About Omegaverse


·Alphas are the dominant or “masculine” ones in omegaverse

·They are generally large and at least slightly intimidating in appearance

·They possess what is commonly referred to as an “Alpha Voice” which is basically a very commanding tone that Omegas, and sometimes Betas, feel compelled to obey

·Alphas also have a “Croon” which is like a deep rumbling sound (basically a purr) that helps to calm or comfort their Omega or their pups

·"Ruts" are a biological thing that Alphas go through and during a rut they will be easily agitated and extremely horny because their body wants them to knot and breed

·A “Knot” is kind of like a bulb type thing in an Alpha’s penis that swells when they are aroused and keeps them locked inside their Omega during sex to increase chances of getting the Omega pregnant, this is called “Knotting”

·All Alphas are able to impregnate people, but only a female Alpha can get pregnant because male Alphas don’t have a womb

·Female Alphas are often described as having both a penis and a vagina or having a clitoris that extends into one when they are aroused so they can impregnate people


·Omegas are the submissive or “feminine” ones of the dynamics

·They are generally small, maybe delicate, and feminine in appearance

·Omegas can use their pheromones to effect others, whether it be by calming their child or arousing their Alpha

·"Heats" are a biological thing that Omegas go through and during a heat an Omega will self lubricate (usually referred to as “Slick”) in order to prepare to take an Alphas knot

·Omegas are most fertile during heats and they crave an Alpha’s knot because their body is demanding for them to breed

·When an Omega is in heat is usually the best time for an Alpha to “Bond” with them

·"Bonding" is achieved by biting into a scent gland hard enough to draw blood and eventually scar, it ties two people together mentally, physically, and emotionally. Like, a really extreme marriage

·During heats, pregnancies or any other stressful times, an Omega will “Nest”

·"Nesting" is a process in which an Omega craves warmth and comfort so they will choose a small space, like a closet, and gather blankets, pillows, clothing, anything soft really and especially anything with their Alpha’s scent on it and build a nest to cuddle up in

·"Scenting" is the process of someone spreading their own unique scent onto things or people in an act of comfort or possession

·People in omegaverse usually have four “Scent Glands” two on the neck and one on each wrist. When the glands are stimulated their scent becomes more potent and sticks to whatever or whoever is closest

·Both male and female Omegas can get pregnant and while it is possible for a male Omega to get a female Omega pregnant, a female Omega can’t impregnate anyone

·"Mpreg" male pregnancy, the only males that can pregnant in omegaverse though are Omegas


·Betas are basically like normal humans, in omegaverse they are below Alphas but still above Omegas

·Betas can have any kind of appearance, there isn’t really a set expectation for them

·They don’t go through ruts or heats but they can still bond

·They tend to mate with other Betas

·Betas usually have a better sense of smell than the other dynamics

·Like normal humans, male Betas cannot get pregnant and female Betas cannot impregnate anyone

hey clique

let’s all remember that Tyler and Josh are people too and deserve their privacy just like anyone else and should not be blamed for wanting to terminate a conversation with someone via Twitter simply because they kept messaging them over and over again. Let’s all take a breath and stop attacking Josh because, as we know, he is kind and cares about fans but also has anxiety and cannot talk to everyone all the time.

Let’s all just be mindful of that, okay?

keelime-pies  asked:

Our Song.


We are the bad boys (Oh!) from the tough side of town
We are the Cool Patrol (Woo!) we’ll turn your life around
Those bullies (AW SHIT) their ass is done for now
We’re gonna show you how! So fuckin’ listen y'all! First…


Don’t forget your life’s your own, don’t ever let it go
In the heat of the moment, when fear has you frozen
You’re crashing and burning, when life’s at its coldest
Don’t fall too far from who you are
They can cut us but we’ll wear our scars


I'm trash for...

11. “I’d bury my head deep in your butt crack cause it’s warm n soft af” Au.

12. “Nope. No matter how hard you struggle, I’m not gonna let go of you, fuzzy heat ball.” Au.

13. “5 more minutes please… I think I’m glued tight on your body” Au.

14. “I’d like to use you as my personal heat bag, especially for my c*ck” Au.

15. “My happiness is simple. It’s seeing you curl up in bed or sleep soundly in my arms” Au.

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it’s that time when september hits and august won’t let go. the heat beats down on this town and everyone needs to get back to work, but august is tempting them with its summer. it’s demanding attention, it won’t let september take over. then the days wear on and the school projects pile and the days at the office get longer and august sits back and sort of hmmphs. sweet, shy september takes this chance to jump in and shower us in rain and cover us in clouds. september uses the leftover heat from august to kill the leaves on the trees and let them fall down on us. nobody wants to see september; it means summer’s end and it means winter is right around the calendar corner. but see, september still comes every year. it knows it’s just a transition month, it knows it only takes us from august and transports us to autumn october. but it still comes, and that in itself, is beautiful.
—  summers end // sjf

What it looks like to land on Mars: video from the incoming Curiosity rover craft (via the MARDI descent imager). Curiosity lets go of its heat shield, then follows it down…