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@cheer-chan Let’s wait to see and stay hopeful! Despite many disappointments in Mashima’s writing in this arc, I do hope we will see it being animated, just so I can watch my favorite charas acting one last time sob.

Concerning CS……I do feel very curious about where they have gone. I assume Sorano is still with Yukino. But the others????? Is Meredy with Lyon and his guild? And while I understand most CS members wont get the spotlight bc their importance in the plot development is low, I feel that at least Erik should show up being a DS who is relevant to Acno’s plot.

Since Jellla and waifu is on Christina who is supposedly being chased by Acno, I dont think Jellal will leave the ship (lol) to look for his guild members and risk being killed by Acno. And CS members have been acting separately before Universe One and bumping into August. So they may not have much problem with not staying together?

why are so many people hating on the moana x ariel stuff? Like it’s a sweet sapphic water couple, no need to send me angry messages and replies starting with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’

Like chill, also I highly recommend never starting a sentence with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’ It makes my gay ass stare into the void and wait for death.


Why I do this Seven is treating Yoosung to a gaming convention for his birthday…on one condition XD



My goal in life is to try to practice being present on a daily basis. I think, as people, our consciousness is spread out. We analyse the past, we worry about the future, and it’s all fueled by fear and pain and all these negative things. Even when it’s good it’s not going to be good in a minute. Then you’re chasing it again. It’s all rooted in time and I think my big ambition is to really practice the ability to quiet my brain a little and just learn how to enjoy the moment.

for @captnadorable <3

Cheer Up Post #4720 - Dogs (Funny) Edition

hey-lets-get-l0st could use a post full of dogs being funny/goofy. I hope this helps!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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I got the chance to do a drawing of @ask-chimchim‘s flower shop AU Jimin ♡ He was super fun to draw, thank you so much for letting me! :D


some more doodley doodles from twitter!

Ever since I got the VIP package that comes with the calling cards I end up calling Yoosung so much because his calls are just so entertaining;; All his calls are so doodle-worthy I would draw all his calls if i could! 

Victon Sejun meeting Kookmin
  • Sejun: OMG, Jimin sunbaenim! I'm a big fan of yours! You are my role model! I lo-
  • Jeongguk: *start hissing while hugging Jimin*
  • Jimin: Jeongguk what are you-
  • Jeongguk: *glares* He. is. MINE
  • Sejun: umm.. *blinks weirdly*
  • Jeongguk: I SAID MINE
  • Jimin: Jeongguk, no!
Got them anti-social January blues?

Here’s some fanfic I wrote in December, check ‘em out! 

1. Toothpaste - Eren x Levi - Somnophilia smutfic.

2. The Ugly Tree Mug - Eren x Levi - Daddy Kink smutfic. 

3. Gossip - Eren x Levi - Canon setting smutfic. 

4. Scrier’s Gaze - Horror/Sci-fi SnK fic (it’s so good!) 

5. Donburi - Yuri Katsuki x Yuri Plisetski - Somnophilia/Necrophilia smutfic. 

6. Yukanol Fukov - Humorous new Eren x Levi x Erwin smutfic. It’s a multi-chap and honestly it’s hilarious. Go read it.

ALL Shipstas of  the LaLahood (devoted, ex, wishful, beached)  are cordially invited to attend the Post-Golden Globes Party fete...

Aboard the USSSC, Port of Los Angeles…by invitation of Ms. Caitriona Balfe. Please join her for champagne and hors d'ouvres, 1AM this evening, January 9, in the Laird’s Room, Captain’s Deck. In honor of Ms. Balfe’s career accomplishments,  she welcomes you to join and delight her in an evening of stress-busting revelry, song, and karaoke*, 2AM, in the Stardust Room.                         No RSVP Required. Business, Formal, or Highland Dress.                                    If you have any questions, please call 1-888-LUVCAIT.                             *Sheet music will be provided for the following:   L'Amour, Santa Baby, Senorita, The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond,  My Wild Irish Rose, The Lemon Song, The Texas Song by Sandy the Squirrel, Honolulu Baby, One Love…