Lesson Plans That Work

“Lesson Plans that Work” is based on the Revised Common Lectionary and published by the Episcopal Church.

This calendar allows you to quickly find lesson plans for each Sunday. Year A begins on the first Sunday of Advent in 2013, 2016, 2019, etc., Year B begins on the first Sunday of Advent in 2014, 2017, 2020, etc., and Year C begins on the first Sunday of Advent in 2015, 2018, 2021, etc. You can view a calendar of the Revised Common Lectionary here.

Photo: Deana Graham, Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, GA


Pre-K Teacher AU || closed rp

Bruce smiled happily as he went to work. He had his lesson plan for the day and had made cookies for the little ones since it was Friday. He wasn’t allowed to wear jeans so he wore the closest thing to them and a plaid shirt.

The day was a good. Only some minor scratches from kids tripping. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with an ice pack. The only thing was he had some more paint on him from finger painting. Charlie Rogers seemed to think he was te canvas but Bruce couldn’t get mad. She was so cute about it too.

“Afternoon Mr. Rogers. Charlie made a wonderful drawing for you today.” He greeted.


got a surprise job offer for next month and am kinda stressed about the timeframe but mostly relieved/excited; feels oddly satisfying to work on lesson plans again.

Before You Bad Mouth Teachers

I could never be a teacher but let me make it clear for you
Just in case you were wondering about what it is that they do
Cause I have had the pleasure of knowing quite a few
I’ve  heard a few complaints about the short hours they work
And because they get the summer off they make more then they deserve
But most teacher come in at least eight a.m. till three p.m.
And even when their classes are over their work day doesn’t end
There are papers to grade and lessons to plan
They’re work carries over late into the night, man
I know it might be hard for many of you to understand
Cause you work your nine to five and then leave your job behind
But teachers keep putting in undocumented overtime
Another issue parent tend to raise
Is their grievance with the materiel being taught on school days
Let’s see what teacher teach all of your children
Science, grammar, math, arts, geography, P.E., and history
Oh gosh your mad cause there is no religion that you can see
Well which one would you like which you would prefer it to be
Wouldn’t we have to give each one time equally
We could start with ancient pagans, and mythology
And then end with Islam and Christianity
But isn’t that better left in literature, and theology
Next complaint that I have heard
Is how parent are so angry and disturbed
About the teaching of human dignity and equality
For those who are different like LGBT
Oh no, now who would want that
We might as well take a time machine and go back
To the dark ages or maybe eighteen twenty
Where blacks were products sold into slavery
And while we are a subject like that
Tell Texas they can take all of those ignorant textbooks back
Please leave in the social struggles of the past, is that too much to ask
Damn I have so much I wanted to say
But I know you folks need to go think about it so I’ll give you a day
However tomorrow when you bring your kids to school
Could you remind them that disrespecting their teacher is not cool
I have seen what they put up with and I know what they do
And I can tell you for certain it is not something that I would want to
So maybe before you open your mouth to spew out words of hate
You could stop yourself, listen, think, and wait
Cause if you don’t want teacher teaching your kids while you’re at work
You’ll have to do it yourself, and then you will be the stupid jerk



I love music, and I learned that I love magnolias, so this place seems pretty cool. I kick it into overdrive during the week with the thought of being able to explore this state on the weekend, and it works. I went out and explored around Greenville today, and I’m uploading pictures from my adventure while my roommate is still working on lesson plans. Anyway, I really like it here.

Sugi’s adventures in Japan day 193

Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was off to a rocky start since I woke up with a migraine and was seeing colors in front of my face so I had to lay down for about an hour after I took some medicine. It passed but I still had a pretty bad headache when I went to work and the weather was really rainy so I wasn’t too happy at first. When I got to work I was able to do my lesson plans without any interruptions and then soon enough my eccentric coworker came and I was able to talk to him for a bit and then watch his class before I had to start my classes.  My 5PM class went smoothly for the most part. I had to keep reminded one of my students not to talk in Japanese but I know he was trying because he kept apologizing each time he accidentally did it. My 6PM class started a new unit and it was about months of the year. My 7:30 class was doing well, one of my female students who had been in crutches for two weeks was off of them but still limping a little on her bad leg. I told her I was glad she was feeling better. My high school class seemed to enjoy their article this time so I felt a little better about how that class went. We had a little extra time so we played a game my boss had suggested and they enjoyed it so much that they didn’t want to go when I told them class was over lol. After work I went to Yutori for dinner and had chicken before I went home for the evening.

Today I am going to see my host mother from when I was studying abroad. She is coming to Himeji station at 12:30 so my thought is we can et some lunch and maybe do some shopping. I wanted to take her to Himeji castle but it’s supposed to rain today so I’m not sure it would be a good idea and since I don’t have any chairs here I think taking her to my apartment would also be a bad idea. I just have to think of a good place for lunch and I haven’t decided where yet. Maybe either the Tonkatsu place or the pasta place would work. I am sure we will figure out something.

my new working goal is going to be making enough money to get an apartment by the 2016 summer olympics. i miss having my own apartment.


Keeping this short because I’ve been lesson planning for hours and it’s 12:17am and we are lesson planning even more tomorrow, on top of the fact that it’ll be a late night when we’ll all be staying late to decorate the school. 

Today was our first day actually getting into the heart of the action and wrote out our lesson plans for our first 2 days. I came out of that session feeling extremely frustrated to have to entirely re-do my lesson plan I had been working on from 10:30am to 2:30pm (on and off). And out of that, I realized that taking advantage of being in a partnership is an absolute must this early on. 

The importance of the breathers was felt no more astutely than today. It was great to take a break and have a walk through the hiking tour we will be taking the 7th graders on next month for their grade-level Outdoor Ed trip. It’s rather hilarious that I’m on this committee, because I’m as city kid as you can get. And that is made all the more clear when the other 3 people on this committee with me have years of outdoorsy activities under their belt (sorry, I spent my summers watching Arthur and playing GameBoy instead of living in the woods). Luckily, the trip is very much a hike designed for city kids with its huge paved pathways and bougie bathrooms (no peeing next to huge Huntsman spiders weaving their web a foot above your head, sadly). What I’m learning is that the camping excursion will be a fantastic overnight trip to get some great photo ops in. Here’s 2 pictures that are just a preview of the breathtaking views we will end up taking the kids to. 

Stressed after my first mini-panic attack this afternoon + physically and mentally drained. All in a day’s work.


It will never cease to amaze me how allahs plans always work out for you. You plan and plan and think you’ve got this whole perfect top notch plan all figured out & then one thing goes wrong, with gods will, and you sit there devastated and broken not knowing that Allah is saving you from your own agenda for something even better…..Alhamdulilah. Alhamdulilah always.

He won an award from UCLA, to make a documentary + lesson plan for it. He’s still working on it, but he lets peek at it every once in a while 😊

First Day of Classes

We officially made it through the first day of English, music, and Bible study classes! WOO HOO!

This is a huge accomplishment for me, personally, because of all the preparation that was involved in getting ready for this day; both mentally and physically.

I was able to teach English vocabulary without the results being complete and utter confusion. When we broke up into groups for English discussion and activities, the group leaders had plenty of different things for the children to complete, and last but not least, no one had a meltdown! No meltdowns = a successful day!

Today was definitely a day of fulfillment for me. I use the word “fulfillment” for lack of a better word; in other words, it’s 1:11 am and I don’t have the brainpower to come up with anything better at the moment. It was a day of fulfillment because I was able to see the lesson plans that my mom and I worked on months ago, be acted out today. Today was the first day I was the leader of an English class, and the first day that I was able to live out what I would like to continue to do in the future. It was definitely a blessing and I am so thankful that the Lord has provided this opportunity!

Of course today was not PERFECT; not everything went according to plan, nor did all the lesson plans play out exactly as they had in my mind, but things went remarkably smoothly. I know that this was God’s grace toward us, especially because it was our first day. The Lord has provided again! When will I learn to trust him with no doubts? He has a plan and he has complete and utter control over it all. Why do I worry? Why do I doubt?

This may be totally out of the context of what I was saying, but as I was typing the above sentence, this verse came to mind:

Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life. We have believed and have come to know that You are the Holy One of God.” -John 6:68-69

In conclusion, thank you Lord for today. It was incredibly fun and very simple. My prayer is to have this type of day every day for the next 5 weeks!




Currently trying to finish creating a lesson plan and working out some of the problems for a class I’m teaching. It’s for my math team’s fundraiser for MAO nationals, and I’m teaching the upcoming freshman about Triangle Classification. Wish me luck!! I love teaching but I don’t know if I could talk for two hours on this subject. Haha

~~ Use post-it’s (size 1-½" x2") for reminders and if necessary cut them into even smaller slips. These are great for writing temporary notes or flagging your books/notes ~~

I’m really feeling my blue theme today! Also recently purchased these tiny post-it’s in some new colors (includes colors shown above).

xo, SZ

So first day of work experience today and I am loving it already!! (I’m working alongside my Japanese teacher I had in secondary school)

I was a bit anxious at first that people would see me and like shout my name or embarrass me or something, but most people were pretty happy to see me and it was nice catching up with my old classmates.

But the best part was being able to see my Japanese teacher. I would say we have quite a close relationship - she knows that I really like Japan so she’s always tried to push me to study Japanese and get involved with extra opportunities. She often tells me about Japan and we talk about the culture together, and overall, she is really nice to talk to and also work alongside. It made my first day a lot less daunting knowing that I would be working with someone who I liked and get along well with.

I’ve got quite a fair amount of work to do, including planning lessons, teaching lessons, marking books, tidying/decorating classrooms, and so on and so forth, but honestly I’m really enjoying it. It’s like I am in my happy place. Even though I’m at school, I’m in my old Japanese classroom and I have such fond memories being there. My class was like a little family, and from the other classes I’ve taught so far, it feels like they really lack that close bond that I had with my classmates. Idk. Could just be me though. I’m just looking forward to getting involved and doing more.

Honestly I just can’t wait to go to university now. xD As much as I like studying my A Levels (sometimes…), it’s not what I want to be doing. I want to be studying Japanese, that’s what makes me the happiest, and I want to go to Japan and learn more and educate myself. I’ll do it someday, I know I will. But anyways yeah just thought I’d share my good news with the world today lmao

Day 4 of China

omg a much better day.

while im still pretty sure i recognize my self-diagnosis of depression, i pushed through and felt really social today. a lot of the folks really like to play mafia so i introduced them to murder in the dark and also played a bunch of other games today. sooooooooo funnnnnnnn.

it doesnt feel like any of us are here for work, which is now a pretty big inconvenience to me (ugh). we also had a training session led by the teachers of the program (also from all over the world), and they were a literal hot mess. i was not impressed. thankfully the teacher im working with is pretty with it. currently still working on my lesson plan. its past midnight, and i have to be up in like 6 hours. oops. we went to a short bday celebration for someone, though, so totes worth it. the ppl here are really really nice. while i still dont understand why they are hanging out with me, i guess i dont have to worry about it so much.

so theres this one person, whom i shall refer to as J. super cute. super smart. POC. from australia (international citizen-ness). tetrafecta if ive ever seen one. #A+ super not sure if theyre queer though. #boo could potentially be though. i mean, idk. i dont have anything definitive yet, but im keeping my eye on this one.

hopefully the first day of classes goes smoothly!

In 12 hours I’ll have (mostly) moved into my new flat. I’ll have a nice room and a lovely lounge full of sunlight, an adorable kitchen, a PURPLE bathroom and a brilliant housemate. Fucking YES.

Also no internet. I am working Monday to Friday this week and have to plan lessons so I will try to be on campus before work most days (this week is going to suck) so I may be back and forth on here but I also don’t want unexpected breasts when I’m on a Uni computer…

veriety evaluation

How do you feel you conducted yourself throughout the project? Did you manage your time well and work effectively independently?

 i was always looking for things to do, very productive in every lesson, always focussed, and ready to work, i set a plan before each lesson to see if i could get all i had written done in the time frame i set so we could have the maximum use of the time i had with each act,  split my time so i had more on my vocal performance duet with matt as that is my main act so we needed to trial test out and improve on each song then develop our final song then work on the blocking for it.

How successful do you feel your act was as entertainment to your audience?

 my acts, was very successfull entertainment for the audience as i got great feedback saying how well i projected, and my vocal vibretto suited very well, my vocals showed so much emotion, 

the audience loved the characters we created in the sketch and there were a few hearty laughs and an aplaud at the end.

Did you find there were any problems technically or within your act content once you took it to the external venue?

we there was only our errors as singers when we came in too early but we recovered it and pushed forward with the piece as we did not require much tech for little talks other than two chairs basic lighting and the track we gave Andy.

Discuss the successful elements of your act along with those, which worked less well, give reasoning within your choices

the voice hidden worked very well for the voice over character and I managed to sustain the accent very well, also I managed to make my two characters very different and very strong.

the obstacle courses worked the least as we couldn’t follow the blocking we had made on stage and the contestants didn’t follow the directions I gave so my directions were pointless and it looked unrehearsed and untidy.

Would you change any part of your act if you were to complete this project again? If so, why?

I would have made the voice over an actual voice over with an intro and music to enhance the atmosphere and better sound effects also I would have made the obstacle course actually visible so both contestants followed the same path and it made it harder for the contestants adding ladders to run over. I would have made the plane sound effect a bird as that is what it is supposed to be a bird that he shot down. all of these would have made the performance run smoother and made it more engaging and entertaining to watch as if they were watching an actual house.