Grantaire only has breakdowns when he’s alone and when no one can see him
He feels like his friends shouldn’t have to deal with him when he feels like breaking and pushes them away so he can finally not disturb anyone and just cry when no one can hear him


I have been asked on may an occasion what I would be like as Eponine, why I haven’t auditioned for Eponine, and told on just as many occasions that I look more like an Eponine. Well here is some of your wishes come true!

Eponine: @southerncalcosette

Costume: @southerncalcostumes (For sale on my etsy HERE)

Photography: FatManPhotography

“Real Musical fans listened to/saw more than just Phantom, Les Mis and Wicked!”

“All those fake fans who only listened to Hamilton shouldn’t even call themselves Musical fans!”

“If your favorite Musical is Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or Les Miserables I just can’t take you serious.”

Holy shit fam there is a reason popular Musicals are popular and not everyone is rich enough to see a bunch of shows live or to even buy the cast recordings, besides many people choose not to watch bootlegs because they think it disrespects the creators, so get the fuck off your high horse you privileged arse.

Les Mis fandom, I am mad as hell.

I am mad as hell because tonight, September 16th, Donald Trump walked out onstage to “Do You Hear The People Sing?” in front of this backdrop:


A closer look:

I’m gonna pass over all the obvious reasons why it’s unacceptable for Trump to be co-opting this imagery and music, and cut right to the chase:  Universal Pictures needs to sue the ass off the Trump campaign for unauthorized use of this poorly-Photoshopped image.  I don’t know which recording of the music he used, but Cameron Mackintosh’s lawyers should get on this as well (joining the many, many other artists who have taken or threatened legal action against the Trump campaign for using their material). 

If I were Aaron Tveit and saw my picture being used in this way, I would be pretty upset right now.

Let America’s draconian copyright laws do some good for once.  Sue his ass off, and donate the winnings to Planned Parenthood, BLM and refugee charities.

i just wanna make one thing clear and that’s that no matter how old i am and what i’ve done and how i’ve changed in life les mis will ALWAYS own my ass i’m gonna be 84 years old and not listened to it in years and the minute i hear that intro go “duh duh DUH DUH DUH” i’m gonna be sobbing over how rain makes the flowers grow and how to love another person is to see the face of god okay les mis will ALWAYS own me

victor hugo at some point: LISTEN im gonna take this character and relate him to gay greeks as much as possible while also adding character traits, then im gonna take this other character and talk abt how gay he is for that one, while also comparing him to gay greeks, and the second one is gonna tell him that he only believes in that character while he is cynical about everything else,,,,  then to top it all off,,,,, theyre gonna DIE while HOLDING HANDS.

some literature fuck: so,,, what your saying is,,, Theyre Straight