Let These Words Last Forever


24 Christmas Fics for the Holidays!

Since it’s officially December, here’s a nice list of cosy Christmas fluff (a bit of angst & smut too) for you to savour.

all i want for christmas is by crybaby (17k)

All I Want For Christmas Is You (And Your Children) by hazzboolarry (11k)

All I want for christmas is you by Tita (2k)

all the lights are full of colour by infinitelymint (26k)

And It’s Snowing by b0yfriendsinl0ve (12k)

Candles On Air by isthatyoularry (29k)

Can’t Hide It, You Might As Well Embrace It by supernope (67k)

every time i run, i keep on falling on you by hazmesentir (12k)

Flurries and Flames by ysl_harrie (21k)

Frozen Hands to Hold by hickeystyles (41k)

hurry down the chimney tonight by Acavall (3k)

let this one gift last forever by larryshares (10k)

love is a word (you gave it a name) by hattalove  (21k)

Make My Wish Come True (Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You) by larrymylove (29k)

Maybe We’re Perfect Strangers (Maybe We’ll Stick Together) by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam) for DuchessKitty16 (24k)

may your every wish come true by sweetrevenge (4k)

one glance and the avalanche drops by Wankerville (8k)

Out of Orbit, Into Gravity by eravain (7k)

Snowed Under by ModestlyHomo (10k)

Snow Job by DuchessKitty16 (42k)

the frost covers all by ihavetoomuchfreetime (19k)

There Is a Light by perfectdagger (sincerelyste) (17k)

We Will Find Our Way by supernope  (9k)

You’re Writing Verses About Me by Rearviewdreamer  (23k)

(not my artwork, credit to the owner)

[listen on 8 tracks]

nicotine - panic! at the disco
say you like me - we the kings
angel with a shotgun - the cab
try hard - 5 seconds of summer
this is gospel - panic! at the disco
bulls in the bronx - pierce the veil
let these words last forever - we came as romans
if these sheets were the states - all time low
move along - all american rejects
centuries - fall out boy
make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
celebrity status - marianas trench
if you don’t know - 5 seconds of summer
loverboy - you me at six
tell me i’m a wreck - every avenue
glad you came (cover) - we came as romans
daylight - 5 seconds of summer
welcome to my life (acoustic) - simple plan
heaven knows - the pretty reckless