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Movie Nights At The Bunker

Summary: Just some Destiel movie night fluff!

Warnings: Guilty of some cheesiness and loads of fluff!

Word Count: 900ish

A/N: So I was inspired by this fanart to write this oneshot and I’ve really got @miithers to thank for the beautiful fanart that inspired this! I hope y’all enjoy! And if you wanna be tagged in future posts, just let me know!

It was just another typical Friday night at the Men of Letters’ bunker. Sam had turned in early for bed and Cas and Dean spent the night like every other. Watching movies. Usually Sam joined them, but tonight he was too tired after the Rugaru case that the boys had handled. 

Ever since Dean had got Cas back and Lucifer was put back in his cage, he got around to teaching Cas about the human ways. And that obviously started with introducing the angel to his favourite movie franchises. Tonight they were having a Star Wars marathon.

“Hey Cas?” Dean nudged the angel sitting next to him.

“Yeah Dean?” Cas’ eyes never left the screen.

“I’m bored buddy.”

“I’m your boyfriend, Dean. Not your personal entertainer.”

Dean smiled a little at the word ‘boyfriend’. Losing Cas yet again had made Dean realise that no matter how immortal they seemed to be, even angel’s lives can be fleeting. Even then it had taken Dean days before he told Cas how he truly felt about him. But finally, after a lot of exasperated and impatient sighs from Sam, Dean admitted to Cas that he loved him as more than a friend. Cas’ reply was simple. He told Dean that he already knew and that he had always loved Dean too. It was because of Dean that Cas had fallen in love with humanity.

Dean nudged Cas but the latter just slightly shoved him without taking his eyes from the screen.

“Cas?” Dean waved a hand in front of Cas’ face.


“I’m still bored.”

Cas just rolled his eyes. “Why did I ever fall in love with you, Dean Winchester?”

“You know you couldn’t help it. I’m irresistible,” Dean said with a cocky grin.

“Let me watch the movie Dean. Go find someone else to annoy.”

Dean was about to retort when his eyes fell on the television remote sitting next to him. A slow grin stretched the elder Winchester’s face.

“Fine,” Dean said as he got up. “I’ll go wake up Sammy. He snores too loud anyway.”

“Thank you De-”

But before Cas could finish, Dean lunged forward and grabbed the tv remote and paused the movie.

“Now you’ve got to pay attention to me Cas.” Dean had a huge grin plastered on his face as he held the remote out of Cas’ reach. 

“Dean! Give the remote here!” Cas got up and tried to reach for the remote, but in vain. Dean was a little taller than Cas.

Dean just laughed and held the remote even higher causing Cas to lunge for it.

“Dean Winchester! I am an Angel of the Lord and I will not be messed around with!”

“Well let me see you try to take back the remote then,” Dean teased Cas.

With a grunt, Cas leaped on Dean to try to take the remote back and both the hunter and the angel went crashing to the ground. Cas landed on top of Dean and both of them were blushing from the close proximity. As always in such cases, Cas’ eyes wandered to Dean’s freckles and Dean couldn’t tear his gaze from those sky blue eyes and the adorable frown plastered on Cas’ face. Cas soon came around and tried to grab the tv remote which was still in Dean’s hand, but the hunter was too quick for him. Dean quickly placed his feet under Cas’ stomach and lifted him up easily, making it harder for him to reach the remote.

“Dammit Dean,” Cas said, his face turning red. “Hand me the television remote.”

Dean just shook his head and grinned up at his angel.

“This is not funny Dean!” Cas’ tousled hair fell over his forehead as he tried to reach for the remote again but Dean just lifted Cas higher and stuck his tongue out at him.

“Why are you sticking your tongue out at me?” Cas legs dangled uselessly in the air.

“You can’t beat me Cas,” Dean said with a small smirk.

Suddenly Cas leaned forward and pressed a small kiss on Dean’s nose. Dean was momentarily distracted and Cas took this opportunity to finally get a hold of the remote. He got up with a triumphant grin. But before he could get to his feet completely, Dean pulled him by his shirt and placed a kiss on Cas’ lips. Cas tasted like salty popcorn and a bit metallic - the taste of angels. Dean loved it. Loved the taste of him. Soon Cas had deepened the kiss. The remote lay forgotten as Dean wound his hands through Cas’ hair and pulled him impossibly closer.

But the sound of footsteps caused them to suddenly break apart and Dean saw a very flustered Sam standing there looking at Cas and Dean. Sam didn’t say anything and instead turned and headed back to his room but Dean was sure he could hear Sam grumbling about how he could not get out of bed for even a glass of water. Dean just chuckled and looked at Cas who had turned even more red.

“Well where were we before we were interrupted?”

Cas leaned forward and Dean smiled a little before he tilted his own face up to meet Cas’ lips with his own. But the sensation of Cas’ lips never came and when Dean opened his eyes, he saw that Cas was already back on the couch and that he was going to continue watching the movie.

“I was watching Star Wars before you rudely interrupted me, Dean.”

“But you’re not complaining are you? You’re such a tease, Cas.” Dean chuckled before joining Cas on the couch and rested his head on Cas’ shoulder. Damn he loved the angel.

Halfway into the movie, Dean Winchester fell asleep on Castiel’s shoulder and as Cas looked at Dean’s innocent sleeping figure, he couldn’t help but fall more in love with the hunter.


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67 & 84 with Bucky for moi?

A/N: I wrote the first thing that came so, I hope you like it. 💖

67. “You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”
84. “Show me what’s behind your back.”

- - -

There was a soft thud, scurt, and then the noise of a window slowly sliding up before you heard the grunts and heavy breathing.

You had turned just in time to see Bucky, in full uniform, roll into your living room and slowly pop up. His flesh arm hidden behind him as he gave you a tired smile.

“Hey Doll,” was his greeting and your eyes squinted as you took in that he was still breathing pretty hard and was still hiding his arm from you.

“Are you ever going to use the door like a normal person,” you asked ignoring his greeting as your lips twitched into a small smile.

“Yeah, when you learn that I won’t ever let you braid my hair no matter how much you whine.” He teased back easily but you noticed that a small red spot began to form on your carpet…right where he was hiding his arm.

“Bucky,” your playful demeanor turning to concern as you eyed him wearily.

“What?” He deflected and you pouted

“You’re bleeding all over my carpet.”

“What? No, no I’m not.” And now both of his arms are behind his back and your hands are on your hips.

“Show me what’s behind your back.” You ordered and he shook his head.

“No.” Your eyebrow rose.

“No?” And Bucky chewed his bottom lip.

“No,” his reply more hesitant than before. And the room stilled for one second before you jumped closer.

“Let me see!” You demanded trying to grab his flesh arm only to be blocked with his metal arm.

“Y/N!” He protested and  there was a soft dance of you reaching and him blocking before he groaned and showed you his arm. A horrible tempt of bandaging his forearm with..well you didn’t know what and it was seeped red.

“Bucky!” You scolded and softly gripped his wrist to examine more. “Why didn’t you go to med after the mission?” And you watched his shoulders shrug as his metal fingers softly grip your waist.

“I wanted to see you first…” and your eyes softened as you looked up at him before you squinted.

“That’s really sweet but I’m not kissing you till you go to med.” You huffed and it was Bucky’s turn to pout.

“What? Not even one? Doll, I ran to you.” He huffed and you rolled your eyes.

“And now you’re going to run back and  get stitched up.”


Wedding Day with Alfie

“Alfie!” You screamed, your voice carrying through the house. Downstairs Alfie sighed, putting down his paper.

“What love?”

“Come here.” You didn’t ask, but rather demanded and stood in the middle of your shared room when he appeared.

“What?” He asked exasperatedly. The wedding planning was exhausting and stressing you out, which in turn stressed him out. While he couldn’t wait to marry you, he couldn’t wait for it all to be over. He gave you a questioning look.

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

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Electric Heart

“Where the hell is he?” you yelled from the hall. “I know he is in there. You have to let me see him,” you insisted, trying to push past the nurse. 

“I’m sorry, honey,” the nurse responded. “Are you family?” she asked, stepping between you and the door. 

Without hesitation you responded, “I’m his wife.” You stared her down, and if looks could kill, she’d be in the one in the bed, not Dean. 

“Okay, Mrs. Winchester, this way,” she said, ushering you into Dean’s room. 

“Hey gorgeous,” Dean smiled. “My wife giving you a bad time, sweetheart?” Dean chuckled, asking the nurse, throwing a wink your way.

The nurse smiled kindly. “She’s a fiery one, sugar,” she laughed before leaving you alone with Dean. 

You had always cared for Dean, but had never had the nerve to say or do anything about it. Now he was lying in a hospital bed, dying. Tears stung at the back of your eyes as your hand flung up to your mouth, a gasp escaping your throat. 

“Dean,” you choked out, keeping your distance, afraid if you approached him you would break him for good. 

“Now, Y/N, my beautiful, gorgeous, drop dead sexy wife, don’t get all chick flick moment on me, sweetheart. C’mere,” he motioned, scooting to the side of the bed, making room for you in the bed. “Cozy on up to your husband. You may not get many more chances. They say my heart has had it after that electrocution. And here I always thought it’d be my liver,” Dean chuckled, his face pale, the bags under his eyes prominent. 

“That’s not funny, Winchester,” you said, as tears rolled down your face and you slowly approached him. 

“Oh come on, it’s a little funny,” he quipped, pulling your wrist to him once you got within reach. You sat on the edge of the bed, and he wrapped his hand around your waist, pulling you down into the bed with him. 

“Can’t believe it takes me dying to finally get you into bed with me,” Dean chuckled, as you snuggled into him on the bed. 

You placed your hand on his chest, raising yourself up, looking into his eyes. “Dean,” you whispered as your eyes flitted back and forth across his face. “You have no idea,” you managed, your face slowly getting closer to his. 

“Why don’t you help me understand then,” Dean suggested, his hand coming to rest at the nape of your neck, pulling your lips to his.Tears fell down your checks as his lips moved hesitantly against yours. You could taste the saltiness mixed with a taste that could only be described as Dean as his tongue swept into your mouth. 

You pulled away, breathless, and looked down at him. He smiled devilishly as if he had gotten exactly what he had always wanted. “Don’t get used to that Winchester. If you weren’t dying that wouldn’t…” you started, but Dean quickly cut you off with another kiss, this one passionate and more urgent. 

“I don’t think it’s ‘cause I’m dying, sweetheart,” he smiled, his thumb tracing the outline of your jaw. 

Tears were falling down your face as you suddenly sat up. “I’m gonna fix this, Dean. You can’t fucking die on me now. Not now,” you whimpered, your lips finding his once more in a chaste kiss. He clung to you briefly before you pulled away. 

“Don’t do anything stupid, princess. I’m a lost cause. You’ve always known that,” he laughed sadly. 

“I’m going to find a way to save you, Dean. If it’s the last thing I do,” you said, bolting from the room determined to save the man that you loved. 

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Imagine: Being in love with Kol and seeking out the Salvatore brothers when you find out Stefan stole the coffins from Klaus because you want to remove the dagger from Kol’s chest. 
A/N I am rewatching the entire show and I had honestly forgotten about my love for Kol. But it’s back. x

Mystic Falls is not a nice place. You’ve learned that over the centuries. You’ve also learned that Klaus is a terrible person and that you’d never see the love of your life again. But when you heard that Stefan Salvatore had stolen the coffins, your hope grew again. So therefore you’re now standing in the town square trying to figure out what to do next. And that’s when you spot him. 

“Damon,” you whisper watching as he gets in a car and drives off. You follow him with your vampire speed and ends up in front of the Salvatore house. You knock on the door and Damon himself opens it. 

“Hi,” you start out not sure what to say. How do you explain to someone that you’re more than 500 years old and want to reawaken your dead lover? 

“I don’t know who you are, but it’s been a rough day. So just don’t,” he says about to slam the door in your face, but you stop him. Of course he can’t close the door now because you’re way stronger than him. 

“Let me in,” you say, “I have information about Klaus.” That seems to catch his attention. He opens up the door and lets you in. Once in the living room Damon pours himself a drink and looks at you. 

“Start talking,” he says and you do. You tell him about your transformation and Klaus and Kol. You tell him about how you want to get Kol and leave town and never look back. You tell him everything. 

“Damon, I love him. Please let me see him,” you whisper trying not to cry. 

“I’ve been in love. It’s painful, pointless and overrated,” he says gulping down his scotch, “but I’ll help you.” You’re not sure why he helps you, but you’re thankful. Only moments later you’re standing in front of the coffins. 

“Clever to have witches hide them,” you say looking around. There’s no doubt which coffin he’s in. You can feel him. It’s hard to see him when you open up but you remind yourself that he’ll be alive and talking soon. 

“Thank you,” you say turning around to face Damon. 

“Don’t mention it,” he waves you off. 

“It’s okay to be the good guy from time to time, you know. I’ve heard the stories of you and Stefan. I know it’s isn’t your normal scene, but the good guy role suits you.” He clenches his jaw and you calm shut. You don’t want him to get mad. So you take the dagger out and hand it to him. 

“Bury this in Klaus’ chest for me.” It’s the last thing you ever say to Damon Salvatore. After that you find a crappy hotel where you wait for Kol to wake up. You have a blood bag ready for him when he comes to. 

“Hi,” you say petting his head as he gulps down the blood. It isn’t much for now but it’ll do. 

“Why am I alive?” he asks taking a deep breath. You sink down next to him with tears in your eyes. 

“Because I couldn’t stand life without you anymore,” you whisper and he puts his arms around you. 

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers kissing you. The two of you spend eternity together and it’s happy and nice. It’s what Kol needs. And it’s what you need. 

It’s the ending you never thought you’d have.


maybe Hoshi, Ouma, Iruma, and Tsumugi with an s/o who tends to scream for no reason? ((Aaa this blog is so cute I love it!!))

This was a specific request but I did my best! Please enjoy it!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • At the beginning, he jumped.
  • It was hilarious seeing your usually calm and collected boyfriend legitimately clutch his heart in shock
  • Whenever you did it, he asked what happened with honest concern
  • When you just shrug your shoulders at him, he looks relieved but underneath that, he’s kind of annoyed
  • Eventually he got used to it
  • Now when you scream, he flinches and looks to you for confirmation if something’s wrong
  • He’s told you to stop before but when you don’t, he doesn’t pester you about it
  • It’s just one little thing
  • He’s just lucky to have you, he wouldn’t want to bother you with this
  • After all, you overlook all of the annoying things about him
  • Why shouldn’t he do the same?

Kokichi Ouma

  • At first he thinks you’re trying to mess with him
  • He let out little yelps and would instantly go into fight or flight mode
  • And upon seeing nothing wrong, he turns and scolds you with fake tears
  • How could you scare him like that?
  • The next couple of times, he tries his hardest not to let you see a reaction
  • He’s trying his hardest to figure out the reason but he keeps drawing a blank
  • Then he gets an idea
  • Now he starts screaming randomly
  • He laughs whenever you jump
  • Now it’s become something of a joke between you two
  • He still can’t figure it out for the life of him how this started though

Miu Iruma

  • She screams too
  • Not to get back at you or anything, she’s just scared.
  • Once she realizes that there no real reason for it, she just kind of weakly yells at you
  • Why?!
  • How could you scare her like that?!
  • A wonderful woman like her shouldn’t have to deal with such scare!
  • It happens again with the same reaction
  • You’d think she’d get used to it but nope
  • She’s incredibly jumpy each time
  • Eventually, she invents a way out of it!
  • She’s created a pair of earplugs that specifically block out screaming!
  • Now you won’t be able to scare her anymore!
  • …What if you get in trouble and scream for help?

  • She’ll update it when she needs to

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • Her reactions are delayed
  • When you scream, she slowly turns to you and asks what’s wrong
  • When you tell her it was nothing she just goes back to what she was doing
  • The next couple of times you do it, she still doesn’t react
  • When you finally ask her about it, she just shrugs her shoulders
  • Everyone has weird habits and stuff, right? Why would she comment on it?
  • Then there was the one time you did it while she was working on a commission
  • Her hand slipped and she ended up with cut on her finger
  • That’s when she got up and scolded you
  • When did she learn how to do the anime glasses thing?
  • Okay. New ground rule.
  • Not while she’s sewing
  • Once she was done, she assured you that she still loved you and all your quirks very much
Happy Lowman - Bookworm


Happy Lowman.




Imagine person a is a book nerd and person B loves to watch them read and watch their facial expressions and mannerisms. Person A gets really self-conscious until a person becomes over and kisses them.

You always loved the books ever since you were little. You were one of the very few people in your family that was quiet and extremely drawn back.

You are much different from your cousin Jax and his lifestyle. But you couldn’t help that you had always loved books one way or another. It was something about the fairytale behind the life that you lived.

Jax had always told you that he was all for the fairytale side of life, but you were the one that actually read them.

Everybody by now knew that you were Bookworm. Especially the guys around the club. And it was not odd or unheard of for one in particular person to watch you read.

This have been brought to your attention several weeks ago and you had been very self-conscious ever since. Normally you read all the time at the clubhouse with no problem. But now knowing that you were being watched, you only seem to read when you were the only one there.

Happy had been that person that you had caught watching your facial expressions change with each line that you read out of your book.

Truth be told you had not noticed the quiet man at first, and you started to wonder just how long he had been watching you for now. You also wondered what it was that made him watch you as you read. Surely something as simple as a young woman like yourself reading a book was boring to watch?

But apparently to Happy Lowman it was anything but boring.

Because there you were curled up on the couch in the middle of the clubhouse where you thought you had been alone. But upon glancing over the top of your book you felt your wants Getty expression quickly change into a shocked one.

They’re across the room sitting at one of the tables was happy and his eyes went on you. You were baffled as to how the man had managed to slip underneath your radar and quietly had taken his seat and watch you like usual.

Your eyes went back to the black font on the cream color pages, but you could no longer focus on the story as you were too afraid to show your normal expressions that your face made as you read.

You sat there for a good 3 minutes at least having to reread the same paragraph over and over again because you were too distracted I tried to keep your face still.

And it wasn’t until you heard the scuffle of a chair moving did you glance up over the top of your book again. There came happy walking up to you. Your eyes quickly converted back down to the pages but you are unable to keep them there once you seen the edge of Happy stop in front of you.

Your eyes shifted upward and you looked at the frowning man. He always seemed so intimidating to you, but not in a bad way. He always held that overpowering and protective vibe about him that seemed to call you yet make your heart rate increase drastically.

The two of you just looked at each other for what felt like an eternity. And then the next thing that he did completely threw you for a loop.

Putting his hand on the book he pushed it down into your lap. He then placed his other hand on the back of the couch as he leaned over and took your lips in his.

Your eyes widened and you were completely froze. You didn’t know what to do or what you were expecting to happen, but this certainly was not what you had thought was going to occur.

After a few moments of his lips being a top yours he pulled away slowly and just looked into your eyes.

“You’re too damn cute when you make those faces when you’re reading a book. Don’t ever let me see you try to change that again.”

He said before he pushed away from the couch and headed toward the exit.

Finally remembering to breathe you grabbed the book with both hands and held it closely to your chest. You could feel your heart in your ears from The unexpected kiss and his unexpected words of what sounded like an encouragement but came out more like a threat.

It wasn’t long until a smile curled the sides of your lips and you picked up your book once again and continue reading from where you had left off prior to the pleasant interruption.

Finding Dylan’s Hard On

-I was playing Splatoon while writing this…sorry if it’s a bit more humorous than it should be…oops

Sitting in Dylan’s room, you were casually listening to music. One of the joys of dating Dylan of course. “How do you think you’re gonna do on the math test, y/n?” Dylan asked you. “Fucking horrible,” you stated sucking your teeth. He chuckled a bit before answering, “You brought your book bag, right?” You nodded your head. Knowing what he was about to say, you got up to get your bag. 

You didn’t have the best amount of clothing on either. So when you bent down to get your bag, you gave your boyfriend a pretty good view of your ass cheeks. He cleared his throat and tried to look away, with his face slowly reddening. You looked back at him while standing up, “Let me guess, you want me to study?” He cleared his throat once more, “Yeah, you’ll probably pass if you do.” You smiled at him and sat fairly close to him.

Your actions only increased his heart rate. As if it wasn’t fast before. You were calmly explaining to him what you didn’t get and what you needed help on. All the while leaning over which gave him a peek at your cleavage. He was starting to lose all focus. His blood flow was now heavy in his crotch. Dylan crossed his legs in a weird way. Looking over at him with curiosity in your eyes, “You okay?” 

He just looked at you with a blank stare, “Uh..yeah.” You giggled a bit and looked down. You smile only grew when you spot what he was hiding, “Whatcha got there, Dyl?” You smirked at him. “Absolutely nothing,” he put his forearms over his erection. “Oh come on babe! Let me see!” you laughed loudly trying to pry his arms away. You could see a faint smile grow on his face. Giving up, you wrapped your arms around his body, laughing into his body. “You drive me insane,” he chuckled a bit.


It isn’t always obvious. It’s little things, insignificant and trite. At least that’s how they make it seem. Not every case has yelling parents who belittle you and victimize themselves.

Sometimes you get the nerve after years of doing everything right. Years of fighting like hell to keep from ‘disappointing’ them. Sacrificing pieces of yourself just to try and please them. You were good. You saw the other drug using kids and you never touched any of it, and pretended not to smell the cloud of weed and cigarettes on their breath. You saw the delinquency around you and you stayed away.

It didn’t matter. You were still a stressed to them, still a disappointment, still a leach with an 'attitude problem’.

One day you pluck up the nerve to let out an emotion, just a little bit, just a trickle. You cry and they look disgusted. You yell and they look amused, and with quiet voices they dissect you. Every word cows you, every disgusted glance cuts deep.

They don’t need to hit you to beat you back in place.

Constant gaslighting, endless criticism cheaply disguised as love, and lies that tangle and weave through your mind until you don’t even know who you are anymore. Just a stupid leach who needs them.

It doesn’t matter what they do, they can say they’re going to kick you out, but they’ll never let you leave. You can try to run but they’ll find you, they’d turn the police to their side and have you dragged back to the living hell. You just keep smiling. Just smile and nod and never cry. Never let them see fear.

You can try to tell someone, beg for help if it makes you feel better, but they don’t listen to you. No one ever listens to the kid over the parents. Especially if there aren’t bruises or broken bones or rape kits to prove they did anything.

Sticks and stones and broken bones, you’d pray for broken bones instead of this. Words to hurt. Words to break. Words to wind through your mind and tangle around the pillars of your goddamn sanity.

And they say you’re overreacting. Being emotional. Being a teenager. It never ends. Never a minute of peace. It can get so bad that you don’t think you’re loosing your mind anymore, you are. Slowly, like a steady drip against a stone to wear through until there’s nothing left.

It’s like clinging to an iron rod held over a waterfall. The iron keeps getting hotter until you can feel your skin turning to char but you can’t let go. The waterfall seems endless because it is and the hell you know is better than some fresh new torment. You could survive and go off to heal and live or you could crash against the rocks and you never know which one it’s gonna be until you crack your broken hands off the iron.

It isn’t always obvious that you’re even burning in the first place. Sometimes you even tune it out and pretend nothing’s wrong. There is nothing like choosing whether or not to jump.

Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt. 2

Episode Nine: Seventeen heads to the Buffet Restaurant and Joshua decides to start a fight with Seungcheol

*in the queue for the buffet restaurant*

Waiter: “For how many?”

Scoups: “13 please”

Waiter: “Um…” *looks back at the packed restaurant*

Waiter: “Can you sit separately?”



Scoups: “Yeah it’s alright, we can just split into four or five per table”

Hoshi: “BUT I WANT TO-

Scoups: “Soonyoung you can sit with Jihoon now shut up please”

Hoshi: *smiles*

Waiter: “So twelve adults and one child?”

Woozi: “You better not be talking about me”

Dino: “I think he was talking about me hyung…”

Waiter: “Oh hey there little one didn’t see you back there, should I get two baby chairs for your children?”

Woozi: “Someone hold me back or I’m gonna dig out his eyes”

Hoshi: “Go get him Woozi! He tried to separate us just now!”

Woozi: “Suddenly I like this waiter a whole lot, should we be friends?”

*at table one: Jeonghan, Joshua, Scoups, Dino, DK*

DK: “Dish ish da kool peepur’s taburle”

Dino: “I don’t think I understand what you just said…”

Joshua: “Ugh why is the third party here?”

Scoups: “Are you perhaps referring to me Hong Jisoo?”

Dino: “I don’t like this table…. Can I go sit with somewhere else?”

Jeonghan: “No, you need to sit beside me so I can cut your food for you and feed you”

Joshua: “Why are you always third wheeling around Jeonghan and I?”

Scoups: “Know your place Joshua Hong, I came first”

Joshua: “I hope you mean by birth because if we are talking about his heart or feelings, I come in first”

Jeonghan: “Keep it down will you? People are staring…”

Scoups: “Well, why did you lead Joshua on and ruin our relationship then?”

Joshua: “Excuse me, what?”

Dino: “I’m leaving this table-”

Jeonghan: *buckles chan down into his baby chair*

Dino: “DANG IT”

*at table two: Wonwoo, Jun, The8, Mingyu*

Mingyu: “Okay guys half of this table is mine, please make sure your plates do not invade my side of the table”

Jun: “Four of us are sharing the table and you’re claiming half of it?”

The8: “It’s not like you don’t know him Jun, he probably needs half of the table for the amount of food he is going to take”

Mingyu: “Ding Dong Deng! Minghao you know me so well!”

Jun: “Then is the three of us supposed to share the other half???”

Mingyu: “UM DUH”

Wonwoo: “Why was it only a dream???”

Jun: “Did you say something Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “No… I’m going to get myself some food…”

*at table three: Seungkwan, Vernon, Hoshi, Woozi*

Woozi: “I can’t believe I’m seating with you”


Woozi: “I’m reconsidering my new-found friendship with the waiter…”

Vernon: “I can wait here while you guys can go get your food”

Seungkwan: “Why? Are you saying that I’m too greedy and that I can’t wait?!”

Vernon: “I didn’t mean it like that… Then shall I go get the food first while you wait?”

Seungkwan: “What are you implying Hansol Vernon Chwe? That if I go there I’ll take all the food and you won’t have any left, so you better go take your share of food first before I eat it ALLL?!!”

Vernon: “I am so done with you”

Seungkwan: “Are you saying that I’m annoying and irritating?”

Vernon: “Does anyone want to swap seats with me?”

Dino: “ME WANTS!”

Jeonghan: “Stop it or I’m not letting you have any fries”

*buffet counter*

Mingyu: “This is Mingyu’s heaven, they have everything I ever craved for, they have pizza, fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, dumplings, kimbap, pasta, udon, ramen, ice cream, gelato, WAFFLES! OMG SOMEONE CAPTURE THIS BEAUTIFUL MOMENT FOR ME!” *sobs*

Wonwoo: *snaps a photo*

The8: *takes a whiff*

The8: “Some of these don’t seem that fresh….”

Mingyu: “Shut it Minghao how can you insult such beauty in this sacred place”

Scoups: *reaches out to take some seasoned beef from buffet counter*

Joshua: *shoves coups*

Scoups: *moves away from Joshua to take some japchae*

Joshua: *shoves coups again*

Scoups: “Stop shoving me will you Hong Jisoo!!”

DK: “Well someone please take the salt shaker away from Joshua because someone’s salty about life”

Woozi: “No Seokmin…. no….”

Jeonghan: “Boys, I know the both of you are crazy about me but am I really worth ruining your friendship because of me? Who am I kidding, of course I am”

DK: “Well someone please pass Jeonghan a mirror because he needs a reality check”

Woozi: “Please just stop trying”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu can you help me take that?” *points to eggrolls*

Mingyu: “No why would I?”

Mingyu: *takes a mountain of eggrolls for himself*

Wonwoo: “Oh right…. The dream’s not real” *cries*

Hoshi: “Jihoonie would you like some bacon and scrambled eggs?”

Woozi: “I can get them myself”

DK: “Would you be able to reach them tho”

Woozi: “Don’t test my patience Seokmin”

Scoups: “Wait if we are all here who’s at our table?”

Jeonghan: “Chan is, I’m sure he’ll be fine”

*meanwhile at table one*

Dino: *attempts to cut the belt of the baby seat with a plastic knife*


Vernon: “What?”

Dino: “Help me get out of this baby trap”

Vernon: “Why would you want to get out?”

Dino: “Didn’t you say you want to swap seats?”

Vernon: “I did but won’t Jeonghan hyung be mad?”

Dino: “Nah he’ll be too preoccupied with the two idiots fawning over him to notice”

Vernon: “Okay… if you say so”

*table two*

The8: “I know you said you’d take a lot of food but this is just too much”

Mingyu: “Yes thank you, put it over here please”

Waiters: *carrying 100 plates over*

Jun: “The tall thing is taking up our side of our table!”

Mingyu: “This is only round one”

Wonwoo: “If you can’t finish it, you have to pay for the food wastage”

Mingyu: “Are you three doubting me?!”

The8: “Can’t we just go to the Chinese restaurant across the street?”

Jun: “We can try to make a run for it”

The8: “Alright we’ll make a dash for it in 1…. 2…. 3… RUN!”

Jun & The8: *runs out of restaurant*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu… do you remember anything about lemonades or pancakes or anything at all?”

Mingyu: *finishes 30 plates worth of food*

Mingyu: “No why? Oh no did I get drunk and talked about food again? I really need to fix my drinking habits”

Wonwoo: “Never mind pretend I didn’t ask”

Mingyu: “Are you finishing your pancakes?”

Wonwoo: “Why? Are you gonna get me more Mingyu?”

Mingyu: “What? No, I want to eat it if you can’t finish them”

Wonwoo: “Oh”

*table three*

Hoshi: “You got a little something on your lips Woozi”

Woozi: “Where?”

Hoshi: *cleans it with a tissue*

Dino: “Chan’s eyes…. chan’s eyes…. it needs to be cleansed”

Woozi: “dOn’T toUcH mEH”

Seungkwan: “What are you doing here?”

Dino: “I switched seats with Vernon hyung but honestly this seat is kind of bad too”

Seungkwan: “Excuse you but this is the best table because I am here”

Dino: “I know why Vernon was so willing to switch with me….”

Dino: “I want my fries….”

Seungkwan: “You’re not having mine”

*table one*

Jeonghan: *eats a mouth of the jjamppong*

Jeonghan: “This tastes way better than any of the crap you’ve ever cooked for me Seungcheol”

Scoups: “Let me see you try cooking then!”

Joshua: “See Hannie, if you were with me, you’d eat good food everyday”

Scoups: “Like you can cook Joshua”

Joshua: “Who said anything about cooking? I’m talking about bringing Jeonghan out to eat at restaurants”

Jeonghan: “Ohhh fancy! I like the sound of that!”

Vernon: “Dino was right, Jeonghan’s so busy that he didn’t even realise his beloved child is missing”

DK: “He wouldn’t even know if we stole all of his food from his plate”

Scoups: “Do you think money is so easily earned?! It’s not! What about eating with family? What about home-cooked meals?”

Joshua: “What’s the point if the home-cooked meal gives you food poisoning?”


Vernon: “Guys….”

Joshua: “It’s like you have short-term memory, when we first met you cooked porridge for Hannie and he couldn’t stop vomiting for a month”

Scoups: “It helped him lose weight!”

Jeonghan: “Well… I did manage to fit into size XS after that”



Waiter: “Sorry what did you say?”

DK: “What team are you rooting for? I’m in #TeamCoups

Woozi: “Is this really the time to be in teams?”


Jeonghan: *gasp*

Waiter: “Did you say crap?”


Hoshi: “I’ll be whatever team you choose Woozi”

Woozi: “Well I’m not gonna pick sides”

Hoshi: “Okay so I’m on #TeamWoozi




Jeonghan: “My hair….”

Vernon: “Does anyone see the look in Joshua hyung’s eyes? He looks like he is about to pounce and tackle someone”


Joshua: *hits coups with a chicken drumstick*



Joshua: *throws dumplings*

Waiter: “SIR!”



Waiter: “I’d like for all of you to please leave our restaurant premises”

Mingyu: “But I’m not done yet!”



Vernon: “Yes he can, you idiot”

Mingyu: “Look I still have my voucher! I’m an entitled customer!!!”

Waiter: *rips voucher into half*


Waiter: “Oh well… now you’re not. Get out”

Mingyu: *breaks down*

*meanwhile at the Chinese restaurant*

Jun: “Ahhhh how nice”

The8: “Silence and peace, tranquillity…”

Jun: “Would you like more green tea Mr Xu?”

The8: “Yes if you do not mind, Mr Wen”

Waitress: “Is there anything else that you’d like?”

The8: “Yes, to stay here forever away from the obnoxious members”

Jun: “and also your phone number”


Waitress: “I’ll get you more green tea”

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Read the previous episode: Seventeen going to a Buffet Pt.1

New Beginnings (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: After a bit of writer’s block, I came up with this idea and combined an element form another story that I keep trying to work on (but let’s face it, it’s honestly a dead end). I’m going to try and shift my focus to Steve x Reader fics, and I’m taking suggestions/requests too, so if you guys have ideas, hit me up. I’m really sorry if the title sucks, I’m no good at those. Otherwise, I really hope you guys enjoy! :)

Summary: You and Bucky are at odds whether to take a big step in your relationship, but things start to shift when Steve and the others come back from a mission with a surprise.

Other Characters: Wanda, Bucky, Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce

Warnings: Angst/fluff

Word Count: 1,770

Originally posted by gliceria

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Gif source:  Herrmann

Imagine Herrmann finding out that your dad died when you were young and it’s really only been just you and your mom since, so you’ve spent most of your life not having really anyone to turn to because you didn’t want to burden her and having to depend on yourself, and Herrmann tells you that you can turn to anyone in House 51 because they’re your family now and you just start crying because it means so much.

——— Request for anon ———

It was hard, relying on yourself, but you never complained. Never asked for help, because in your experience, the one person you could always count on was you. Nothing was given for free. Nothing was given easy. You’d learned these things after your father died, as well as forced yourself to be a minimal burden on your single mother from then on. You had to take care of her, after all, she was all you had left.

That was why integrating into the team at firehouse 51 was a struggle for you. These people counted on each other to have their backs, and even their lives, in their hands, but you just couldn’t do that. Keeping your distance came as easy as breathing. All you wanted to do was clock in, clock out, and have as little trouble as possible along the way.

But sometimes, people need help, and you were never good at admitting when you did, until finally, Herrmann noticed your struggle, “You know, kid, you can always ask anyone of us to help out.” You glance up from your nearly empty wallet towards the voice, finding him leaning on a locker next to your open and sparse one. You had been worrying on how you were going to pay your rent that month, but you quickly shove the wallet back into your locker as he continues, not letting you hide your need that easily, “We’re like your family, now, you know.”

That’s what does it. What has the back of your nose burning as you try for a moment not to let him see you cry. You try to not show just how much relief washed through you at the possibility that perhaps here, you could have the burdens you’d become accustomed to get lifted, at least a little, from your shoulders.

But you couldn’t stop your tears, or Herrmann’s noticing them, as you hear him let out a worried sigh as he pulls you away from your locker and into a much-needed hug, “Aw, kiddo, it’s not the end of the world. Let us help you.”

Ignorant Injuries

Pietro Maximoff Imagine #10-Requested

Anon: your writing is so good okay omg i’m not even joking. I’m obsessed. are you still taking pietro requests? if you are, will you write an imagine where pietro gets injured and he tries to brush it off like it’s nothing but the reader insists he rests?

A/N: Of course! You are so good at existing and being thoughtful. I’m not even joking you are a really sweet person. I am not taking Pietro requests but you did send this in before the ask box closed SO I must therefore write it (with pleasure of course!). I hope you enjoy it!

Ever since the battle with Ultron you couldn’t stop checking in on Pietro whenever you were on a mission. There were occasional times on missions where you would ask, “Pietro are you still up and running?” or “How are you holding up Sonic?” or phrases along those lines where he would respond almost immediately that he’s okay because the last thing he wants to do is have you worry. You were on a mission currently with him, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. It had been a huge surprise to all of you guys that Wanda had gone on a separate mission with Hulk, Vision (which you had guessed was the reason that she went on the mission with them), Thor, and Captain America. Their mission required more “artificial power” than yours did. Your mission was a simple capture of nuclear codes so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. In and out. That’s what you thought at least. You had just fought off a few agents that were trigger happy.

Hawkeye and I are surrounded by armed guards. We’ll hold them back. Pietro and Y/N focus on the files and avoid the guards. Your part of the mission is get the files back to SHIELD as of right now.” You heard Black Widow call through the earpiece. You put your gun back in its holster as you took down two other guards. You were almost into the used to be highly guarded room.

“What about Stark?” Pietro’s voice filled your ear.

“I’m at a bar downing some drinks and just having the time of my life. What do you think I’m doing? While you two get the nuclear codes I have to get their military files. I’m figuring out a way to take down the security system without causing a security breach and I think I can do that if I hack into the control panel and-” He stopped talking. You stopped walking through the maze of a building trying to look for the room.

Sorry just some peasant trying to shoot at me. Anyways I’m guessing none of you understood what I was saying so I’m just going to say that I got the fun part.” Stark ‘bragged’, earning an unseen eye roll from you. You finally found the room and ran towards it, but you weren’t expecting guards to come out and attack. They were much bigger than the other ones, heavily armed, and heavily guarded. There’s no way you could shoot at them without having to break down the protection on the outside. You started to throw punches at the first guy but you saw that it barely created a scratch in his clear, bulletproof, bodysuit. This was going to be interesting.

While you continued to fight with the two men, in which you were losing. They-much to your surprise- hadn’t shot yet. You continued to kick and punch, aiming for the parts where you saw had the least protection. You heard from behind you, the other guard, had cocked his gun. You didn’t react quick enough and waited to feel the impact somewhere in your back. Instead, you felt the impact on your face, a punch thrown from the guard that you were fighting. The guard that distracted you from the one that tried to shoot you. Tried. You were about to throw yet another useless punch towards the guard but you swung at…nothing. You heard a thump behind you and turned around, seeing Pietro leaning against the wall, holding his side, panting.

“Oh my god.” You said and you rushed over to him. Before you could get a closer look at his side, which his hand was covering, he had used his other hand to put it out in between you two.

“I’m fine. Let’s just get the files.” He said, motioning with his head to go towards the door. You moved his hand out of the way as he turned away from you, facing the wall.

“Pietro. Stop acting like a child. Something’s clearly wrong. Let me see.” You said trying to look but he kept moving so he was blocking your sight from the wound as much as he could.

“Pietro you little shit. Turn around right now.” You said through gritted teeth, growing both angry and worried. He looked at you over his shoulder, before turning slowly. You saw his hand was covering a wound that was clearly bleeding.

“We need to get you back on-”

“No,” he said, cutting me off, “I am fine. It’s just a scratch that’s all. I promise.” He said, refusing to move his hand covering the wound. You glared at him. He looked at you and tried to glare back but failed when you lowered your eyes lower. He moved his hand and you saw that the bullet was lodged into his side.

“It’s just a scratch.” You mocked him.

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I Should Have Opened My Door

Summary: The Reader is Alexander’s little sister and he has been ignoring her due to his work. The reader tries to talk to him about her sickness and her upcoming marriage, because both are unknown to Alex, but Alexander gets super annoyed with her because she is distracting him. Alexander then yells are the reader to leave him alone. The reader, feeling abandoned leaves and Alexander only sees her again when she’s on her deathbed.

Reader Gender: Female

Pairing: Brother!Alexander x Sister!reader

Warnings: Sickness, dying!reader, death, SADNESS, and angst

Time Period: Hamiltime

Word Count: 2,397

“Alexander! Your sister is here!” Eliza knocked lightly on the door and listened hopefully, eager to hear the movement of her husband’s chair or the stopping of his quill, scratching against the paper. “She needs to speak with you.”

Alas she heard nothing but Alexander continuing his work. Eliza sighed, and knocked on the door again, only a little harder this time.

“Dear, you have not seen your sister in months! It is very important that you stop-”

“I cannot stop Eliza! Whatever [Y/N] wants will have to wait, for I am extremely busy and cannot stop for her childish nonsense!”

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“Y/N!” The yells of your name fell on deaf ears as you were already rushing over to a hurt Neymar, sidelined and trying to remove the shoe constricting his tight ankle. The match against Atletico was a physical one from the start and once you saw Neymar faced with a rough foul, you knew immediately it wouldn’t be one with no consequence.

You were on the sideline, working for the team, but you weren’t just on staff. You were also Neymar’s girlfriend and pregnant with his baby, your small belly already growing to form a poke. It could be hidden behind certain clothes but most all knew you were expecting. You were ‘Barcelona’s couple’. Everyone aww’d and ooh’d at the love you two shared so when you arrived next to your boyfriend’s side, some fans managed to lose their attention from the match and to you two’s interaction.

“Let me see,” you urged, impatiently trying to gain better access to his injury. Neymar winced as he extended his leg out towards you. He was in a great deal of pain but tried to mask it between tightened lips, groaning as lowly as possible.

“Is it bad?” He tried to peer over you as you hovered over his ankle, grabbing the bloody sock and carefully, slowly peeling it off of his foot. “It’s bad enough.” If you weren’t used to the sight of blood by now you would surely be a little lightweight from the view. You grabbed for gauze and cleaning materials to try to wipe away as much of the red as possible.

“Fucking ridiculous,” he huffed under his breath. Neymar was anxious to get back on the pitch, watching as the match continued without him. He wasn’t going to let this injury stop him from helping his teammates. You finished the cleaning and covered the open wound, layering the protective material with tape as well to keep it secure.

“Ney, are you sure you want to continue playing?” You shot him a glare that he was able to read immediately. You were always cautious about how hard he worked because he tended to push himself a little too far at times. You knew how he could get and he knew as well as he sat, trying to avoid your harsh glare. “Yes, Y/N. Stop being so protective. I got this. I’ll still be able to run downstairs at your every command to grab you a snack. No worries.” A grin now tugged at his once blank expression, revealing a humored grin. You couldn’t help but laugh in response.

“Good because I have a list of movies I need to finish watching and I’m not going to have you and these rough fouls messing it up for me.” You were finally finished with his ankle and slid a fresh new sock on in place of the original soaked one.

Neymar simply smiled. “What would I do without you, meu amor?” Disregarding the current pain he was feeling, he leaned over from where he sat and took your face into his hands, planting a sincere kiss to your lips. You could hear a few cheers coming from behind you from fans who were engrossed in the romantic scene in front of them.

Ney reveled in the attention, a slight smile curving his lips to break apart your kiss, your face still in his hands. “I swear I’ll never get tired of hearing that.”

“Haha, I’m sure you won’t.” He finally let you go and hopped off of the cart he was on, carefully taking the first few steps. You watched as well to see his reaction but all he offered was an encouraging smile to assure you he was okay, even if he may not have been. “As long as my baby is okay, I’m okay.” Ney reached over to rub your small belly, bending down to kiss the area below your shirt where the growing child rested.

He rose again, gave a thumbs up and kissed you briefly before jogging back to the other portion of the sideline, eager to get back into the game.

Your eyes still followed the man you loved, a proud grin radiating from your face. In that moment, Ney turned around facing you from a distance and yelled ‘I love you, Y/N!’

At that moment, you felt your body jolt awake. Your eyes danced around the room, trying to bring yourself back to reality and away from the dream you were just having.

Your dream about Neymar and being pregnant with his child. The taste of his lips on yours felt so real… but it wasn’t.

“You okay, babe?” The voice of Sergio Ramos made you turn your neck in his direction, watching as he walked back into the room. A towel draped around his waist, fresh water from his shower trickling from his hair and down his muscled abdomen.

You shook your head, again trying to release yourself fully from the realistic dream you had just had. “Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

“Bad dream?” Sergio continued to probe, now nearing you and lowering his face to yours, taking his bottom lip against his hungrily amidst a morning kiss.

“No. No dream at all,” you lied. Even with Sergio standing in front of you, nearly nude, your mind just couldn’t stop replaying the scenes of your dream with Neymar.

gif credit to everythingaboutneymar

title: oh, the cliché (part i)
summary: You find out a little too late that you’re in love with your best friend.
warning: gets pretty angst-y
length: 1.4k words
prompt:I hated all your significant others and I’m starting to figure out why and I really really hope you feel the same
beau: chris evans

Originally posted by lufelicity

I see you. Look up! :)

The restaurant is softly-lit and crowded, but from the small glimpses of him you catch, you can see a smile lighten Chris’ face.

He looks up, eyes searching, and when they find you, you swear your heart stops. He calls your name, waving a hand over his head like a maniac—evidently uncaring that he’s attracting disapproving looks in this upscale restaurant.

And it’s so Chris that you’re helpless in resisting; your legs carrying you over there. Just the sight of him is already calming your nerves.

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phoenixiaxia  asked:

Haro~ What would Style 5 and Sousuke's reaction be to their s/o imitating then for a day?

Hi! I usually only take requests for up to 5 characters per ask, but since this one is quite simple, I’ll answer it anyway!

-Admin Astrid

Haruka would honestly be annoyed by it from the start, and would waste no time letting you know how irritating it was.

“___, could you stop that? I don’t even sound like that.”

Makoto would find it cute and play along with it for a little while, before it started getting annoying. At that point, he’d probably politely ask you to stop.

“Do I really sound like that?”

Originally posted by t0moe

Nagisa would find it hilarious, and would happily counter with his own imitation of you.

“Wow, ___! You sound just like me! Wait, let me try!”

Seeing you act out an exaggerated version of him, Rei’s pride would honestly be a bit hurt, and he’d be extremely embarrassed when you kept going.

“___, please stop! I am certain that that’s not what I sound like!”

Originally posted by garrchomped

Rin would find it silly at first, but when you kept going, he’d be a bit annoyed by it.

“Hey, stop that! You’ve been doing that all day!”

Originally posted by rouresu

Sousuke would also find it pretty amusing, but after a while, he’d get you to stop by tackling you onto the bed to cuddle.

“Okay, I get it, but that’s enough for today.”

Originally posted by fudayk