• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Aaron Tveit and George Blagden both read passages of the brick to enrich their interpretations in Les Misérables, and where George Blagden noticed Grantaire's adoration for Enjolras, Aaron Tveit mainly picked up on Enjolras' charisma, fervor and faith in the rebellion. That's very flavour of meta and i don't know how to deal with it please send help
Good things that happened in 2016: Les Mis edition
  • Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser sang Bring him home together
  • Aaron Tveit sang Take me or leave me with Gavin Creel
  • Alistair Brammer got married
  • Killian Donnelly, Fra Fee and Sam Barks went to his wedding
  • and Fra Fee let his inner Courfeyrac out
  • the musical travelled to Manila, Singapore and Dubai
  • a new musical was made in Germany
  • a concert tour was announced for next year in France
  • there was talk about series adaptation (which is scary, but hey, we’ll have more material to discuss and at the very least it will bring new people to the fandom, which can’t be bad)
  • George Blagden sang Grantaire’s verse of Drink with me
  • Andy Mientus and Michael Arden got married
  • and Andy Mientus caught a Mr. Mime
  • Aaron Tveit discovered memes
  • Eddie Redmayne starred a Harry Potter film

it’s never a bad time to remind everyone about this video

AU where R is on the tumblr staff and is the one who writes updates for the staff’s blog and the jokes in each update description and Enjolras is a popular social justice blog that calls out tumblr staff almost every day and R is definitely not totally gay for a faceless social justice blog with “Napoleon-can-suck-my-ass” as a URL

On the 12th day of Christmas Enjolras gave to me🎄


12 lectures on holiday capitalism
11 angry gestures
10 slips on ice
9 adorable sneezes
8 runny noses
7 exasperated rants
6 trips to holiday charities
4 sighs of dread
3 inches of snow
2 barricades

So I started reading Les Mis (the novel) and it got me thinking. When it was being made into a musical why didn’t they make Victor Hugo a character? Like, he breaks the fourth wall all the time in the book. It basically starts out with him saying that this priest character isn’t going to have a very large role, but he’s gonna explain his entire backstory because why not?

I feel like he could have been like the narrator in Into the Woods, and he would just insert his own two cents in whenever he feels like it. It would make the show funnier, and therefore less sad. 

There should be at least one version of Les Mis with Victor Hugo as a character.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: George Blagden, the actor who played Grantaire in Les Misérables (2012) played a cover of "I will follow you into the dark" by Death Cab for Cutie except that he changed the second verse so that it was about Grantaire and Enjolras's relationship. The ACTOR placed his character and another character into a love song, and yet some people still think that the people who ship Enjolras and Grantaire are delusional and that the ship has no merit, despite all evidence to the contrary. In reality, it seems as though they are the ones who are delusional and wish to remain in their safe little heteronormative world.