Nothing is more painful than having a favorite author that takes forever to publish between books. No, not GRRM, let me introduce you guys to, J.V. Jones. She is inactive on her website and Twitter and the Wikipedia page is in shambles. In 1999 she wrote The Cavern of Black Ice. Its sequel was published in 2002 and the following books came out in 2007 and then 2010. The fifth and finale book in the series was supposed to be published this year and was pushed back to an unknown date. This is like the third time this has happened. I remember waiting for the fourth book, Watchers of the Dead only to find out it wasn’t coming out for another two years, after they’d already released a date for it. It was torture.

*sobs uncontrollably*

And she’s such an obscure writer I have to share my pain with GRRM fans but it’s not the same. It’s not the same.

Calling Booklr

I need help finding a book.
This was something that I read in primary school and absolutely loved it, the only problem is that I can’t remember the title, the author, or the general story. (yeah, I know but hear me out)
Here are the things I do recall:
• it’s about a young girl
• she lives in an impoverished part of the world
• at some point she gets sold/kidnapped/simply moved to a different - bigger place
• the book starts with the girl walking a long distance to a bus stop barefoot (I think to go to school)
• the cover was a light blue

I know that isn’t a lot to go off, but any leads would be wonderful, I’ve been searching for this book for an extremely long time and I’d really love to find it again.
If you think you know anything about it? Please message me?

Let's Talk Books.

The movie adaptation to If I Stay is creeping up on us! I for one am super excited. 

Are you excited about the If I Stay movie? Are you annoyed/nervous about another great story being put on the big screen?

What are you most looking forward to seeing onscreen? Do you have a favorite scene from the book that you hope is included? Are you happy with the cast?


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Physical Book or E-Book?

Physical. Hands down.

Audio or Book In Hand? 

I’ve never even attempted to listen to an audio book, so def. book in hand.

Paperback or Hardcover? 

Hardcover, if I can afford it. But to be honest, the only time I care is if the book is part of a series. If it’s a standalone, I don’t care about the covers. But, if it’s one in a series, they all have to match. Hardcover is prettiest ;)

Adult or Young Adult? 

Young adult, of course! Though I do own a fair share of adult.

Series or Standalone? 

Series, if it’s fantasy and well-written. I prefer contemporary standalones.

Dog Ears or Bookmarks? 

Bookmarks. Homemade bookmarks.

Breaking The Spine or Barely Opening The Book? 

Handle with care! Barely open it.

Borrow or Buy? 


Bookstore or Online? 

Bookstore. Thrift store. Yard sale. I rarely buy online, unless I feel I need need need a book and won’t be able to drive an hour to go find it within the next 5-7 days.  

Fiction or Non-Fiction? 

Fiction. Duh.

Fantasy or Real Life Issues? 

Fantasy! More magic, less strange language.

Kindle, iPad or other? 


Monster Read or Short and Sweet? 

Depends on the quality of the story. If it’s long and involved, it’s fine as long as it’s got my attention. If I’m snoring by page 50 and there’s 400 to go, we’re gonna have a problem. 

Starry Eyed Romance or Full of Action? 

I like a balance between the two. I prefer playful romance, not instant love.  

Curl Up In a Snuggie or Bathe In The Sun? 


Zombies or Unicorns? 

Unicorns!!! Lots and lots of unicorns.

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Awesome! Definitely come talk to me after you’re done (or during. I’m all for fangirling during. That’s my thing). I hope you do but if they get lost in your tbr pile, I totally understand. Haha.

Although, I’m super surprised tumblr isn’t all over The Age of X series. It deals with mythology, and not just Greek but a bunch of different gods and it’s fun to try and figure out which god is which because they don’t like to reveal their names often. So, in the second book the main characters Mae (a super solider) and Justin (basically a fancy not-so secret shopper that can shut down churches because it’s the future and religion is hardly practiced because of reasons in the book) go to this country outside of theirs that heavily worships this one god that tells them women are sin incarnated and they deserve to serve men as punishment. So, Mae being a super solider and from a progressive future is like oh hell no.

Pretty sure some of the quotes were inspired by tumblr. Not the annoying ones where you’re like, take it down a notch, but the really important ones that mean something and actually make you think. Plus it’s a fun read and Justin March is my new fictional boyfriend.

I’m sorry this turned out so long. I told you, I’m desperate to talk about it with someone haha.

here are some doozies for you, lovely bookish mates.

1 - I have yet to read something by Neil Gaiman. If you had to choose just one book by this author to recommend, which would it be?

2 - Have you read/heard of & Sons, by David Gilbert? If yes, is it any good?

Help an addict out. :)


Loki merely grinned and secured his hold on Sigyn, supposing it would at least prevent him from dropping her as she feared, what with her squirming and how tightly she clung to him. “Oh, calm down.” He insisted with a laugh, eventually relenting and settling her on the edge of a nearby table. “I merely wanted to get my incredibly gorgeous, famous girlfriend away from her mirror for a little while.” He teased. “You know, Hayden’s easily going to take after you with how she’s had the staff running around. You’d think this was all for her.”

“Incredibly gorgeous, famous fiancée, technically.” Sigyn grinned and wrapped her legs around Loki’s waist and her arms around his neck, effectively trapping her against him. “When are you going to propose, Doctor Laufeyson? It’s the question on everyone’s lips; namely mine.” She laughed and waggled her eyebrows at him before leaning in for a kiss. When she pulled back, Sigyn chuckled again and shook her head. “Uh uh, no way. She did not get the ability to wrap forty grown women and men around her little chubby fingers, with only a few words, from me. That talent comes straight from you, my love.”

anonymous asked:

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1. What/who got you into reading?

The thing is, I don’t remember being “got into” reading. I cannot remember a time when I couldn’t read, and I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love to read, so obviously, the answer is my parents. They read to me constantly, they introduced me to so many of my favorite books because we read out loud at bedtime from before I can remember up through my … sophomore year of high school, I think? They instilled a love of stories and storytelling in me from an early age, and I hope to emulate that someday.

13. What do you do to get through a reading slump?

I keep picking up books and hope it goes away. I don’t force myself to finish a book that isn’t capturing my attention. I go back to old favorites. That usually gets me through.

Reading meme is here