You can contribute to Comics Forever!!!

Using this little link here you submit anything, from artwork to reviews and comic-related links over the ‘net!

Now please be mindful of a couple of things before sending me tons of stuff:

For Comic Art:

  • Please send clean artwork, I don’t post watermarked art of any kind!
  • Let me know who is the artist! (giving proper credit is a must!) or if you are an artist yourself, send me the proper links to your site (tumblr, devianart account, blogspot etc.)
  • I only do Superheroes on this blog (and derivatives like the occasional Science Fiction, Videogame or Anime stuff), so please keep that in mind before sending me your awesome art about something totally unrelated.
  • Keep it clean! I know I post a lot of comic ladies here, but I don’t post nudes or sex stuff. There’s plenty of that here on tumblr anyway.

For Comic Reviews:

For the love of god, stay away of reviews like this:

  • Keep it simple: 3 paragraphs of about 7 to 10 lines explaining the most positive things you did see in the comic in question regarding writing, story, and art. Why no room for negative stuff you ask? because why the hell would I tell you to read a bad comic?

For Movies and TV Shows:

  • Very much like above, you explain why whatever you watched is so great in 3 paragraphs of about 7 to 10 lines explaining the most positive things you did see in the movie (or series) in question regarding writing, story, visuals and casting. I’ve already reviewed a lot of Comic Movies, but there are some out there that I haven’t touched, feel free to take a crack at them so I’ll know if we see eye to eye!

For Music and Videos:

  • I post music for your ears here from time to time, If you want to share a song (or a video, or a AMV…) that you believe is great, the only requisite I ask is that it must be related to comic lore or gaming related stuff, what does this mean specifically? well you can submit that great Soundgarden song if it belongs to a Comic Movie Soundtrack!

That’s about it for now folks, if you have any question please go to my askbox! I’ll always reply privately!


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