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And I thought about you, and thought about you, and thought about you…


you think people can’t tell

more watery aesthetics I guess

its tea

second ones transparent

my favorite part about the TV Scoop Awards 2017: Kiss & Sexy Moment poll is that other canon couples there are nominated because they kissed/hooked up and then someone in eonline headquarters probs was just like “holy shit GUYS you saw that too??? bellamy touched clarke’s face let’s put it in the sexy times poll!!!!” and it’s actually winning


oh hey I said I would stop drawing The Half Cat shit like months ago or smthing but look how things come around in the end

also yeah uh sorry for not letting ritsu actually protecting mob or vice versa in a tanglible way I just. rly love the prolonged suffering


My goal in life is to try to practice being present on a daily basis. I think, as people, our consciousness is spread out. We analyse the past, we worry about the future, and it’s all fueled by fear and pain and all these negative things. Even when it’s good it’s not going to be good in a minute. Then you’re chasing it again. It’s all rooted in time and I think my big ambition is to really practice the ability to quiet my brain a little and just learn how to enjoy the moment.

for @captnadorable <3


Why I do this Seven is treating Yoosung to a gaming convention for his birthday…on one condition XD


Cheer Up Post #4720 - Dogs (Funny) Edition

hey-lets-get-l0st could use a post full of dogs being funny/goofy. I hope this helps!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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some more doodley doodles from twitter!

Ever since I got the VIP package that comes with the calling cards I end up calling Yoosung so much because his calls are just so entertaining;; All his calls are so doodle-worthy I would draw all his calls if i could! 

why are so many people hating on the moana x ariel stuff? Like it’s a sweet sapphic water couple, no need to send me angry messages and replies starting with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’

Like chill, also I highly recommend never starting a sentence with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’ It makes my gay ass stare into the void and wait for death.

kylo/poe –“ben solo isn’t here to rescue you…“

kylo’s reconditioning can be cruel….<3 part of the slave princess poe series (x)

//draw every day 2017!!!  thank you for all of the requests! take it easy on him, kylo! beg harder, poe. pull him back to the light!