Let's say it's the finished version by the way

always remember you are enough even though he doesnt value you
you sill still be enough when he calls you every name in the book you swear you’ll leave him
but you know you cant
you will give him your all and trust me it probably wont be enough
but a day will come where youll be happy again youll be okay and the scars will burn less and your headaches wont be because he pushed you up against a wall or told you that you mean nothing to him
one day you will find someone who truly loves you and when he needs you
you will finally be able to say no
you wont give in
hes not worth your tears
i know because he wasnt worth mine
i learnt a lot of losing someone when i lost him
and i learnt even more the second time around
when the new guy was a second version of the first, in a sickening haunting way.
im okay now and so will you
we all make it out of the bruises and the dark places soon become brighter
and the boy who destroyed you will soon become a lesson
when he comes back say no
people dont come back into your life for good reasons they come back to finish what they started
people never change his flaws are still there and they still cut through you and kill you
dont let him back in your life
its a trap its a fucking trap
—  trust me he doesnt care as much as you do
fast poem on the metro!!!!!