Assuming that’s actual legal tender in And Steven World and not something Fry Mulder designed one bored weekend in Photoshop, my eye immediately goes to the FUCKING GEM RIGHT ON IT.

It hasn’t had an opportunity to come up again recently, but all those questions about how the Gems being present and active on Earth affected its history? ALIVE AND WELL

So much influence as to actually appear on the currency?


Yandere rp starters 3

“Why…Why were you with that bitch?”

“You need to understand this, your mine… And nobody can take you from me!”

“W…Why did you kill them? WHY!?”

“Soon, you will understand how much i love you~”

“Don’t worry, i’m your Cinderella, correct? Now let me get rid of those pesky legs of yours before midnight rolls along…~! Why? Because i’ll no longer be Cinderella.”

“Give up, it’s useless now. You cannot escape from my love (Muse’s name)!”

“I love you so much, why don’t you understand!?”

“You don’t like how this ended up? Then why don’t you just start over… From the beginning to try to prevent this from happening~? No… Even if you do, i’ll burn myself into your memory.”

“Let’s start over, together… Maybe you won’t make the same mistake…”

“Stop struggling~! Geez. You really want to live this badly?”

‘Geez~! Don’t you understand? They were in my way for your love!“

"If i can’t have you… THEN NO ONE CAN!”

“How dare you, how dare you get in my way!!!!”

“P..Please you are scaring me!”

“Are you… Breaking up with me? No no no! You must be messing with me~”


“Don’t worry, we will met each other in the after life.”

“Ahahaha~! I should’ve done this from the beginning! It feels… SO REFRESHING~!”

“Don’t worry~! I’m paying you back with all my love~!”

“You should’ve stayed by my side… YOU SHOULD’VE STAYED BY MY SIDE!”

“I really did love you…. Such a shame…”

“Hey come with me… To a world where we can be together forever…”

“If you weren’t here, we could be happy… Then i have to do this…”

“I warned you… But you didn’t heed it, at all….”

“Jeez~! I warned you several times~! But you didn’t listen at all~! Hey c'mon… DIE FASTER!”

“You’re a dead man, thinking that you could get away with this~!”