I pray things change for the better soon. I pray things start unfolding immediately, whether it’s a slow or sudden unfolding. I won’t live this way anymore. I won’t accept living in spaces or environments that put conditions and limits on love. I won’t accept conforming myself because it makes adults happy as a result of them living under a system and philosophy they were taught. I won’t accept not being seen or heard. I won’t accept not seeing or hearing myself. I won’t accept being half-alive.

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Apologies ahead of time if this question was asked before and if this comes out sounding weirder than it did in my head. I know some colleges have muggle quidditch teams, did any members of the cast and or crew play muggle quidditch? Love all the casting choices and I can't wait until the film comes out.

A majority of the cast & crew are from Emerson College, which is super big into Quidditch. It’s way bigger than any “real” sport there, much to the athletic department’s chagrin. But to answer your question, yes:

Wardrobe Supervisor Jez Insalaco:

First Assistant Director Ben Garmise:

Director Aaron Rivin

Actress Caroline Francis (Marlene McKinnon)

Co-Writer/Actor Ben Wessels (Remus Lupin) - Former Captain

Growing up with Luke had been interesting, seeing as you were best friends with the crown prince and your parents were considering an arranged marriage between the two of you. He was his parents’ pride and joy after his two older brothers died during the war against a neighboring kingdom. He was all they had left. So he became the model son and heir to the throne; he was practically his father’s shadow considering how often he followed him around. 

But you knew the truth; you knew that Luke hated the life he was forced to live. And you knew about his plan to run away. But you didn’t believe him. You couldn’t believe him. Because at the time, you two were merely teenagers and your shared dream of running away was always just that; a dream. That is, until Luke went missing. The king and queen searched for their beloved son for weeks. Luke didn’t want to be found though and he made sure that he never would be. And he was never seen again. Except for when he showed up on your balcony two years later.

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Putting it to a Vote!

Okay I know its 3AM and I’m not going to be starting it tonight, but I’d really like your feedback on what you’d like to see from me.

I have a bunch of ideas in the pipeline, some Ive already started, let me know which youre most interested in:

Inquisition Era! Cullen/Amell
Templar Training AU Cullen & Alistair friendship
Raised A Prince!Alistair
Malcolm Hawke’s Backstory
Non-warden!Cousland/Ser Gilmore 5th Blight
Search for Arlathan Solavellan

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Hi do you know any good Chansoo fics? If so could you recommend me some please :D

UHH UHHH I ASKED RECS FROM MY FRIENDS but i do know that onemorechansoo is posting 7 fics per day starting from yesterday until july 13! so go enjoy all those chansoo fics!! i heard they received a /lot/ of prompts and stuffs i dont read fics really but i got curious so i just read/skimmed through for the sake of ahhahahaha nervous

and on to my friends’ recs:

would you be mine could you be mine

chansoo dating series (i think there’s like four fics oh)

when cute meets cute

sink or swim (this is a chinguline fic uhhh)

i hope i gave you some good ones lol tell me if theyre good!! im sorry i didnt answer this quick enough my friends were slow lol



i’m so glad i found the crew, they were so perfect. except for the fact that i was the shortest member of the family which led to the second picture ha h A i’m insecure. then i confessed to actually marrying lon’qu and cordelia in my game which made the wife really upset 8( but that’s okay because multi shipping exists! I STILL FEEL BAD FOR MENTIONING IT OMG

then i’m lucina trash and the glorious gal let me hold her bridal style for pictures. thank you!! ouo

if you’re on here or if you find these, please HMU!! 

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Hey everyone, 

So I was thinking that it would be nice to help some lesser known book blogs get noticed. I just changed my theme and it comes with a ‘members’ section and I was thinking that I could change it into a ‘featured blogs’ section. There are six spots so I could feature six people at a time for a period of two weeks. When those two weeks are up I could feature 6 new people and so on. 

If you guys would like your blog featured just fill out this form. I swear it only takes 10 seconds. Please don’t apply if you have over 1000 followers. I’d love to feature people who have under 600. (However anyone under 1000 will be featured.)

Even if you aren’t interested, reblog this to spread the word! It would be super helpful and I’d really appreciate it!


CS AU Week: Day 7 (Bandit!Emma)

He had met her when she had tried to steal from him. He’d been staying in the little port town for a few days between voyages and decided to take a little walk in the woods when suddenly, he was on his knees, a dagger at his throat. She had severely underestimated him and before she could make her demands, he’d had her on the ground, her own dagger pressed against her neck.

He couldn’t see her face, she wore some sort of mask but her eyes were a piercing green (he’d dreamt about them for months after), darting between his, determined and sharp. He’d pulled down the fabric covering half her face with the dagger and then pushed it closer to her neck, forcing her chin up.

“You’re not a very good bandit are you? Attacking an armed man in broad daylight.”

She had frowned and had been about to answer when he had heard the clopping of horses behind him. He still isn’t sure what had possessed him to grab her and pull her behind some trees as the carriage passed them. He had then proposed they rob it together and though a little incredulous, she had agreed.

That was the beginning. It had taken a year, many successful heists, a lot of chasing and following her about on his part and her almost dying to get where they were now. Now, he sees her whenever he comes to port and sometimes, when they cannot bear being apart, she sails with him.

He is ridiculously in love with her and late at night when the mask and the leather are gone and it is him and it is her, he is infinitely grateful that she had picked him to steal from that day.