The deep.

I over analyse
You don’t analyse enough
We talk and nothing is said
And it’s getting kind of tough

I take a breath
Try and let it go
You see I’m Drowning in the deep
As you continue to dip your toe

Maybe it’s just me
Locked in a constant mental fight
Blinkered and Longing for that love
That’s hidden in plain sight

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes
And switch off the fear
Or I can write it down
As I loose all that I hold dear.

Words for Elysium 2016 ©

tfw anons complain about how theres no texture in your clothing but you’re still learning how to do all that kind of stuff -,- let me see you try to mesh hoe


This took ridiculously long to make because I just couldn’t. stop. laughing.


When you go and I’m alone, you live in my imagination. The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation. I love you, that’s all I do. I love you.

The gif is apparently too big for tumblr so if you want to see it animated with some fireworks lights you have to click the link and go to the original post on my page. ;-;

By the way, happy Chinese New Year! :>


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I’m not afraid of stopping / This end could be my start / I wanna live a life / And not just play a part / I’ll walk into the sunset / I’ll sail across the sea / The final word, the last you’ll hear of me / Is goodbye, goodbye to every night alone / Goodbye to lives I don’t own / I’m tired of living on the stage / A life that’s only on the page / The empty lives are in the past / I’ve tried before, but here’s the last / Goodbye

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Was wondering how many americans who are following you lol

Let’s try and see if we can figure it out. Like this post if you’re from America :)

The first thing I do, after a breakup or a heartbreak, is crying. The second thing is singing to every sad song Taylor Swift had ever written.
—  Sometimes, it helps, sometimes, it doesn’t
Monsta X Reaction: You send him nudes/sexts while hes working

Can you do a reaction to sending Sexts/Nudes to Monsta X members while their at work?



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“Oh god, I can’t let the others see this!”


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“Are you trying to get me in trouble?”


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“You’re in for it when I get home.” *goes into detail what he’ll do to you*


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“I warned you before about sending me nudes and sexts at work!”


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“Aish this girl…cute undies though,”


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“You tell anyone what you saw and I’ll kill you Kihyun,”


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“Oh the things we’ll do when I get home.”


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Imagine Crowley keeping you as a slave and the Winchesters saving you

“Let her go Crowley!” the shorter of the two men shouted. Crowley held your chain in his hand “Oh my little pet isnt going anywhere” he commanded. You shook as you held your arms tightly against your naked body, clad in nothing but small white panties, the chain wrapped around your waist and you just knew you were going to die. 

Instead of letting the two men, who were trying to save you, see you cry, you doubled over putting your face on the ground letting the silent sobs rack your body as they shouted louder and longer. 

You felt the chain disappear and two strong arms wrapped around you, with something warm and that smelt good. Like leather and gun powder. You felt yourself being lifted off the ground and pressed into a warm chest. “You’re alright sweetheart, we gotcha. Aint gonna let him near you again” his deep voice grumbled against your head as his chest vibrated with each word.

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When you meet someone who makes you feel like you ate stars for breakfast, and bathed in sunlight you’ll try everything not to let them see the tornados buried under your nails, or the bullets hiding between your teethe but they’ll see you one day all jagged edges and bruised fingertips but they’ll still kiss you goodnight.

Saw this on fb and found it to be highly relevant.