Let's Talk Books.

The movie adaptation to If I Stay is creeping up on us! I for one am super excited. 

Are you excited about the If I Stay movie? Are you annoyed/nervous about another great story being put on the big screen?

What are you most looking forward to seeing onscreen? Do you have a favorite scene from the book that you hope is included? Are you happy with the cast?

Awesome! Definitely come talk to me after you’re done (or during. I’m all for fangirling during. That’s my thing). I hope you do but if they get lost in your tbr pile, I totally understand. Haha.

Although, I’m super surprised tumblr isn’t all over The Age of X series. It deals with mythology, and not just Greek but a bunch of different gods and it’s fun to try and figure out which god is which because they don’t like to reveal their names often. So, in the second book the main characters Mae (a super solider) and Justin (basically a fancy not-so secret shopper that can shut down churches because it’s the future and religion is hardly practiced because of reasons in the book) go to this country outside of theirs that heavily worships this one god that tells them women are sin incarnated and they deserve to serve men as punishment. So, Mae being a super solider and from a progressive future is like oh hell no.

Pretty sure some of the quotes were inspired by tumblr. Not the annoying ones where you’re like, take it down a notch, but the really important ones that mean something and actually make you think. Plus it’s a fun read and Justin March is my new fictional boyfriend.

I’m sorry this turned out so long. I told you, I’m desperate to talk about it with someone haha.

here are some doozies for you, lovely bookish mates.

1 - I have yet to read something by Neil Gaiman. If you had to choose just one book by this author to recommend, which would it be?

2 - Have you read/heard of & Sons, by David Gilbert? If yes, is it any good?

Help an addict out. :)

Nothing is more painful than having a favorite author that takes forever to publish between books. No, not GRRM, let me introduce you guys to, J.V. Jones. She is inactive on her website and Twitter and the Wikipedia page is in shambles. In 1999 she wrote The Cavern of Black Ice. Its sequel was published in 2002 and the following books came out in 2007 and then 2010. The fifth and finale book in the series was supposed to be published this year and was pushed back to an unknown date. This is like the third time this has happened. I remember waiting for the fourth book, Watchers of the Dead only to find out it wasn’t coming out for another two years, after they’d already released a date for it. It was torture.

*sobs uncontrollably*

And she’s such an obscure writer I have to share my pain with GRRM fans but it’s not the same. It’s not the same.

anonymous asked:

Besides the caster chronicles and the twilight saga, what are other great books to read?

hmm well If you haven’t already read them Unbreakable by Kami Garcia,The idols by Margaret Stohl and The Host by Stephanie  Meyer are pretty  good!

My  current personal faves , though, are  the Divergent series,The maze runner,Dangerous minds,and any book by John Green

***warning almost all of them will make  you cry :’) but they are def worth reading!***

Hope this helps!^_^

Oh, wow, so I gained a bunch of followers all of the sudden and so please keep your expectations of witty posts to a minimum and we’ll get along fine!

My name is Kayla. My favorite book from 2014 was Swan Song by Robert McCammon. I am currently reading Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon (he’s amazing, really). I post a lot of reblogs (and most of it happens to be Harry Potter but not on purpose) of book things and I try to post a lot of writing tips/references. I’m definitely not the best writer in the world but I like to think I know enough to help, should anyone need it.

I’m off to bed but please feel free to leave a little note. What’s your name? What’s your favorite book you read in 2014? What are you reading now? Let’s talk books!

Thanks for following! Happy reading! (: