Leslie and Robert


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Hi! May I have 38 and 42 with Tony Stark, please? :)

38. “Not your best idea to be honest. Let’s do it.”
42. “One more word and I might just slap you.”

“Honestly, Tony, I don’t know how you’re still alive.” You shook your head in astonishment.

“Because you take care of me.” Tony sung lightly as he batted his eyelashes, only for you to smack his arm. “Ouch! Sore arm, sore arm!”

“That’s not the only thing that’s gonna be sore if you don’t stay still.” You hissed, pulling his bleeding arm towards you. “Now shut it!”

“Ooh, if you’re suggesting what I think you're—”

One more word and I just might slap you.“ You deadpanned as you gripped his arm tighter.

“Okay, okay.” Tony gave up his pestering, leaning against the table you say on as you worked to fix his arm. “Can we at least get some pizza?”

“I’m not finished.”

“Let’s order it.”


“Fine. Then just wrap the wound and we’ll both fly to get the pizza.” Tony said with a shrug, only to roll his eyes as you gave him a confused look. “I’ll get my suits and we’ll both fly there, it’s not that hard. Afterwards, you can finish patching me up.”

You paused your stitching at his words, contemplating on whether starving yourself as you tried to help Tony, or to take a few minutes out of your day to fly and get pizza.

Not your best idea to be honest.” You told him as you set the needle down, giving him a small grin. “Let’s do it.


Dillon: I know that my mother does not say it very often, but she does love you, Aunt Monica.

Monica: Well, I don’t exactly when or how or why it happened, but somewhere along the line, I got to love her too.

General Hospital // Quote from March 21, 2016 // Gifs from 1989 - 2016


September 1942 issue

cover by A. Leslie Ross

Kenneth Robeson (Paul Ernst), “Midnight Murder” (Richard Henry Benson/The Avenger)

Gary Barton (Schuyler Garratt Edsall), “Dead on Arrival"

Robert C. Blackmon, “Killer in the House"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop  


Generation Five


August 1940 issue

Edwin Truett, “South of the Border”

Stookie Allen, “The Hidden Death Warrant"

Robert Leslie Bellem, “Hazard’s Harvest” (Nick Ransom)

Hugh B. Cave, “Copper’s Exit"

John Earl Davis, “Four Aces"

William Rough, “Sterilize the Gun"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop 


happy birthday Leslie and Robert!!! first one is kinda a redraw of this, second is actual birthday thing i guess, third is me hugging them because i can draw whatever i want and fourth is a doodle from my mu notebook