!


Ladies of Letters

Late last year Melbourne based studio buddies, Carla Hackett and Amy Constable, collaborated to produce these wonderful, hand-made ‘Alphabet City’ prints.

Lettered by Carla and hand-printed Amy of the Saint Gertrude press, the aim was to move beyond just running a business together but to play an active part in creating a better world – a percentage of the profit goes to support The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation whose charter is to raise literacy levels nationally in Australia.

You can still grab your copy from the Ladies of Letters project, the aim is to raise AU$1000, which is enough to set up a community Share-a-Book library.


Book/Not Book

This week we showcase a new acquisition: Peter and Donna Thomas‘s presentation of Naomi Shihab Nye‘s poem Sometimes I Pretend, produced with rainbow-roll printed wood type and paper-pulp printed images on handmade paper in an edition of 35 copies signed by the artists. The work is presented as a double-sided scroll housed in a spring-loaded, retractable scroll box, with an unsharpened, No.2 Ticonderoga Beginners pencil as a dowel.

If you’re like some of my students, you might find it difficult to accept a scroll as a legitimate book. It is, after all, just a single sheet of paper rolled up into a box. So, there’s the question: is this work really a book, or just a scroll-work, a double-sided poetry broadside, or clever piece of kinetic literature?

Book/Not Book? Please reblog with your response.

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My friend Daniel @clovestpress is amazing at letterpress and always fun to work with. Here is what he just did with my bison mountain design. We will be working on some cool stuff next year. #letterpress #bison

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Device Creative Collaborative    |    http://wearedevice.com

“Event planner Lisa Vorce wanted a custom invitation that would create conversation and excitement about her clients’ upcoming Native American-inspired wedding in the desert of Arizona. Drawing from those influences, we designed the form and function of a small teepee, complete with skewers as support beams.”

Device is a design studio based in Winston-Salem, NC, honoring the craft and getting our hands dirty as often as possible.

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This month on Type Worship’s Instagram

Top Down:

  • Admiring the vintage linework and decorations abound in this drinks labelling by @gingermonkey Tom Lane. #lettering
  • This is shaping up well; @mrseaves101 painting her mural letters for her HEAVEN exhibition
  • I hear the last few Typism2 books are left. Get yours – here – or forever miss out. Silence by @carligraphy 
  • Great to be introduced to the work of Jack Townend by @designfortodayat illustrationhq
  • I’ve missed popping into @glyphics #signmakers. Always something to see. If you find yourself in Shoreditch, London, take a look.
  • I love receiving things in the mail and this is no exception. Thanks @typeterrance these are too nice to stack a beer on though!
  • Spotted in the latest edition of @creativereview ,this beauty coming off the press by @corinkennington 
  • Superb spread by @martinaflor for German culture mag, Der Spiegel Wissen. The title means tranquility/serenity
  • You just don’t see that many hand-painted leathers around a these days. This drop-shadow beaut by @signsbybob
  • Ornate Leaf clock by Richard Kindersley. Carved and gilded clock face in Welsh Slate.

2015 Letterpress Daily Planner by Julia Kostreva Studio

Breathe easy in 2015 with this etherial white-on-white daily planner notebook. Limited to 260 copies, this 164-page perfect-bound book has white foil printed on speckled natural mill paper.

Julia Kostreva is an art director and designer in California with a love for art and culture. In 2013 Julia founded a creative studio and shop - a place for work and play. The core studio practice balances creativity with functionality and embraces design distilled from storytelling. Of course, they have fun everywhere in between - they believe playful design can make your everyday a little brighter. 

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