Leslie Weibeler

convo w. Leslie Weibeler

-the sill of the plane
-projecting it and revoking it
-stevia… double mastectomy… macronutritive nectar… reconstruction.

“-the sill of the plane”
Hm I feel like this is something I have thought about but I keep doing it in the same way. I’ve gotten into this stuck pattern of keeping a flat space- it always has to refer to the physical page, the sill always winds up being parallel to the edge of the page, like I’m trying to make a tromp l'oeil. Want to break out of that. 

but “projecting/revoking” would help break this? My sills are static right now.


Reading the 2dcloud Winter Collection: Gulag Casual by Austin English, Mirror Mirror #1 by Nou, Tracy Auch, Andrea Bjürstrom, Leslie Weibeler, Caroline Hennessy, Nicholas Verstraeten, Katherine Poe, Sarah Ferrick, Connor Willumsen, Leon Sadler [ed. Blaise Larmee], Sec by Sarah Ferrick, and IDTN by Andrew Burkholder. We don’t have any advanced copies of Altcomics Magazine #2 for me to read, so no photo.

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! We are at 6% of our funding goal. My favorite part has been reading all of the tweets people have posted after backing. They are so marvelous, thanks everybody <3

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New H4 postcards in the house! The above postcard image is from Félix Decombat’s comic in Happiness #4!

H#4 is now scheduled to come out in March, and no later! Pre-orders will be available in February. Sorry for the long wait, but it will be well worth it ;D

As of now, H#4 will include comics by: Alex Ross Williams, Antoine Cosse, Cathy Johnson, Claire Donner, Courtney Loberg, Diego Gerlach, Félix Decombat, Gretta Johnson, Hiromi Ueyoshi, Jason Murphy, Katrina Clark, Lale Westvind, Lasse Wandschneider, Leah Wishnia, Leslie Weibeler, Maren Karlson, Max Morris, Michael Olivo, Mike Funk, Mimi Chrzanowski, Nathan Ward, Noel Freibert, Olivia Horvath, Pat Keck, & Thomas Slattery, with a front cover by Jordan Speer, and an inside cover by Lale Westvind!

Happiness #4 will also include work by flyer/poster artists Alex Heir, Anna Ehrlemark, Danni Parelman, Dunja Jankovic, Elijah Funk, Eric Benton, Eugene Terry, Jess Poplawski, Kelsey Short, Matthew Thurber, Michael Comeau, Mike Taylor, Nate Doyle, Sam Ryser, & more tba, as well as interviews, written articles, a comp cd, and more! (I will list the specific contributors for these sections when they are finished)

Be psyched, love Ma.