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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

Warning: Slight mature language

Request:  Hi! Can I get a Suga Angst where you have been distant from him because one of your family members dies but you don’t tell him because you don’t want to talk about it? He thinks your cheating and breaks up with you but when he finds out from your friend what really happens he desperately tries to get you back? Thx and sorry this is long~

Reader’s POV

“We need to talk.”

A firm voice called you back to reality as you sat idly on the couch that night, mindlessly flipping through the channels in front of you.

You looked up in surprise as you saw Yoongi standing there, his fists clenched against his sides as you noticed how ragged his breathing was, the tips of his ears slightly red: something you knew that meant he was either upset or mad.

You quickly got up from the couch and approached him in concern, your hand reaching out to grasp his in yours when he suddenly flinched away from you.

Yours lips parted in shock as you looked at him with big eyes when he spat, “Don’t look at me all innocent like that after what you did Y/N.”

You absolutely had no idea what Yoongi was talking about, feeling completely dumbfounded when you stammered, “Y-Yoongi, what are you–”

“Oh please. Don’t even pretend like you don’t know! You think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been for the last couple weeks? You haven’t even talked to me, you barely even look at me anymore!” He retorted.

If only he knew why…


“Are you cheating on me?” he whispered harshly, making you gasp, your hands flying to your mouth.

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 15.1

You read that right. 15.1. This was another hella long chapter, that was just as magnificent as the rest. @outlandishchridhe finally had a little time so we plotted this one out. It won’t be as long as 14, but we’re getting close to the Due Date. @widchadidcha, no more complaining. And stop trying to recruit my cats! 

It’ll be below a cut because it’s still a bit lengthy. Let me know if you can’t read it and I’ll see what I can do.

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Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 9

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Request: Hi! I was thinking you could maybe write something like that? Dan and y/n are married for 10 years now and they have lovely kid. And they moved out but Phil lives next door because friendship. And then Dan and y/n organise some meeting with friends at their house to bring back all these cool memories they have. And their son sits with them and listen to these stories not being even able to believe his parents were that crazy sometimes. And its just all fluff? Please and thank you

Word count: 1264

Warnings: Nope

I cried during this…. Didn’t help that Phil noticed me!! Ah, emotions.

Originally posted by patchworkshirt

A single knock at the door sent the whole house into chaos.

Michael jumped up from his seat on the sofa, bolting down the corridor. Bernard, the Great Dane, sprinted after him. Dan yelled for Michael not to open the door over Bernard’s barking and the cat skidded past me as it tried to escape, the floors too smooth for a grip. You grinned to myself, making your way to the door, Dan telling Bernard to stay sitting down as he picked up Michael, resting him on his hip. Dan had always been very motherly with Michael, probably due to you being ill after bringing Michael into the world.

You opened the door to be greeted with Phil, his wife Emma and their 10-year-old son, Alex, only two years older than Michael. You beamed, pulling the door open wider as the air was filled with series of ‘Hello’s.

“Come in, come in.” You waved them in, pulling Phil in for a hug after he pecked you on the cheek, the family merging with each other. Phil let you go and you met eyes with Emma, flinging your arms round her. You had been best friends for years, and it felt like you hadn’t meet in forever.

“I’ve missed you!” You laughed as you pulled away, ruffling Alex’s hair as he rushed towards Michael, making him giggle and shout a ‘Hello’ before shooting upstairs to Michaels room, most likely to play on the ancient Playstation 64 Dan insisted he had.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. Babies get in the way!” Emma exclaimed, laughing and glancing at Phil. You followed her actions, watching the exchange between Dan and Phil. They were smiling at each other, not saying anything, but Dan was holding a bag which he wasn’t before.

“You organised this to talk to all of us, right? Don’t go making a YouTube video now!” You joked, making Emma laugh and eventually Dan and Phil. “PJ, Chris and Louise should be arriving soon.” You told them, leading them into the lounge.

“You really managed to get them to come?” Dan raised his eyebrows, settling down next to you.

“It was quite easy actually, it’s just you’re too awkward to ring instead of message them on Tumblr.” You rolled your eyes, everyone laughing.

“You haven’t changed in ten years, have you?” Phil shook his head.

“Stop judging me!” Dan retorted. “Anyways, would you all like a drink?”

Eventually, Louise, PJ and Chris came along with their significant others and children, the alcohol flowing, but not too overly due to the kids. They jumped around and we had a round of karaoke, when I convinced Dan and Phil to have a duet of toxic for old times’ sake, making sure to film it secretly. After we had food (takeaway pizza, of course), Dan told everyone to settle down and gather in the living room. I threw him a confused look, but he just tapped his nose, kissed me on the head and sent me away, Phil staying at his side.

“What is all this about?” I laughed to Emma and Louise as we sat down, the kids being sat down by Chris until they convinced him to sit with them.

“I think you’ll like it.” Emma told me, grinning.

Finally, Dan and Phil came into the room, settling down a large box that I recognised, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Phil also held the bag he gave to Dan earlier.

“Alright everyone. Since this is the first time we have met in forever, we decided to dig up a load of old stuff.” Dan announced, opening the box and pulling out a dress.

“Oh, my god!” You let out, putting your hand over your mouth as you realised it was your wedding dress. Long, silky and plain, but suited you to a T. The adults ‘awed’, the kids asking Chris what it was. Dan smiled gently at you, folding it carefully and placing it on the ground, away from Bernard. He then picked up two colourful books – The Amazing Book is Not on Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside. You laughed, the kids reaching out to grab them, Dan allowing them to look through them.

“I haven’t seen those in years,” Chris chuckled, everyone nodding in agreement.

Phil then reached in to reveal several awards, making you smile softly. How quickly time had flown.

A few more items were shown – Dan and Phil calendars, fan art and letters from conventions, the two iconic T-Shirts from the tour.

“And lastly…” Dan grabbed the bag, and pulled out a large book.

“Is that… Holy fuck!” You squealed, before slapping your hand over your mouth, Emma whacking you on the arm playfully. Darcy, the oldest of the kids, sneered under her breath. Dan burst out laughing.

Your old scrap book. You had thousands of photos stored in the pages, recounts of stories and diary entries. You could remember when you cried for days after you thought you had lost it.

You jumped up, flying towards Dan and wrapping your arms around him, lifting your feet up as he swung you, nearly dropping the book.

“Thank you!” You shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” When Dan finally let go, you then jumped at Phil, who made a squeak before breaking into laughter.

“Why is Mum/Dad attacking Dad and Uncle Phil?” Michael whispered to Chris, making him laugh.

“They’re just happy.” Chris reassured him, and he giggled. You were gently taking the book from Dan, settling down on the floor and opening it up.

“Look, it’s our first photo!” You pointed out to Dan. It was taken at the Manchester flat, your face pressed to Dan’s. You were sitting in his room, playing truth or dare previous to photo.

“Truth or dare, right?” Dan asked, both of your eyes widening before you shouted.

“Butter bum cheeks!” You both burst out laughing, clutching each other for support. You had been dared to shout ‘butter bum cheeks’ out the window, and of course, you did. It just so happened Phil was coming back from town at around this time, and just saw you poking your head out and shouting the words – that was Phil’s first impression of you.

You moved on through photos of the tour, dates and meeting fans. There were a few diary entries, which you skipped, saving for a more private moment. You eventually came to wedding photos, and the last page contained a large photo of you, Dan and Phil, laying on the bed with your heads falling off the side and your legs leaning on the wall. Underneath it in neat, simple handwriting was one word.


“I want that photo on the wall.” You sighed, eyes tearing up. Dan wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed you on the head.

“Happy tears?” He asked, and you nodded, wiping them away.

A few hours later, you lay curled up against Dan’s chest, the kids in Michaels room, sleeping, your friend’s downstairs.

“Thanks so much for tonight. It was amazing.” You mumbled.

“It was about time.” Dan laughed, making the whole bed shake a little. “I wish we could go back sometimes.”

“Same. I miss being young. I mean, you’re 36 soon… And Phil will be 40.” You shuddered.

“Don’t remind me, love.” He nuzzled into you. “I love you, you know that, right?” You smiled, glancing at the rings on your finger. One from the day you took the last photo for the sketchbook, your engagement ring and your wedding ring.


Dear Journal,

This morning we woke up in panic. It wasn’t really morning but more early midnight. Death eaters were fighting in the streets. I woke up to Sirius yelling and closing the windows. Teddy was crying on the bed, scared to see his father panic like that. I saw bright blue and green lights coming from the streets.

“WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW! PACK A BAG QUICKLY, I’ll BARICADE THE WINDOWS.” Sirius yelled, moving a chest of drawers in front of the window.

I took Teddy in my arms and grabbed the biggest bag I could find. I threw a bunch of clothes in it. We could hear screams from outside. It was terrifying. I ran to Teddy’s room, grabbing the most things I could. He held his two stuffed animals in his arms, not letting them go. I met Sirius in the living room and we both casted a protection spell, hoping our house would not suffer the war.

“WE NEED TO LEAVE!” He yelled.


I ran back into our dark room. I couldn’t leave without it. My memory box. Yes it’s stupid but all my life was in there. My favorite book, pictures from our Hogwarts years, letters Sirius and I wrote to eachother and the most important, my journal. All my mermories were in that little notebook. I ran back to the living room and Sirius took my hand. I looked into his eyes. They had switched from light grey to a darker one. I could see how terrified he was. A few seconds later, we apparated in a silent street. Mum’s and Dad’s street. We catched our breaths and I rocked Teddy slowly so his cries would quiet down. Sirius took us both in his arms and I started crying.

“Sirius..” I said, my voice shaking.

“I know.. I know.. we’re safe.” He said, trying to stay strong.

His eyes were glossy. He didn’t want to cry because he knew one of us had to stay strong. I hated that he was the one to have to do so. He kissed Teddy’s forehead and took my hand.

“Do you think James and Lily are safe?” I asked.

“I hope so. James is a fast thinker, they’re probably already to his parents’ house..” Sirius said.

He would’ve felt it if something was wrong. Believe me, him and James were connected. We walked to my parents’ house and i rang the door bell. Dad opened the door, wearing a robe over his pyjamas. He frowned when he saw us. We came in and mum hugged me as Sirius explained what had happened.

“My poor boys.. You must be so shaken up.. Do you want some tea?” Mum asked, taking Teddy in her arms.

“Oh yes please mum..” I said.

My heart was still beating a hundred miles per hour. I sipped my tea slowly as Mum and Dad talked to us. Teddy was asleep in Mum’s arms.

“Have you put up a protection spell?” Dad asked.

“We did.. But I don’t know if it will work..” Sirius said, getting anxious.

“Oh believe me, it will. Don’t worry about your house, if you protected it, nothing will have moved, not even a frame.” Dad said.

Sirius was ressured by this. He slid his hand in mine. We’ve worked so hard to build this home for our family.

“You boys should get some rest.. You can use the bathroom upstairs tommorow morning, i’ll have some towels ready.” Mum smiled, kissing my cheeks and handing me the sleeping Teddy.

“Thank you Mum.. have a goodnight..” I said.

“Thank you for letting us stay..” Sirius smiled at my parents.

“It’s no problem.. now sleep well boys.” Dad nodded.

We walked upstairs and I opened the door that lead to my old room. I expected it to be empty or redecorated into an office.. but no, my bed was still there. My walls were still covered with pictures and photographs. It still had that lavender smell to it. I dropped the bag on the floor and layed down in the soft sheets, Sirius joining me. The sleeping Teddy was set in between the two of us, holding his two plushies. We wrapped our arms around eachother. Protected and safe.

“We’ll be okay right?” I asked Sirius, whispering.

“We will.” He said with a sad smile.

I wrapped the covers tighter around us, as if they could be a shield. Sirius took hold of my shaking hand and kissed it softly.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

May 11th 1998

That Skirt

Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of fluff and angst. Maybe some language? Oh, and mild violence.

A/N: This is an Anon request that I got a while go. Now that I’m (basically) caught up with Season 12, I was able to write it. I hope it’s okay. Enjoy.

Request- “Hi :) can you write a Mick x Reader oneshot? She’s Winchester’s little sister. She’s secretly dating Mick and some day brothers catch them having sex. Thank you :*”

You threw your FBI blazer jacket onto the plush, white sheets of the hotel bed. A hotel bed. Not a motel. Not another room that your brothers had crammed you all into, complete with mystery stains on the wall. It was a proper hotel, with room service and a pool. All courtesy of Mick Davies and the seemingly well off British Men of Letters.

Mick had even gotten a separate room for you, leaving your brothers next door. Not that the arrangement wasn’t beneficial to Mick as well. With you alone, he could pay as many little visits as he wanted.

A knock on the door made you jump as you unbuttoned the blouse button just above your bra. You left it open, not caring how you looked for the snobby, pushy room service. You weren’t much of a tipper to begin with, but these maggots were downright rude.

You opened the door to a pair of stunning silver eyes. “Mick,” you whispered, grabbing his arm and pulling him into your room before softly closing the door. You prayed the walls of three star hotels were thicker than motel walls. “What the hell were you doing just standing outside my door? You should have texted me a warning like you usually do.”

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Gajevy Week ‘17 - Longing

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Thank you @fairytailpeach for being my beta! 

He shouldn’t be feeling like this. It wasn’t right, let alone permitted. It took everything he had to keep his emotions at bay anytime he saw her, whether that was across the castle grounds or when she was just a simple touch away.

But tonight, he’d never felt further away from her; torture, pure and absolute torture is what he was going through on this night. Any other time, he enjoyed being assigned her personal guard for the evening. The opportunity to stand close enough to smell the subtle scents of lavender and jasmine that radiated from her, to hear her laugh, to speak and converse with her, to watching her emotions dance across her face as she read her favorite books under the tree in the garden.

He gazed at her from a respectful distance away, but when the prince laid his hand at the small of her back, his gloved hand fisted at his side and the other gripped the hilt of his sword in a white knuckled embrace. He wanted, more than anything, to be that man at her side, to be able to walk with her side by side, and above all be the one to make her smile.

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nohurrytoshout  asked:

Ok holy shit the thing you did for tsukki is amazing and PLEASE DO MORE ABOUT IT!! TENDOU! KUROO? BOKUTO?! TERU?? OIKS!! I DONT CARE!! you are A ma Zi n G ! ! , you can pick one or do it all but separately (which BTW will be so much battah)

Tendou Soulmate AU!!!!
(P.S, every scar, bruise or bump you receive also shows up on your soulmate’s body)
((P.S.S. this is shameless self indulgence whoops))

Ever since he could remember, his ankles were always bruised.

The idea of soulmates scared him, especially how nature put them into action. Sometimes, it was comforting, watching a new, purple spot form on his knee cast upon by an unknown force. It meant the person who was tied to him, whoever she may be, was alive, and human, and making human mistakes, and for some odd reason, the bruises she gave him brought him a certain fondness. On the other hand, it was horrifying. Everytime he received a ball, blocked one of Ushijima’s finger splitting spikes, all the beatings he received as a child, by his own hand and not, all the bruises, the cuts, the horror, it was all inflicted on her. This made him just a bit wary, and all the more guilty. Presuming that she was the same age as him, if not younger, as a child who seemed to be having a happy life, the only cuts on her skin pavement burns from falling off bikes, having to live out the same physical torture he did made him sick. He made a mental promise to himself to hold that girl and never let go once he met her. Although he felt guilty, there was one time of the year where he wished someone would punch him in the eye just to get revenge.

Tendou had no clue what she did. At this point, she had to know he did volleyball, the only bruises he ever received nowadays on his knees and forearms. It was obvious, absolutely so, and he wished her hobby was the same. Every year since he was five years old, spring meant torture to his legs. March through May was an absolute onslaught towards his ankles and toes, bloody and bruised from the first day to the last. Although, the bruises were consistent all year, hinting that whatever she did, it was constant. He wished he could help her somehow, because the pain on his behalf was unbearable, and he couldn’t imagine experiencing it firsthand. He began to think maybe she was doing this on purpose, he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a sadistic streak. But why the ankles, why the legs? Why was the rest of her skin so perfectly smooth yet once you hit the bottom, it was destroyed? Rope burns ran down his calves in intricate zigzags, and every time he ran a finger across them, it burned.
“What the hell is this?” He’d ask himself quietly, wondering if whatever this was, was just a weird, western fetish. He figured it was cute though, whatever she did. He saw where the ribbons tied off into a bow, or sometimes just a sharp, quick knot. It probably wasn’t a fetish, whatever she did, it the oddity of it still left him wondering.

One day he woke up and literally couldn’t walk. Last night he went to bed just to wake up with his entire lower legs bruised up. He winced at the sight, borderline black spots covering everywhere from his tip toes to his ankles. She had a habit of overworking herself late at night, he noticed, and part of him was glad they didn’t share the same mental health. It was times like these where he wished he had contact with her. Of course, he could always scratch his phone number into her skin or something, but he had tried that before, and he was honest it didn’t transmit. Every so often though, he’d take a bobby pin, and very, very lightly trace shapes into his left hand expressing his mood. He grabbed it off his nightstand, clicking it open and gently scratching a heart right underneath his knuckles, just enough to break the skin. Sometimes, if she wanted to, she scratched something back, usually a likewise object, but nothing came today. Tendou didn’t mind, he knew he had gotten his message across.

It was May of his senior year and Tendou wanted nothing more than to relish in his remaining time of being a highschool student, but he couldn’t when everyday for the past three weeks coordinates were being scratched into his left thigh. He quite honestly had no clue what to do with them, and didn’t realize they were coordinates until Semi pointed them out in the locker rooms. Curiosity got the best of him that night as he spent hours inserting these coordinates into any webiste he could find. It made him feel like a detective, like he was part of some havoc seeking plot that was never even arranged. Three hours later, Google Earth fatefully drove him towards a studio. He didn’t know where in the world he was, for all he knew, he could be in Austria, or Zimbabwe, but judging by the familiar architecture, he was not that far from home. In fact, he was at home. He zoomed out just a smidge to find the entire Shiratorizawa campus, a sight that made his breath hitch. Whoever this person was, and whatever they did, meant that they have been, and might just be in that studio. The thought of it made his heart pound, and just looking at the address and focusing on the pressure on his ankles, he mustred up all he could to set off towards that studio.

When he was on the subway, halfway towards the train station near campus, Tendou began to feel as if this was a grave, grave mistake. If she was as devoted to him as he was to her, she was sending him in the right place. Then again, it could just be a set up somehow, but he wasn’t exactly sure how a girl in Zimbabwe would come up with coordinates to a building so close to where he lived. The tempest in his stomach roiled, and the closer he got to the campus, the more and more he felt the need to back out. This girl who he was about to meet in t minus fifteen minutes practically knew everything about him. She knew he was bullied, that he hurt himself. She knew the sport he played and lived through his life with him, and it horrified him. He was about to meet his soulmate.

When he stood in front of the studio, he suddenly felt small. Every single fabric of his being wanted him to turn on his heel and jog back home, but he couldn’t. Not when he could see the figure of someone in the window. Now that it was right out in front of him, the answers to all his questions were so painfully obvious. His soulmate was a dancer, presumably ballet, and that explained the absolute torture on her feet. His soulmate was a ballerina, and although Tendou knew absolutely nothing about her, he already had a feeling she was beautiful. After five minutes of loitering on the curb, and five minutes of realizing he must’ve looked like an absolute pervert, he entered, a small bell ringing on his arrival. He winced, for the music that diffused into the commons had paused, a sudden, small, tapping off feet echoing through the room. That’s when the nerves hit him harder. What if that wasn’t his soulmate and he looked like an absolute airhead? What if he got himself all hyped up for nothing? Although, all suspicion subsided when the figure revealed herself, a delicate being with soft eyes and strong legs and a playful, pondering smirk. He knew somehow that it had to be her, absolutely, positively. No words were spoken as she tiptoes closer to him, still en pointe on the tip of her ballet shoes. It looked absolutely painful up close, and suddenly all the bruises he had ever received were explained.
She held her hand up towards him, the small scar of a heart indented right underneath her middle finger on her left hand. Again, she said no words, merely smiling as all the color drained from Tendou face.

He began to stutter, a red hot blush creeping up the nape of his neck. He held his hand up too, sweaty and shaky and motioned towards the small scar of a heart indented right underneath his middle finger on his left hand. He found himself laughing, gasping really. Short shaky breaths left him in staccato, shoving his hands back into his pockets while he tried to articulate just what to say.
“I really don’t know what to say.” Is what he went with, his voice low and raspy. She chuckled, out of sheer and utter nerves and tiptoed closer, her arms immediately draping around his shoulders.
“I hope you don’t mind…” She began, failing to realize his arms were already around her too. “I’ve wanted to hug you since elementary school. You’ve always deserved a hug.”
“Thank you.”
“I really do mean it.” She began again, drawing herself closer to his figure. Tendou could feel his heart pounding, the shocked state that overcame him far too much to bear. “You had a hard past, didn’t you…?” She tailed off, searching for his wandering eyes for an introduction.
“Oh. I’m Tendou. Tendou Satori.” He hummed, lost in the sincerity of her gaze.
“__ __, it’s a miracle to finally meet you.” She smiled, wide and toothy, her grip on the hood of his sweatshirt tightening for some reason. She was definitely excited, he could tell by the sudden sparkle in her tired eyes.
“I know we just met, but would you like to come home with me?” She inquired, her eyes wondering when Tendou cocked his head suggestively.
“Don’t you think it’s fa-ar too early to be-”
“That’s not what I was going at!” She huffed, her attempt at a pout being broken by a smile. “It’s just that… Your life has become mine. For years my family felt remorse every time I came home with a split lip or plastered wrists, and I think it’s only fair you give my mother an apology for all the multiple cardiac arrests she’s received every time she’s seen my bruised eye.”
Tendou found himself laughing at her statement, not knowing if it was all that true or not. Judging by the small smile that still tugged at her lips, it was a feeble attempt at breaking the ice. He shook his head, suddenly growing all the more comfortable towards her and letting his arms fall towards her hips. He hadn’t really soaked up her entire being yet, his focus completely devoted her eyes. They held something he had been longing for, craving for the longest time, they held the same pain and torment he had experienced, the same story and path and trauma. Looking into her eyes he realized he found an equal, a mutual, someone who could finally, maybe, understand him like he understood himself. His soulmate, a dancer who barely lived twenty miles away from him his entire bleeding life, a graceful, beautiful young woman with atrocious feet and ankles, last nights receive routine evident on her bare arms, and knowledge evident in her eyes. A dancer, with scars with anticipated stories lacing up her soft, shaved thighs, fingertips ever so rough from all the Guess blocks he had done, and a small scar of a heart indented right underneath her middle finger on her left hand.

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Song fics

Moving On - Kodaline
‘Sometime in the future we can share our stories, when we don’t care about all of our mistakes our failures and our glories…but until that day comes along we’ll keep on moving on’

Flying High Falling Low - Walking On Cars
'It’s that time of year again and you know I’d love to buy you something but you know that I’ve got nothing…’

Marry Me - Train
'Forever could never be long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you’

Perfect - Ed Sheeran
'I found a love for me Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead. Well I found a girl, beautiful and sweet I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. Cause we were just kids when we fell in love…’

The Fighter - The Fray
'Lover held her love, she begs him not to go, she unwraps his gloves, the lover says I know I know I know. She touched his finger tips, kissed his trembling lips. Somehow they both know, he’s not coming home’

Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur
'I met you in the dark, you lit me up. You made me feel as though I was enough’

The Moment I Knew - Taylor Swift
'And it was like slow motion, standing there in my party dress with red lipstick, and no one to impress…’

If You Could See Me Now - The Script
'It was February 14th Valentine’s Day, the roses came but they took you away…’

Not About Angels - Birdy
'We know full well that there’s just time, so is it wrong to dance this line?’

I Wouldn’t Mind It - He Is We
'Tell me everyday I get to wake up to that smile, I wouldn’t mind it…’

Breakeven - The Script
'Still alive but I’m barely breathing…just prayed to a god that I don’t believe in…’

I Found Myself - Anna Clendening
'My heart was beating, barely breathing but still alive. Lost along the way I’d given up my fight…’

Dancing On My Own - Callum Scott
'Now I’m in the corner watching you kiss her. I’m right over here, why can’t you see me? I’m giving it my all but I’m not the guy you’re taking home…’

All Too Well - Taylor Swift
'Cause there we are again in the middle of the night, dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light…’

Hurt - Christina Augilera
'I’m sorry for, blaming you, for all the things I just couldn’t do. And I’ve hurt myself in hurting you…’

Hiding My Heart Away - Adele
'This is how the story went, I met someone by accident, who blew me away…’

Thinking Of You - Katy Perry
'Comparisons are easily done once you’ve had a taste of perfection…’

To My Parents - Anna Clendening
'I’m sorry mum and dad I know I messed up bad, I should’ve done, should’ve done better. I’m sorry mum and dad for all the time I’ve had to get my life, get my life together but I didn’t…’

Take Me Home - Jess Glynne
'Came to you with a broken faith, you gave me more than a hand to hold…’

One - Ed Sheeran
'Tell me that you turned down the man who asked for your hand because you’re waiting for me…’

Leave Your Lover - Sam Smith
'I don’t have much to give but I don’t care for gold. What use is money when you need someone to hold’

In My Veins - Andrew Belle
'Nothing goes as planned…everything will break…’

These Four Walls - Little Mix
'I feel so numb staring at the shower walls…it’s begun the feeling that the end has come. And now the water’s cold.’

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved - The Script
'Going back to the corner where I first saw you gonna camp in my sleeping bag I’m not gonna move…’

T-Shirt - Birdy
'I know because I’ve spent half this morning thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in’

Still Falling For You - Ellie Goulding
'It took us a while, because we were young and unsure…’

One and Only - Adele
'You’ve been on my mind, I grow fonder everyday lose myself in time at the mention of your name.’

The Town - Niall Horan
'Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there. The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air…’

Fake Smile - Rebecca Ferguson
'Put on you fake smile and wipe away your real tears, it’s not real anyway…’

Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
'Oceans apart, day after day and I slowly go insane…’

Broken Arrow - The Script
'This time he’s not gonna be another could’ve been. This time she’s gonna live to work she’s not working to live…’

Above The Clouds Of Pompeii - Bears Den
'I was too young to understand the flowers sleeping in her hands…’

Alive - Sia
'I had a one way ticket to a place where all the demons go. Where the wind don’t change bad nothing in the ground can ever grow…’

One Of These Days - Olly Murs
'My room is big enough for the both of us, won’t you come around help me fill it up…’

Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots
'I ponder on something great my lungs will fill and then deflate. They fill with fire, exhale desire. I know it’s dire my time today. I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot with what I was bought 'cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence’

Near To You - A Fine Frenzy
'Near to you I am healing but it’s taking so long. And though he’s gone and you are wonderful it’s hard to move on.’

My Immortal - Evanescence
'When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears, when you screamed I’d fight away all of your fears’

Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum
'Lying here with you so close to me, it’s hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breath’

Secret Love Song Part II - Little Mix
'Why can’t I hold you in the street or kiss you on the dance floor? I wish that it could be like that, why can’t it be like that 'cause I’m Yours…’

Happiness - The Fray
'Happiness damn near destroys you, it breaks your faith to pieces on the floor.’

Please Don’t Say You Love Me - Gabrielle Aplin
'Please don’t say you love me because I might not say it back. It doesn’t mean my hearts stopped skipping when you look at me like that…’

Come To Me - Goo Goo Dolls
'I caught you burning photographs like that could save you from your past…’

All Again - Ella Henderson
'I am falling, but I’m too weak to fly. Now my heart’s wide open and you’re the reason why…’

I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding
'Clinging to me like a last breath you would breath…you were like home to me, I don’t recognise this street.’

Suitcase - Emeli Sandé
'Didn’t see it coming, no kind of warning, I can’t work out where I’ve gone wrong. His clothes are missing, but his key’s still here…’

I Can’t Make You Love Me - Adele
'Turn down the light…turn down the bed. Turn down these voices inside my head…’

Bad Blood - Bastille
'We were young and drinking in the park we had no where else to go. You said you’d always have my back oh but how were we to know…’

Better Man - Lady Antebellum
'When I first laid eyes on you in that downtown cafe I loved the way your auburn hair danced across your face…’

Shine - Birdy
'Shine, if your heart tells you to then who are you to question it. Shine, if the world gets you down don’t be afraid to wrestle it….’

Fix You - Coldplay
'When you try your best but you don’t succeed…when you get what you want but not what you need…’

Freedom - Rebecca Ferguson
'There is hope…even as the tears fall on your lips even as you take another sip…’

Wasn’t Expecting That - Jamie Lawson
'It was only a word, it was almost misheard and I wasn’t expecting that. Just a delicate kiss, anyone could’ve missed, I wasn’t expecting that.’

Yours - Ella Henderson
'I wear your winter coat, the one you love to wear…so I can feel close to what’s beyond compare…’

Kiss It All Better - He Is We
'He sits in his cell and he lays on his bed covers his head and closes his eyes. He’s sees a smoking gun and the coward he ran and in his arms is the bleeding love of his life…’

Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson
'He drowns in his dreams…an exquisite extreme I know. He’s as damned as he seems and more heaven than a heart could know…’

The One - Kodaline
'Tell me, tell me that you want me and I’ll be yours completely for better or for worse.’

Beautiful To Me - Olly Murs
'She ties her hair up tight, she puts her armour on when she steps outside…’

Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith
'I tell myself you don’t mean a thing what we got, got no hold on me. But when you’re not there I just crumble…’

I Hope - Rebecca Ferguson
'I used to hate you so easily, look into your eyes so eagerly and where there was cold I wouldn’t walk away.’

I’m Yours - The Script
'You touch these tired eyes of mine, map my face out line by line and somehow growing old is fine…’

Breaking the Law - Emeli Sande
'I’ll never stop braking the law for you. I’ll never stop helping to pull you through.’

Begin Again - Taylor Swift
'And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid…I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny because he never kid.’

Hard Work - Ella Henderson
'I know I’m not wasting my time, for you to be the reason I cry, and no I’m not gonna lie. You’re hard work but you’re good for me.“

Nature’s Law - Embrace
'You should never fight your feelings, when you’re very bones believe it…’

Shirtsleeves - Ed Sheeran
'When salted tears won’t dry I’ll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes. These hearts will be flooded tonight, I’ll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes’

No Angel - Birdy
'Remember once the things you told me and how the tears fell from my eyes. They didn’t fall because it hurt me, I just hate to see you cry’

Like I Can - Sam Smith
'He could be a stranger you gave a second glance. He could be a trophy of a one night stand. He could have your humour but I don’t understand 'cause he’ll never love you like I can’

Friends - Ed Sheeran
'That’s why friends should sleep in other beds and friends shouldn’t kiss me like you. Yeah I know there a limit to everything but my friends will never love me like you’

This Woman’s Work - Greg Laswell
'I know you have little life in you yet. I know you have a lot of strength yet. Should be crying but I just can’t let it show, should be hoping but I can’t stop thinking. All the things we should’ve said but we never said. All the things that you needed from me. All the you wanted for me. All the things we should’ve done but we didn’t oh my darling…’

Dead Man Walking - The Script
'Already seen it in your face already someone in place. I’m a breathing talking dead man walking’

Be The One - The Fray
'They’re two lovers in the night waiting on the sun to rise. Passing ships into the night under different skies. But you just whisper what you said one last time I could’ve sworn I heard you that 'you are mine’

Promise Me - Beverly Carven
'When I go away I’ll miss you and I will be thinking of you every night and day. Just promise me you’d wait 'cause I’ll be saving all my love for you…’

Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran
'Because I’ve been feeling everything from hate to love from love to lust to truth I guess that’s how I know you…do I’ll hold you close’

Lay Down - Ella Henderson
'Won’t you lay down and tell me the places you’ve been. Won’t you lay down and relive your story again…’

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
'When you’re weary, feeling small. When tears are in your eyes, I’ll dry them all. I’m on your side, oh, when times get rough. And friends just can’t be found. Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down’

For The First Time - The Script
'She’s all laid up in bed with a broken heart. Whilst I’m drinking jack all alone in my local bar. And I don’t know how, how we got into this mad situation. Only doing things out of frustration. Trying to make it work but man these times are hard.’

How To Save A Life - The Fray
'Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness. But I would’ve stayed up with up all night had I known how to save a life’

Black Is The Colour - Cara Dillon
'Black is the colour of my true love’s hair. Her lips are like a rose so fair. She’s got the sweetest face and the gentlest hands. I love the ground where on she stands’

Riding To New York - Passenger
'I met him in Minnesota, he was dark and overcast. With long grey hair and eyes that stared through me like I was glass. I asked 'where are you going to?’ He said 'I’m the wind I’m just blowing through’… then he lit up a cigarette and began to talk’

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith and John Legend
'Can I lay by your side? Next to you. Next to you. And make sure you’re alright…’

Castle On The Hill - Ed Sheeran
'I found my heart and broke it here. Made friends and lost them through the years…’

Silhouette - Tom Odell
'It’s just a silhouette, a flick of the blinds just a mind trick. I don’t know why but it reminds me of someone that I used to know…’

Supermarket flowers - Ed Sheeran
'Took the get well soon cards and stuffed animals. Poured the old ginger beer down the sink. Dad always told me don’t you cry when you’re down but mum there’s a tear every time that I blink…’


1. "Are you kidding me?”
2. “What is going on?”
3. “Please tell me that was you?”
4. “How long have you been stood there?”
5. “Let me in.”
6. “Why is it so cold?”
7. “Paint is meant to go on the wall not your face.”
8. “Are you okay?”
9. “How long have you known?”
10. “That could’ve gone better.”
11. “You really thought that this was a good idea?”
12. “Where am I?”
13. “It’s One in the morning.”
14. “Let’s bake!!”
15. “Why are you holding our child like Simba?”
16. “I don’t trust you.”
17. “I hate you…”
18. “Don’t talk to me.”
19. “Just stay away from me okay?”
20. “You don’t know what it feels like…”
21. “They’re dead…”
22. “What do I do?”
23. “I’m pregnant…”
24. “This is going really badly. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion.”
25. “I wasn’t staring! I was watching…intently.”
26. “This is what you call handling the situation?”
27. “Truth or Dare?”
28. “They’re your child before 5AM.”
29. “We’ve watched 12 episodes we need to stop now.”
30. “You know you can talk to me right?”
31. “Everything is going to be fine.”
32. “Aw, you’re so cute.”
33. “Don’t make me come over there.”
34. “Run.”
35. “Calm down.”
36. “Dance with me.”
37. “Just stop talking.”
38. “It’s getting late…”
39. “Wait. Are we lost?”
40. “Don’t go…”
41. “This is…a strange turn of events.”
42. “Everything we do is weird to everyone else but us.”
43. “That was the police…”
44. “Bro…”
45. “Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t bare the thought of not seeing you every day…”
46. “This is as far as I had got plan wise I’m afraid.”
47. “And now it’s snowing. Brilliant.”
48. “Yay…road trip.”
49. “Let’s play 20 questions.”
50. “What makes you happy”
51. “It’s complicated…”
52. “After everything…I’d still choose you.“
53. “This could only happen to me.”
54. “Say something…”
55. “Come here…”
56. “Don’t shut me out.”
57. “What are we waiting for?”
58. "We need to talk…”
59. .“We can’t keep doing this.”
60. "Haven’t you read that already?”
61. .“I can’t stand back and watch you do this…”
62. “You’re such an idiot.”
63. .“Why did you kiss me?”
64. .“Don’t pretend you’re not having fun.”
65. .“PUPPY!”
66. .“Do you really think I could replace you?”
67. “Because I love you…”
68. .“Duck.”
69. “I said there was a plan, I never said it was a good one.”
70. “Put. The snowball. Down.”
71. .“Did you just smile?”
72. .“When did things get this hard?”
73. "I suppose…we’re all stories in the end.”
74. “Did you have to hit me?”
76. .“Come inside…”
77. “You deserve better than that.”
78. “You’d do that for me?”
79. “You were willing to give up everything…”
80. “Oh for the love of god just kiss already!”
82. “Are you saying goodbye?”
83. “Another life…”
84. “Well that was stupid.”
85. “You love me really.”
86. “That was smooth.”
87. “Sometimes, the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”
88. “I have a very good explanation for all of this.”
89. “Wait…are you actually struggling for something to say?”
90. “Nice save.”
91. “Do you want me to go?”
92. “What are you even talking about?”
93. .“How are you allowed out in public…”
94. “I’m going to stay, okay? I’m going to stay with you.”
95. “And when were you planning on telling me this?”
96. “Because…I care about you…”
97. “That’s stupid! Let’s do it!”
98. “Why am I friends with you.”
99. “It’s okay! You’re safe, I promise. It was just a nightmare.”
100. .“What is it? What happened?”
101. "It could’ve been worst.”
102. “what an appalling piece of advice!”
103. “Pizza and a movie?”
104. “If you weren’t so cute…”
105. “I mean you could’ve just stopped talking?!”
106. “You’ve been awake for 48 hours this isn’t healthy.”
107. “I think we should take you to hospital…”
108. “Please say you know who I am?”
109. “It must be awful to look at the person you love and for them to look back at you and have no idea who you are…”
110. “Nobody is invincible…”
112. “I would never forget.”
113. “Oh my god that rain is vicious.”
114. “Is it bedtime?”
115. “How’s my little soldier?”
116. “Bored. Bored. Bored.”
117. “Your go.”
118. “Stop staring.”
119. “Oh. Bit of a domestic going on.”
120. “You really don’t believe me…”
121. “What now?”
122. “I’m sorry, you’ve been cheating on me how long?”
123. “Look, I’m sorry I put you off when you were playing Mario Kart. Please can you let me back in now…”
124. “Don’t worry I took care of your animal crossing town whilst you were ill, I did all the weeding and helped almost pay off your loan.”
125. “Let’s get you to bed.”
126. “How can something so small be so loud?”
127. “Here. Take my jacket.”
128. “I’m not special. I’m nothing.”
129. “I don’t want to lose you.”
130. “I have calculated how far that window opens. Take it as a warning.”
131. “How was that supposed to help?”
132. “Come to bed.”
133. “Please sit down. I can’t pick you up off the floor if you fall over.”
134. “Look at me. Are you hurt?”
135. “How much longer can we keep doing this?”
136. “We could be happy…”
137. “Are you an actual idiot?”
138. “I may have..sort of… just adopted four dogs…”
139. “We’ve watched this film 7 times.”
140. “I could kiss you!”
141. “Are you limping?”
142. “On a scale of one to ten how illegal is this?”
143. “Wh..what do I do? Tell me what do I do?”
144. “Will you stay with me?”
145. “I’m doing this to protect you.”
146. “I’ve nearly lost you once. I’m not risking it again.”
147. “Two minutes. Just give me two minutes…”
148. “Welcome home.”
149. “I don’t belong anywhere…”
150. “What about us?”
151. “You are the human version of a headache.”
152. “I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.”
153. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
154. “Just take my word for it.”
155. “Look, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”
156. “Sorry I stopped listening about ten minutes ago. What on earth are you talking about?”
157. “I thought I knew you but now? I don’t know…”
158. “Respect and trust go both ways.”
159. “Oh ye of little faith.”
160. “Well, I just put 2 and 2 together…”
161. “It’s a stupid stupid idea.”
162. “Why do I let you talk me into these things?”
163. “When are you going to stop pretending that nothing ever hurts you?”
164. “Who put you in charge?”
165. “What did your last slave die of?”
166. “In your dreams.”
167. “We make a pretty good team you and me.”
168. “Leave it. It’s not worth it.”
169. “I didn’t want to get you involved.”
170. “I shouldn’t have come…”
171. “We know how it’s going to end…we always have…”
172. “Do you know what’s it’s like? Wanting to give up but knowing you can’t because everyone else needs you to be strong.”
173. “I’m guessing that wasn’t part of the plan.”
174. “I haven’t got time for this.”
175. “What happened to being one of the good guys?”
176. “What was that you just threw at me.”
177. “If I have to do this then so do you.”
178. “Are you angry?”
179. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
180. “What if this isn’t how it’s supposed to be? What if we’re just clutching at whatever time we’ve got?”
181. “Maybe I wasn’t meant to have friends…maybe I’m supposed to be alone?”
182. “Ugh I do not have an interest in football I can’t believe you made me come here.”
183. “I’m too late aren’t I?”
184. “Don’t quote 'Only Fools And Horses’ at me I’m trying to be dramatic.”
185. “Even if I wasn’t awake I would be now.”
186. “I fall for it every time.”
187. “Don’t ever do that to me again!”
188. “Are you safe? Where you are now…tell me that if nothing else. Are you safe?”
189. “I want my family back.”
190. “I’m just tired.”
191. “I bet you think you’re funny.”
192. “Real monsters are human…learnt that a long time ago.”
193. “I had a weird dream about you last night.”
194. “If you’re going to have your friends round you’ve got to play nice.”
195. “Oh well that’s made me feel much better.”
196. “Did they lay a finger on you?”
197. “Of all the things to be hereditary.”
198. “You owe me a new door.”
199. “I’m going to bed because I can’t cope with this anymore.”
200. “Next time an idea forms in that head of yours share it with the group.”
201. “text me when you get there.”
202. “In hindsight it wasn’t my best idea.”
203. “Is that my hoodie?”
204. “Excuse me but let me get this straight. You want me to sleep here? In the haunted house?!”
205. “Okay well that’s broken.”
206. “But…it was so real…”
207. “Look, I appreciate you trying to be kind but you’re really not helping…”
208. “Drive!”
209. “Well this is it. This is how it ends!”
210. “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.”
211. “How many energy drinks have you had?”
212. “As the adult here I shouldn’t be encouraging this.”
213. “Okay so we just follow the recipe. I mean how hard can it be?”
214. “Hi. Yeah. I’m lost and have less than £10 on me and my phone is on 3% Erm. Help. Please…”
215. “What the fluffing beans was that?”
216. “My stress levels reached crying in McDonalds yesterday but apart from that I’m fine.”
217. “Why does coming to a fair make me feel 12 years old?”
218. “I wanted to tell you. I really did. But how could I?”
219. “I was falling apart and no one could tell…”
220. “I’m you’re real dad/mum.”
221. “Well…this has certainly been the most entertaining evening…”
222. “I’ve seen enough episodes of Poirot to know nothing good ever happens on a train.”
223. “When are you going to realise that what you do effects everyone around you?”
224. “The memories hurt more.”
225. “I wish I’d just…I wish I’d done more whilst I had the chance…”
226. “We’re best friends because our parents could not cope with us as twins.”
227. “We’ve all lived through our own horrors and I think, no matter how fast we run, they’ll always catch up with us in the end.”
228. “I was replaceable…”
229. “Someone just ran us off the road.”
230. “If we’re going we have to go now.”
231. “I knew someone was missing from my life. I just didn’t know who…”
232. “We were young and messed up.”
233. “What do you know? You don’t know anything!”
234. “I wish I’d never met you.”
235. “I was scared you’d leave.”
236. “I don’t like the person I’ve become.”
237. “Why do you even put up with me?”
238. “He/she’s better off without me.”
239. “When did everything become so tragic.”
240. “Everyone has that story they never tell.”
241. “I’m leaving. I’m sorry but…i just can’t do this anymore..
242. "If you’re gonna be like that do it yourself.”
243. “Why do I let him/her treat me like that?”
244. “I’ll take them to school today.”
245. “I’m sick of everyone thinking I’m someone I’m not.”
246. “Just give me your hand.”
247. “Don’t do this…”
248. “You were always there when I needed you.”
249. “Mind if I join?”
250. “Maybe we’ll just have to figure this out together.”
251. “I heard this song and thought of you.”
252. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
253. “I’ll get this.”
254. “Just…take care of yourself. If you do one thing for me.”
255. “Out of all the things I thought I’d prepared myself for…I never expected to fall in love with you…”
256. “I can’t forget you.”
257. “I did this for you. All of this! Don’t you understand?”
258. “I may be a little drunk…”
259. “You look like you need a hug.”
260. “Try not to fall over.”
261. “Do you know how long I’ve been trying to tell you I’m hopelessly in love with you?”
262. “Well if you didn’t move it and I didn’t move it then who did?”
263. “Ah, the plot thickens.”
264. “Just shut up and get in the car.”
265. “Please let me survive this with a shred of dignity in tact.”
266. “But I dealt with it last time.”
267. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
268. “You will call if you need me, won’t you?”
269. “Okay I admit it. I’m worried. I’d hate for anything to happen to you…”
270. “Have I told you how much I love you today?”
271. “How long have we owned this?”
272. “You’re quiet. What’s wrong?”
273. “Move over. I am not going top and tails with you.”
274. “They’re never going to hurt you again.”
275. “I am no where near drunk enough to be agreeing to this.”
276. “I made the excuse of having to baby sit. Though looking at you I don’t think it was that much of a lie.”
277. “Power cuts are all fun and games until the last candle goes out.”
278. “For god’s sake take some responsibility!”
279. “Don’t go to sleep. Stay awake and talk to me.”
280. “I’ll be home soon. I promise.”

rociposse  asked:

tell us MORE about Holden and Amos hows abouts

Amos has always had a hard time trusting men with any sort of power. He watches Holden for a long time, waiting for him to slip up, take advantage of the authority and trust he’s been given. To show the true colors that always seem to lie behind his gender. 

Naomi has always been easy to trust; she says what she means, she puts other people before herself, which Amos knows cognitively is supposed to be the hallmark sign of a good person. But something inside him twists when that “good person” thing means putting her own life at risk. He can’t respect it, has to act. It’s naive to think you can save everyone.

And yet somehow, she succeeds. They both do. The Captain and the XO. Holden and Naomi. Amos can’t fathom the way they look at the world, calculate risk and worth and honor and sacrifice. But they end up saving people, they end up helping people, and he hasn’t found any cruelty or real selfishness in their souls no matter how hard he looks.

So he gives in, he lets go. He’s never met anyone more worthy of his trust and he’s sure now that he can’t trust himself. The command of the Roci will be his guiding stars. He’ll set himself into their constellation and let something deep within him finally rest.

         - PART III

(Part I) - (Part II)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 374 
*not my gif 

Kai chased after her , down the stairs catching up with her at the building’s door wrapping his hands around her waist from behind , slightly lifting her off the ground as she kicked playfully in the air , listening to her laugh. He laughed too , there was no way to fight it - her laugh made him laugh. For the first time in a long while , he had felt happy.
“Gotcha.” he laughed , pulling her closer to him for a second before letting her go. Y/N pushed the building’s door and ran outside.
“Come and get me!” she called out to him laughing , stopping suddenly at the sight in front of her. “OH GOD!” she screamed barely a few seconds later.
Kai was waiting a minute giving her a headstart before following her closely behind but her scream caught him off guard and he vamp-ran after her , soon finding out what had made her scream.
A few hundred meters away from them stood Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore , holding the Ascendant. Y/N turned towards Kai , his expression changing from anger to sadness in seconds. He wrapped his arms around her protectively.
He knew at some point her friends might change their minds and come to get her out but … Of all the times they could’ve come to to get her , it had to be now… ?! Just when finally things were starting to work out… just when he finally had someone to care for and someone who cared for him.
“I’m not going anywhere.” she whispered loud enough for him to hear.
Damon and Bonnie walked towards them , reaching for Y/N’s hands and trying to pull her away from Kai. He tightened his grip around her waist.
“Lets go Y/N. By now you should’ve learned your lesson..” Damon said gripping her hand trying to pull her away from Kai again.
“No. I’m not going anywhere with you.” Y/N said , her voice sounding confident. “It might not have been my decision to come here , but it’s my decision to stay.”
Damon let out a small laugh glancing at Bonnie , who raised her hand and used her magic to push Kai away from Y/N. He flew backwards a few meters , recovering fast and vamp - running towards Y/N just as Bonnie twisted her wrist , breaking Kai’s leg.
“Stop it!” Y/N screamed and ran towards Kai , but Damon grabbed her by the waist pulling her back towards Bonnie. “Let me go , Damon!” she said , but he didn’t seem to care. She reached into her pocket where she had put Kai’s pocket knife earlier and stabbed Damon in the leg, making a deep cut. He didn’t expect it and let go of her long enough for Y/N to reach Kai who had curled up into a ball on the ground as Bonnie kept breaking his bones.
“Please , Bonnie!” she pleaded tears in her eyes. “Please , stop !”
“Why do you care what happens to Kai ? Has he brainwashed you ? You are coming home with us. Now.” Damon snapped , taking a step towards her , but Bonnie put a hand out stopping him. His approach wasn’t working and she wanted to try something else. She stopped the spell breaking Kai’s bones and took a step towards Y/N.
“This is my home , Damon. I want to stay and you do not get a say in this.” Y/N stood on her feet , helping Kai get up. His bones healed quickly and he launched for Damon , Y/N’s grip on his wrist stopping him.
“What do you mean this is your home ? This is not your home. Your home is back in Mystic Falls , the real Mystic Falls with your friends and your brother , who by the way is worried sick about your well being.” Bonnie said calmly.
Y/N scoffed , that was one of the biggest lies to ever come out of Bonnie’s lips. There it was again - her friends thinking of her ‘well being’. There had to be a catch for their visit…
“You are lying. My brother doesn’t give a damn about me , he never has.” she said. “Or did you forget the real reason why I lost my magic ?”
Kai looked confused between Bonnie and Y/N. He knew she had lost her magic when a warlock had taken it away, but she clearly had left out a detail or two not telling him the whole story and slowly he started piecing things together.
“What do you mean the real reason ? Who … ?” Kai asked.
Y/N sighed , intertwining their fingers together. When she had gotten there , it had felt like a new start of sorts , she wanted to forget so many things … but now it was time for her to tell Kai a few things she had left out.
“The warlock who took my magic … was my brother.” she said turning towards Kai, “He claims he did it to protect me , then ditched me for the next few years and apparently he crawled back into town all ‘concerned’ about me.”
Her eyes had started watering at the memory.It had been years ago a little after Klaus had rolled into town to break the sun and the moon curse. Klaus had offered her a place as one of his witches , no catch no nothing .. all because he had taken a liking to her. When her brother had found out , he cast a spell taking her magic away. Not long after that he had left , no goodbye just a note on the kitchen table. Even without her magic , Klaus had accepted her and she had become friends with the Mikaelsons. They understood what it was like to be screwed up by your own family.
Kai stroked her cheek for a moment before pulling her into a hug , not carring for a second there were other people present… He wanted to protect her now more than ever. No wonder she had gone looking for him. Y/N was betrayed by her own family , no one knew better than him how it feels when your family treats your like trash. She wrapped her hands around him , closing her eyes for a moment.
Damon and Bonnie glanced at each other , none of them having a clue what was actually happening. Kai was being so nice to her and whatever lies he had told her , she seemed to believe them… except they had no idea Kai actually cared about her and had never really lied to her.
“What have you done to her , twirp ?” Damon demanded.
“Not much.” Kai said , carefully picking his words. Now was not the time for honesty. “Y/N is brave … loyal , caring and loving. She deserves better than you two and apparently is better off here with me than back in the real world with you where his own family hurt her and you did nothing about it. I’d never hurt her. This might sound unbelievable to you but … I do care about her.”
Damon snorted and Bonnie looked at them as if someone had just punched her in the face. None of them were willing to believe him. After all this time they still saw the person who had killed his own family at his sister’s wedding , forgetting all the good things he had done for them - siphoning the spell covering Mystic Falls allowing them to go home , nearly dying trying to get Bonnie out of 1994 and then helping them in 1903 Prison World to get Damon’s mother back so Stefan can flip his humanity switch and get Caroline to flip back hers.
“The only way you will get me to leave with you is only if Kai comes too. Other ways - go to Hell , both of you.” Y/N said , holding onto Kai’s hand tightly.
Yes , Kai might’ve spent half of their time together causing her pain in  multiple ways but she wasn’t going to let him stay there all alone. Kai wasn’t bad , he was just trying to live up all the awful expectations people had about him. He had spent two whole weeks , not screwing up once. He had refused to feed on her and basically she had had to force him to earlier that day.  That had to count for something. He cared about her… and she cared about him. If none of her friends were willing to give him a chance , she was.
“We are not letting him out.” Bonnie said. “We came for you , Y/N and we are not living without you.”
“Well , good luck with that. I am staying.” Y/N said.
“Hey what do you think happens if one of them dies here ?” Kai asked her raising his hand. “Technically they are guests , the rules don’t apply to them do they? ” Damon wrapped his hands around his heck trying to get free , but it was useless - you can’t fight magic… Kai raised his other hand lifting Bonnie and sending her SMACK against the nearest building.
Y/N grabbed his wrist , “Kai , let them go. This is not helping.”
“I’m going to kill you.” Damon managed to say. “Permanently this time.”
It took Kai a few moments before he reluctantly let them go. He met Y/N’s eyes and something in them made him stop. Damon wooshed between them , pushing them apart , his hand on Kai’s throat the other punching a hole through his chest wrapping around his heart. Bonnie pulled Y/N towards her with magic not giving a damn about her protests.
Kai managed a spell , causing Damon to drop on the ground screaming in pain holding his hand in his hands. A flick of his wrist later the Ascendant went flying in the air a few hundred meters away from Bonnie breaking her concentration and letting Y/N free. She ran into his arms and he took a few steps back towards the building. Damon tried to get to them again but hit an invisible wall.
“Oops. Who didn’t see that one coming ?” Kai chuckled. “I told you before. I care about her. She is rubbing off on me , changing me. Other ways both of you would be dead by now and the Ascendant would be in my hands , getting me and her out of here…”  He took another step towards Damon , only the boundary separating them. “She doesn’t want to go with you , do you sweetheart?”
Y/N shook her head. “No.”
“Believe it or not I am changing…” Kai said. “Y/N is the reason why and unless she wants to leave , I am not letting her go. Unlike you , I plan on taking her wishes in consideration.”
“Proove it.” Bonnie said interrupting him. “I’ll lift the spell protecting her from permanently dying , you have a month. If when we come back , Y/N is alive and unharmed … you get to leave this place.”
“Bonnie ! Have you lost your mind ?! We can’t -” Damon said but got interrupted.
“A month?” Kai asked suspiciously. “Whats the catch?”
“There is no catch. Either she will live or she’ll die. If you care so much about her as you claim , shouldn’t be a problem.” Bonnie said glancing at Y/N , “Your choice , remember? You can still leave with us , but if you stay … whatever happens to you will be his fault.”
Kai shifted nervously on his feet, something wasn’t right there and he didn’t want to find out what by screwing up.
“Go with them.” he said , letting go of her. “You’ll be safer that way.”
Y/N looked at him confused. After all the fighting , saying he would take her wishes in consideration he was willing to let her go ?
“What ? No , Malachai. I am staying.I trust you…”
“Leave or I will make you leave.” he said , the purple/black veins under his eyes flashing for a few seconds.
Y/N cupped his face. “I trust you. I TRUST you… Only way I will leave this place is with you by my side.”
Kai grabbed her wrists squeezing them tight enough to cause her pain , pushing her hands away from his face. He wanted her to leave because he didn’t trust himself. The thought of her dying and her death being his fault was breaking him inside. He kept waiting for her to flinch in pain , for her gaze to drop and to say she is leaving. She never did.
“I trust you…” she mouthed and he let go of her wrists with a sigh.
“See you in a month then , Bon Bon.” Kai said as Bonnie pulled Damon away. He kept protesting that leaving Y/N with Kai was like as if they had killed her , but Bonnie wouldn’t listen. She just kept dragging him to the spot where they had arrived.
“Trust me , Damon.”
Damon and Bonnie turned one more time towards Y/N and Kai , seeing Kai stroking her cheek before leaning in to kiss her forehead.
“Ugh … I think they’ve fallen in love with each other.” Damon muttered to Bonnie with a look of disgust on his face.
Kai glanced at him , he had heard his words… Could Damon be right ? Kai hadn’t been in love before … He looked at Y/N , her eyes glowing and she hadn’t taken them off him the entire time. She took his hand and as soon as Damon and Bonnie disappeared , pulled him towards the park. No way she’d let her old friends destroy that moment she had with Kai.

                                * * * (back in the real world) * * *

“How could you leave her there with Kai?!  You of all people should know better what he is capable of!” Damon screamed at her. Bonnie however remained infuriatingly calm.
“You really think I’d leave her there unprotected ?” she said calmly. “I put something a little extra in the spell protecting her… When Kai loses his temper again , which he will at some point , and kills her  .. the spell will transport her here.”
Damon sighed in relief. “I could kiss you right now.”
“Havent you learned by now ? You should never underestimate a Bennett.”
“Great job, Bon Bon…because if we are to get the Mikaelson’s help , we will need Y/N on our side. Caroline’s thing with Klaus won’t be enough this time… You know how he feels about Y/N.”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Dawon - Find You.

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Series: Find You.

Title: Where Are You? (Part ½)

Pairing: Dawon x Female Reader (ft. Baro and Inseong)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Implies rape (the actual act does not happen), Violence, Cussing

A/N: Please let me know what you think!! Part two is already in the works/almost done and I will be releasing it not too far from now. I wanted to read at least one thing about Dawon that doesn’t describe him as “extra”, but I ended up writing one instead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the times that he’s very quiet and serious. I hope you enjoy and that it satisfies all your angsty needs!!

“Alright, great work everyone,” SF9’s choreographer says with a soft bow and some hollow claps. His bow is returned by the 9 other bodies in the room, the ones that had danced until the room was foggy and their breath shaky. They fall to the floor one by one in exhaustion, and Youngbin begins passing out water bottles as they try to slow their breathing and heart rates. Letting the water refresh them, they gradually start talking about mix of things amongst themselves, ranging from the routine they just learned to who’s gonna shower first. Dawon only somewhat contributes to the conversation as he has other things running through his head, mainly the fight. 

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Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Imagine: Dean thinking you broke up.

Dean x Reader (Mute!Reader)

Content: Fluff & light angst (sorta?)

Request @homeybadger :I really enjoy your writings! could you please do a Dean × reader one shot where the reader is mute? And Dean thinks they’re mad or something and yells at them, but eventually they manage to ‘tell’ him what’s up?”

Note: I did some research on ASL, but if you have some knowledge on the subject and would like to help deepen my understanding, then please please please feel free to send my a private message. I would adore to hear from you and make any future attempts more realistic. Or if you’d like to simply share your experiences, I would love to hear them as well.

The hunt had not gone as planned. You gritted your teeth, fuming with white hot rage. You felt a little better after throwing your gear into the back of the Impala piece by piece. With the last item, you were feeling somewhat calm again. You took a deep breath and shut the trunk. Dean’s face popped into view. A curl of guilt squirmed into the lingering anger.


You lifted a hand to stop him. Then with a flurry of sign language you told him you were going to walk back to the motel and you need some space. You considered leaving him with a quick kiss on the cheek, but decided better of it. You simply spun away and headed down the dirt road.

Sam watched his brother with concern. He didn’t notice at first, but Dean had been staring at the computer in intense concentration for two hours. His brow knitted tighter, expression darkening to the point Sam was forced to wonder if there was any truth to the old saying, “If you hold an expression long enough, it’ll freeze that way”. He looked back to his book and sighed. He closed it reluctantly.


His brother didn’t answer. His lips moved silently, eyes moving across the screen.

“Dean.” Sam waited. “Dean! Hey!”

“Wha- What! What?” Dean’s head popped up. His words were breathless and desperate as if he had been submerged for too long.

“Heh…” He breathed out. “You okay, man?”

Dean inhaled raising his shoulders back. “Yeah…” He nodded once repeating the affirmation with more confidence in the way Sam knew Dean did to convince him that what he was saying was true. But when Dean met Sam’s unconvinced stare he sighed, relenting. “It’s just… I think Y/n’s mad at me.”

Every muscle in Sam’s face twitched, threatening to smile. His brother, his brother, was having girl problems. Sam couldn’t count the times he asked Dean about girls or how many times he almost called Dean to discuss the scary new aspects of his relationship with Jess. The exhaustion and stress lining Dean’s face dissuaded any notions teasing him, however. Sam leaned forward ready to do what he always relied on Dean for.

“Why do you think that?”

Dean heaved a labor exhaled casting a brief moment of vulnerability to the computer screen.

“Remember that hunt we did a few days ago…”

Of course Sam remembered, but he played along to spare Dean further discomfort.


“Well, when we got back to the car Y/n was pissed.”

“Did you ask her why?”

“I tried, but she sai- sign… signed?” Sam nodded to reaffirm the lingo Dean was intent on remembering for you. “Signed really fast… I thought she said something about walking, but now I’m not so sure.”

“What did it look like?”

Dean lifted his arms awkwardly. He squinted trying to recall the way your hands and arms moved. Instead of the confident sweeps and elegant flick you exhibited whenever you signed, his movements were jerky and incomplete; block letters to your calligraphy. Sam frowned.

“Uh, okay… did it look like this?” He asked trying a new approach. Sam brought two fists together, arched them up and out, landing with two finger splayed, thumb between, at the end.

“Tha- that last part looked right.” Sam’s face fell. His expression flicked as he averted his eyes. “What? What does that mean?”

Sam swallowed. “It means you should probably go talk to Y/n…”


“Alright. This,” Sam repeated the gesture, “Means ‘break up’.”

Dean’s heart clenched painfully. His head jerked back as if Sam punched the words into him. Dean exhaled. His chest hurt, everything feeling too tight. Sam’s devastated expression told him the prick in his eyes wasn’t ending with pain. Dean pushed away from the table, his knees shaking as he stood. Every step towards your room brought the walls closer. By the time he reached your door, a full panic settled to the marrow of his bones. His hand shook as he gripped the handle.

You jumped when Dean violently burst into the room. You quickly yanked your headphones off catching the twisted expression marring his features. Fear gripped your core. You sprung from the bed already searching for sign of injury, but you were cut short when Dean slammed the door.

“You’re breaking up with me?” His commanding voice boomed through the room, bouncing off the walls. You flinched at the volume. He took a step forward misreading your reaction. “Seriously? You break up with me, then- then what? Come with us back to bunker? You don’t speak to me for days! You don’t tell me why! What the hell is that about?”

You gaped at him, your mind completely blank. You realized this must be what it’s like when speakers are rendered speechless. You shook your head quickly waving your hands frantically before spiraling into a flurry of signs. Dean’s eyebrows furrowed trying to catch any of the movements clearly. You huffed shakily, frustrated with his limitations and yours. You grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. Your hand was cold and shaking, his warmth brought comfort and you wished you could simply share in it instead. You sent him a pleading look, trying to convey your sincerity as clearly as possible. Slowly you started to sign.

I didn’t break up with you.

The relief on his face caused your heart to clench painfully. You had no idea he was so invested in you. He never said those three words and neither had you, but that singular expression told you all you needed to know.

“Then what happened? Why were you mad?” He asked.

The hunt…

He squinted, so you made a vampire sign accompanied with the motion of a machete. He nodded.

My machete fell away when a vampire was attacking you. I couldn’t get to you. I couldn’t warn you and if Sam wasn’t there… You paused, anguish sweeping the pit of your stomach. I let you down. I was mad at myself. I-

Tears welled in your eyes. Dean quickly pulled you into tight hug, cupping the back of your head. He stern expression relaxed as your signs sank in. He closed his eyes savoring the feeling of your body in his arms, incredibly grateful. The emotions swirled against his heart with such purity he almost sent the heavens a prayer of thanks. You tapped his arm and he loosened his hold, but didn’t let go. You met his dark green eyes nothing held back.

I will never stop trying to protect you.

“I’ll make sure you don’t have to.” He gripped your arms tightly as if trying to convey something he could never say. Finally his shoulders relaxed, a sheepish smile breaking his visage. “And I’ll get better at this signing stuff.”

You laughed diving back into his arms. Dean held onto you, cherishing every minute of this moment.

got-sonyeondan  asked:

Oh, great!! Can I request a fic with you (default female corrin/kamui) and Takumi, where it's angsty but ends with cute fluff pls? ;v; I ships~

   Takumi thought his heart would beat of out of his chest. He’d had nightmares of this moment, each one happening differently, but every result ending the same. And now it was happening right in front of his eyes.

   Everything just looked like it was moving in slow motion – Ryoma cutting down an enemy warrior, Saizo and Kagero fighting with a Faceless monster, Hinoka and Sakura herding off the wounded, and you, you were at the forefront of the attack, a sword blade sticking right out of your back.

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Never Replaced

A/N: An anon request for a Hotch x Reader, a while after Hayley’s death. Hotch introduces Jack to his new girlfriend but is scared that Jack won’t like her. This is about Jack’s reaction to the new woman in his father’s life. @coveofmemories


“Are you ready?” Aaron asked you, twitching with nervousness over introducing you to his son. He had lost his wife two years ago to a serial killer named George Foyet, and six-year-old Jack still missed his mother every day. Aaron was worried that Jack would think he was trying to replace Hayley, but that could never happen.

You knew you were going to make it a point to let Jack know that you had no intention of trying to replace his mother - all you wanted was to make Aaron, and hopefully Jack, happy. “I’m ready,” you said, grabbing Aaron’s hand and rubbing his palm. You had both already talked about getting married one day, you loved Aaron more than you could’ve possibly imagined, but you also knew that if Jack absolutely hated you, there was no way the relationship would work. He had to do what was best for his son, so as much as you said you were ready, you were extremely anxious. 

As you walked in the door hand-in-hand, you greeted Jessica, Hayley’s sister, who you’d met before. She was unbelievably sweet and was never anything but nice to you. “Jack’s in his room,” she said, “I’ll go get him.”

Seconds later, Jack ran out of his room to hug Aaron, immediately asking about his dad’s ‘friend.’ “This is my girlfriend, Jack. Her name is Y/N.”

“What’s a girlfriend?” the little boy asked innocently, staring at you with unbridled curiosity.

Aaron took a deep breath, trying to find the best way to explain the situation to his still young son. “A girlfriend is a woman that you love.”

“Like mommy?” he asked, the sadness in his eyes evident. He was so young, but he’d already been through so much.

Aaron’s breath caught in his throat and you saw Jessica flinch out of the corner of your eye. “Kind of. I love Y/N, like I love mommy, but Y/N isn’t here to replace mommy. She’s someone new.”

You crouched down, making eye contact with his son and fearing the worst. His lip started to quiver. “But I don’t want a new lady, I want mommy back!” he cried, turning away and running back toward his room. You had expected as much, but it still hurt; it made you worry. You and Aaron had discussed giving Jack time to adjust, but if he didn’t adjust somewhat quickly, Aaron wasn’t sure what he was going to do - you didn’t want to lose him.

Your boyfriend, almost fiancee, stood up, pulling you into him and kissing your temple. “I’m sure he’ll adjust in time,” he said, trying to hide the shaky nervousness in his voice.

“I hope so,” you replied.


Over the course of the next month or so, you went out with Aaron and Jack sparingly, trying not to overwhelm him with too much contact at once. He was starting to ask you questions - mostly asking you to play with him, and you happily obliged, but he still seemed uneasy around you.

“Hey, Jack,” you said, smoothing his hair back. “I’m just gonna go talk to your daddy for a few minutes. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, Y/N,” he replied, quickly looking back toward his toy.

You walked into the kitchen where Aaron was cooking dinner and kissed him on the cheek. “Hi honey,” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“How’s everything going?” he asked.

“I think everything’s going well,” you replied. “He’s still very tentative with me though. I was thinking…if you’re okay with it, maybe I can take Jack out by myself one day? Let him get to know me apart from you?”

“I think he’d be able to handle that,” Aaron said, stirring the pasta sauce. “Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

You were feeling more comfortable about your relationship with Jack, but you wanted to cement it. “I think so. I want him to know that I don’t intend to replace Hayley and I think if he hears it from me, it might be better than it coming from you.”

“You’re probably right,” he responded, “How about this weekend?”

“That sounds great. I think I’ll take him to the park, out to eat and maybe the toy store,” you smiled.


Quickly, the weekend approached and you drove to Aaron’s apartment, ready for your day out with Jack. When you got upstairs, you said a silent plea to whoever was listening that the day would go well. As you turned the key, you heard Aaron telling Jack to get ready.

“Hello boys,” you said, walking in the door and giving your boyfriend a quick kiss. “You ready to go, Jack?”

“Yes,” he smiled. “Daddy said we’re going to the park first?”

“That’s right, little man,” you said, grabbing his hand. “Wave bye to daddy. We’ll be back later.”

“Bye, Daddy,” he said.

“Be good for Y/N,” he replied, giving you a thumbs up as you walked out the door.


Jack was pretty quiet on your ride to the park, so you didn’t push it. Your hope was that he would start to open up to you. Within a few minutes, you arrived at the park, and Jack asked you to play on the jungle gym. Although the gym was way too small for you, you crouched and crawled and chased him around as though it were nothing. He laughed a lot and seemed to be having a great time, but he still wasn’t asking about anything other than playing.

After about an hour and a half, he seemed to be losing a little bit of energy, so you decided to see if he wanted to eat. “Hey, little man. Do you want to go get something to eat?”

“Can I get chicken fingers and french fries?” he asked expectantly.

“Of course you can,” you replied, grabbing his hand once again. “Let’s go!” You ran hand-in-hand back to the car.

Once you were seated at the table and your orders were placed, you decided to approach your relationship with Aaron with him. “Hey Jack, can I tell you something?” He shook his head up and down.

You reached across the table and grabbed his little hand. “I want you to know that I love your daddy, but I don’t want to replace your mommy.” At the mention of Hayley, he seemed to tense a little, but you rubbed his hands reassuringly. “I just want to make you and your daddy happy. You know that, right?”

He shook his head again. “Uh-huh,” he said. “Did daddy tell you about what happened to mommy?”

“Yes, he did sweetie. I am so sorry your mommy is gone, but you know she still loves you, right? She looks over you every day.”

He nodded happily. “Sometimes daddy and I light a candle and talk to mommy. Would you want to talk to mommy with us?”

Your heart lightened - he seemed to understand. “I would love to, honey.”


A few hours later, with stomachs filled and a new toy to play with, you and Jack returned to their apartment. Before he went to his room, he turned back to you and gave you a hug. You kissed him on the forehead and patted his back as he bounded back to his room.

Aaron was a little surprised -  he was apparently more nervous than he let on. “Everything went well?” he asked.

“Yes,” you said, pressing a relaxed kiss to his cheek. “We talked about Hayley. I told him I didn’t want to replace her and he brought up the fact that you talk to her sometimes - at night. He actually asked if I wanted to talk to her with you some day.”

“Really?” he asked, all the tension releasing from his shoulders. That was a big step for Jack. “That’s amazing.”

“Yea,” you replied, burying your head in his chest. It was such a relief - at first, you weren’t sure if this relationship was going to work. You weren’t going to push Aaron if Jack couldn’t warm up to you - but it seemed that he was.


Six weeks later and you were frequenting Aaron and Jack’s apartment nearly every day that Aaron was home, and sometimes even went to see Jack when Jessica was babysitting. Short dates turned to longer ones and eventually into overnight stays. Then one night, Jack said he wanted to talk to Hayley.

Aaron stood up to go to Jack’s room, but you didn’t want to intrude if Jack wasn’t ready. Thankfully however, he ran back to you. “Do you want to talk to mommy too?” he asked.

You looked over at Aaron who was smiling softly. “Of course, honey.”

Jack ran into his room and crept in bed, waiting for Aaron to light candles and pass them to both Jack and yourself. “Hi mommy,” Jack said, looking at the picture on his night stand. “I miss you a lot.” You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for such a little boy to lose his mother the way that he did. “Daddy has a new girlfriend though. She’s here too.” He looked over to you, as if he wanted you to start talking, so you did.

“Hi Hayley,” you started. From what Aaron had told you, she was quite the woman, so you wanted to make a good impression. “You have quite the adorable and amazing little boy here. I love him a lot.” You hadn’t yet told Jack you loved him, but it felt right so you allowed the sentiment to come out. When you looked toward him, he was smiling. “I want you to know that I will do everything I possibly can to keep your memory alive for Jack. And I also promise to protect him and love him for as long as I live.” A small tear fell from your eye as you reached for Jack’s hand.

Aaron said nothing, allowing you and Jack to take the lead this time. Jack started up again and took you both by surprise. “Mommy, do you think it would be okay if I call Y/N mommy too? I don’t want you to be mad.”

“Mommy wouldn’t be mad,” Aaron said, his eyes glistening with tears. “She loved you so much. She would want you to be happy. Is that okay with you?” he asked, turning his head toward you.

“Absolutely,” you replied. “How about you call mommy, Mommy and me, mama? That way you can have different names for the two of us.”

“Okay, mama,” he said, handing the candle to his father and giving you a hug. You grasped him tightly, not wanting to let go. Even before you met him, you loved him like he was your own. After a few more words, he looked up again. “We’ll talk to you soon, mommy.” Gently, he blew out the candle and snuggled up in the blanket.

“Goodnight, Jack,” you both said, walking out of Jack’s room.

“Night, daddy. Night, mama,” he replied, closing his eyes.

As you closed the door to his room, you let the tears flow a little bit more, wrapping your arms around Aaron’s neck. “I love you, Aaron and I love him. So much.”

“I love you, too,” he responded. “And deep down I knew he’d love you too.”