Why Teens Shouldn’t Run Revolutions

Hi guys. I’m going to piss off a lot of YA writers (and possibly readers) today, so hang onto your hats.

Mainly, if you’re in love with the idea of a high schooler with no strategic or combat experience heading up a revolution or war because they’re “so dedicated and determined,” don’t read this. Please, don’t. You’re not going to see anything you like. Go ahead and keep enjoying your guilty pleasure – that’s fine. I’m not going to own up to some of the guilty pleasures I love in fiction but don’t buy for a second in real life. That’s chill. Go for it, man.

But there are just things that I – and readers like me – are tired of seeing. If you’re sick of that trope, then keep reading. If you’re open to the idea of ditching that trope in your writing, then I really recommend reading.

This assessment/collection of tips on why teens shouldn’t run revolutions - and if you’re going to make them, how they CAN do it well - will include comparisons to history, other fiction (Unplugged), and Black Butler. Plus swearing and a range of incorrect capitalizations, because it’s fun.

On we go:

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If Kaz met the Darkling what do you think would happen? Alternatively, Inej meets Alina.

Kaz meeting the Darkling:

  • “I mean, I appreciate the hustle, but don’t you think you’ve gone a bit overboard?” vs. “Why did you give up, when you could’ve ruled all of Kerch, just for a girl?”
  • Kaz is a redeemable, yet profit-oriented businessman with dubios morals whereas the Darkling is a full-on evil let’s-start-a-civil-war-so-I-get-more-power type.
  • They’ve got a similiar aesthetic, but even there Kaz is just way more polished, it’s like comparing Star Wars to Mad Max. (And I love Mad Max but even I have to say it’s pure, undiluted trash)
  • Also Kaz can totally kick Darkie’s ass when it comes to scheming and intrigues, because Darkles may be good, but have you seen boy genius Brekker?

Inej meeting Alina Starkov:

  • Big discussion on whether boys are or aren’t the priority.
  • “My childhood friend never acknowledged my feelings :(” “Yea, tough luck, at least you had a childhood friend.”
  • “My best friend is always prettier than me :(” “Have you seen Nina?”
  • “I was hunted for a year :(” “I was sold into slavery.”
  • Inej is a strong, independent badass while Alina is 90% preoccupied with who’s got the hottest butt so PLEASE
"The course of true love never did run smooth"

RP with @ai-am-cupid

Ryuu went early to the drama club’s theatre today. He glanced through his phone to see if the message he sent fifteen minutes ago to Ai was delivered. It was.

“Come here at once!”

It said.

He had told Kurou about the strong feelings he felt for that female café personel. He ended up being laughed at-how dare he ?!-and was given an answer that the subject was not his forte. Heck, he did not know what feeling was it but was given a suggestion to consult it with Ai. Hmph. It was not like he will be much of a help.

Either way, he wanted to try to understand it before it overwhelms him and be a hindrance to the school play. Little did he knew that his text message sounds like the cupid was in a big trouble.

Please God,

Don’t let us, Lucifans, start shipping wars between Deckerstar and Marclo. We’ve been devoid of any hatred among ourselves, we’ve been the most peaceful fandom that ever existes so far. Ol'dad! We need a favour. We’ll be the bloggers You’ve always wanted us to be. Post about what You want us to. All we ask… Is that You protect the fandom…

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seeing that haiku-robot on that post of yours gave me an idea. If you just start wording your posts, or 'final additions' to your post in the format of a haiku, it'll be reblogged by haiku-robot. Might be a cheap way to get some more exposure.

Lets start a race war Purge the racially impure make America white


(okay honestly he’s good at everything like rapping and singing and dancing like jungkook who? golden maknae who? jk ily jungkook please don’t let this start a fan war thx)


Second Chances // Part 18

Second Chances Series


Words: 2476
Bellamy x Reader; OC Grounder x Reader
this is a feel-strip everybody
3x04 Watch the Thrones

        You sat on a log that was next to a dead fire and sighed. You were consumed by your thoughts but quickly snapped out of it when an alarm chimed. 

        “All Arkadia security personnel, report to the main gate,” said a voice. You were in the security personnel, but you got up and made your way towards the gate as our curiosity got the better of you.

        You met up with Octavia at the gate to find Nyko and other miscellaneous Grounders just past the gate, surrounded by guards. You recognized one.

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Imagine being a new recruit in the rebellion and being trained by Poe. 
Poe: “Oh, hey there. Are you, (Y/n)?”
(Y/n): “Yes!”
Poe: “Great! I’m Poe, Poe Dameron and I was chosen to train you so. Lets get started.”