eramade  asked:

16, 37 and 41 please :))

16. Favorite makeup brand(s)
I am a poor bastard so I don’t really have any favorites, I am waiting for some korean skin care products, so there are potentional favorites there.
Although I am using a really good serum along with my regular skin routine and it’s from Lumene

37. Do you read a lot? Whats your favorite book?
I love to read, but I tend to only read my school material now. I really enjoy reading about psychology otherwise.

41. Top 10 favorite songs
Right now, in no specific order: Monodrama (LAY), Love me do (VIXX), Erase (BIG STAR), Suit up (JONGHYUN), 747 (KENT), Post blue (PLACEBO), Follow the cops  back home (PLACEBO), Pierrot the clown (PLACEBO), Get down (BOYS REPUBLIC), Agust D (AGUST D - SUGA)

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“I’m surrounded by you.”
I think that that journey was tough for Nico, being surrounded by water… surrounded by Percy…

I’ve recorded it to you!

**There are five constellations in the sky: Ursa Major, Perseus, Hydra, Corvus and The Hunter (Zoë Nightshade); can you find them?