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Como esta semana no haces dibujos, ¿podrías hacer la próxima semana un Bardo de League of Legends? The Wandering Caretaker, if you want to browse about him in English.

porque se me volvio ALGO estresante dibujar algo, sacarle una foto, subir como borrador a la mierda de notebook que tengo, guardar esa imagen, y ahi responder con ese pedido, por ahora paso (hay formas mas faciles y rapidas, lo se, pero se me antojo hacerla asi y listo, punto final)

hmmmm, puede ser, no se, dependera el animo que tenga y el estusiamo que le den ustedes

You’re talking about bard? i don’t like that


Last minute addition to ¡Mirame! My name is Leslie and I come from both Mexican & Spanish roots :) I was born and raised in California, my dad is from Tlaxcala and my mom is from el Districto Federal. I’ve often been told throughout my life that “I’m not Mexican enough” yet still am “too Mexican” for society. It’s days like Cinco de Mayo that always bring up mixed feelings. Latinos face so much prejudice on a daily basis, it may not be always heavily apparent, but it’s very much there. I love all my latinx people for representing today (since we often all get lumped together) and for showing how truly diverse and beautiful we all are! <3

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Prologue: The Ten Days of Christmas

This is my new project! Estimated to be about ten chapters. A Christmas AU. Written in July. B)

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“You’re staying here for the holidays, too?”

“I am.”

“What are Courfeyrac and Combeferre doing?” Grantaire asked, shifting his weight between his feet anxiously. He was lingering after a meeting, the rest of Les Amis having cleared out, talking excitedly about their holiday plans.

“Courf said something about a Christmas Sexcapade in South France.” Enjolras rolled his eyes, although the soft turn of his lips suggested a fondness for his two best friends. He was cleaning up his papers, having been strewn about in a bit of a mess across his end of the long table in the Musain.

“Oh. Ew.”

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Samantha Barks talks about her new album, Les Misérables, new film projects: Interlude in Prague and Everything Carries Me To You and more on ITV’s Weekend.

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Okay so I’m so sorry for the weird quality but I can’t do any better (my computer really doesn’t want to work with me and it’s making me so exhausted it’s been one hour I try to fix this mess, anyway)

So this is for the Accent Challenge

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akjhdsd also I’m sorry again I’m really lame o/ and sorry again for the quality ;;;

(also when I talk about thow I call a group of people I’m just noticying that with the quality it sounds like I say something else but I’m talking about the french expression “les gars” I’m sorry if it seemed off, listening to that quality is.. guh)


I’m honestly so lucky!!

I have so many angels taking care of me, they never let me down and they are always making me remember that life has so much more to discover, so many good things to enjoy!!! @tiffanysbff , life has given me so many things I’m thankful to, but you are one of the things I’m more than thankful. I can’t put into words how grateful and happy I am for having you in my life, my dear, my soul sister, my sun. I love you and words are not enough to describe how much I appreciate your existence, thank you for being my friend <3

Bleues - Amandine HENRY : "Les spectateurs viennent pour voir un show"
Après avoir disputé ses quatre premiers matchs avec Portland dans le championnat américain, Amandine Henry a rejoint les Bleues il y a une semaine. La milieu de terrain revient sur ce début d'expérience, l'ambiance américaine et aborde la préparation des JO. L'intégration avec les nouvelles...
By Sebastien Duret

Amandine Henry talks about her experiences in the NWSL so far