“I’m surrounded by you.”
I think that that journey was tough for Nico, being surrounded by water… surrounded by Percy…

I’ve recorded it to you!

**There are five constellations in the sky: Ursa Major, Perseus, Hydra, Corvus and The Hunter (Zoë Nightshade); can you find them?


Just found this video on youtube and kudos to the maker of it!

It’s times like these that I look at Supernatural and think how crappily it treats its characters.

Why the fuck does Castiel always have to apologize, why the hell is he always the one who’s in the wrong?? Yes there have been times where Cas has been wrong, where’s he’s become someone he was not meant to be. But most of these times he’s been manipulated, brainwashed, tortured, misunderstood, or he’s been doing what he thought was right to help Dean (and Sam).

It pisses me off that Dean can get angry at Cas but never apologize for anything he’s done towards him.

And before anyone starts having a go at me, I love Dean and Sam, (Cas is my favourite character) but sometimes it feels good to have a rant about them, tbh its more about the writers but whatever.