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Happy 3 year Anniversary, @galmhd !!! It’s been an amazing three years with you. I’ve never been happier! I miss you every single day and I can’t wait to see your handsome face on Thursday! Thank you for getting me out of depression, thank you for caring for me, thank you for being there for me, for cheering me up, letting me rant about useless stuff, and most of all thank you for loving me. I appreciate you so very much. I love you so damn much, more than I could ever tell you. See you Thursday, be ready for many kisses and hugs!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I wonder how many people live that way in their Christian existence, thinking “Man, I’ve messed up for so long. I haven’t been consistent. So I’ve gotta come back by earning my favor.”

Let me make a declaration to you: YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS CHEERING YOU ON. Every time you stumble & fall, He’s the first one saying ‘Come on! Get up! You can do it!’ Every time you get distracted, He’s calling you back. There has never been a day where your Heavenly Father is not completely on your side. GOD IS FOR YOU! He is not against you!

You don’t have to earn His favor. You don’t have to tithed your way in, church attend your way in, serve your way in, worship your way in…you come in by the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. & when we come based on Jesus’ victory, WE ARE IN. We are favored sons & daughters in Jesus’ name!

—  Pastor Dave P. (via myheartbelongstochrist)

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Woohoo it's open! Can you do a scenario where Jr takes you out of a lecture in uni to go on an adventure somewhere?

"Jinyoung?" you whispered into your phone as you picked it up.

"Oh! You picked up!" he responded. "I thought you would be in class."

"I am!" you whispered angrily. You noticed that the people sitting near you didn’t care that you were on the phone. Nor did your professor notice you either since you were in the back row of the lecture hall. "Yah, what do you want?"

"Are you busy?" he asked.

"Didn’t you hear me the first time? I’m in class! More specifically, in the middle of a lecture!" you grunted, a bit annoyed. "Why do you ask?"

"I’ll go pick you up! Let’s go somewhere!" he cheered.

"Wait, what? What! Where are we going?"

"No time to chat!" he replied as you heard him shuffle around. "I’ll be there in about ten minutes! Bye!" Before you could ask another question, he hung up on you.

You huffed and moved a strand of hair out of your face. Not only did that boy have the nerve to interrupt your education but he also did not tell you wherever he was taking you. But Jinyoung always took you to the best places, so maybe missing this one lecture wouldn’t be so bad.

You were so into writing your notes that you didn’t even notice Jinyoung walking quietly through the lecture hall doors and sit right next to you. “Pst,” he whispered to you. “What did I miss?”

After you finished writing you sentence, you slid your notes over to your left to show the person who just asked. “She just went over— JINYOUNG!” you shouted in surprise. 

A few of the people around you turned to your direction because of the loud yell, but your professor didn’t seem to notice anything.

Everyone’s heads went back to the front of the front of the room as you sighed. “What the hell?” you whispered at your best friend as you punched his shoulder. “You can’t just sneak into my class and pull that on me!”

Jinyoung covered his mouth with his hand, trying to contain his laugh. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he softly laughed as you gathered your belongings and quietly exited the lecture room with your still snickering best friend.

"You definitely aren’t sorry about that," you stated in a serious tone. The two of you walked down the hallway and down the stairs to exit the building.

"You’re right," he replied, "I’m not sorry. That was really fun," he laughed. You hit him once again before you inhaled the city air after exiting the building. "So where do you want to go?" He asked as you two began to walk the sidewalks.

You looked up at your friend in confusion. “Yah! You were the one who took me out of my class. I thought you had something planned.” Jinyoung smiled and shrugged his shoulders. You grunted. “Maybe we should get some food first. I didn’t eat much for breakfast.”

Jinyoung laughed. “We always go out for food, so I’m not surprised that’s your first suggestion. What are you hungry for? Something sweet because I’m the sweetest best friend, right?”

"A sweet friend wouldn’t interrupt my lecture and make a scene that embarrassed me around my classmates."

Jinyoung slung his arm around you. “Maybe I should have made a bigger scene then, huh?” You rolled your eyes and shoved Jinyoung off of you. “There’s this bakery a few blocks down that we could go to so you could get something to eat. After that, we could probably catch the bus to go to the next town over.”

You nodded. “Do you have anything you want to do there?”

With a wide smile, Jinyoung shook his head. “Nope!” he exclaimed, “but that’s what makes this an adventure. I have no idea what we should do!”

A laugh came out of your mouth. You went along with Jinyoung’s ‘we’re-just-going-with-the-flow’ plan. You figured you needed something exciting in your life after so much school work.

As you got off of the bus and stepped on the sidewalk of the unfamiliar place, you and Jinyoung walked along. It’s been about a month since you two were able to hang out since the both of you were busy, so it was nice catching up with each other in person.

Jinyoung updated you on his upcoming comeback schedule with his group and how long it’s been since he was able to have a break. You updated him on your midterms that were coming up at the end of the week and how you haven’t been able to just walk around without thinking about your studies.

"I guess we both needed this then," Jinyoung laughed. You laughed as well and nodded in agreement. Just as you were going to cross the intersection, you heard Jinyoung stomach growl. You laughed as Jinyoung averted his eyes, a bit embarrassed. "Maybe I should have gotten something to eat when you did."

"I told you to get something too," you snickered as you reached the other sidewalk. "But did you listen? Noooooo!" He glared at you as his stomach growled again. "Maybe we can find another bakery to get food at," you suggested.

"I swear, all we do is go on food adventures," Jinyoung chuckled. That’s when the two of you looked at each other with the same exact thought as the lightbulb lit up. 

"Food adventure!" The two of you shouted at the same time. Laughing, you pulled out your phones and looked for every local bakery, restaurant, diner, literally every food business in the area.

"Oh," you smiled as you scrolled through your phone," there are a ton of bakeries in the area!" 

Jinyoung looked up from his phone. “Well, what are we waiting for then?” he asked enthusiastically. He grabbed your hand and jogged onward to the nearest bakery that was four blocks away. “Adventure awaits and my stomach is ready!”

Bae thank you
for always caring
for never let me alone
for always cheering me up
for helping me
for calming me
for doing things for me
for loving me
for being kind to me
for being yourself
for trusting me
for talking to me
for spending time with me
for being here
for listening to for me
for talking with me about your stuff
for supporting me
for believing in me
for making me smile
for making me laugh and giggle
for let me be myself
for fcking always being here
for absolutely everything bae

on 1 October we met
on 27 November we got together
and i fucking will always remember these days
i swear
i will never forget anything you have done for me
everything you do means a lot to me
and im so happy i got you
i really am
thank you Axle

If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack