ill just…. ok so i said in my post that black person was 흑인 which meant dirt man yes its true that 흙 is dirt and 흑 is black but recognize that theyre both pronounced the same, and has led to various slurs of black people which do in fact mean dirt man. the fact that 흑 and 흙 r pronounced the same means, that when spoken, “black person” is the exact same as slur “dirt person” , hence what i meant ik its my fault for not elaborating but tbh that wasnt the point of that post and i appreciate y’all correcting me but lets get over it now!! 

Assuming that’s actual legal tender in And Steven World and not something Fry Mulder designed one bored weekend in Photoshop, my eye immediately goes to the FUCKING GEM RIGHT ON IT.

It hasn’t had an opportunity to come up again recently, but all those questions about how the Gems being present and active on Earth affected its history? ALIVE AND WELL

So much influence as to actually appear on the currency?