okay so this post is wrong but what the heck it’s a Tumblr post, right, it’s mostly a joke, only it’s so perfectly echoing an idea I’ve seen elsewhere too, from actual paid critics and academic critiques, that Hugo “wasn’t writing for emotional teenagers”, that he’d be horrified by fandom, that he was too High and Erudite for the likes of  screaming theater kids and emotional teenagers

y’all. Y’all. 

Victor Hugo knew what fandom was.  And he absolutely LOVED it. 

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Festive Courferre
  • Courfeyrac is the epitome of holiday spirit. He wants to tinsel up every availabe surface of their apartment, there needs to be little santas in the toilets, even the doormat changes for something festive!
  • Combeferre and Courfeyrac had an argument that one time about how timezones played a roole in Santa’s night, Combeferre said it was impossible for him to deliver all the presents in just one night.
    “I mean, he’s not /real/, but if you consider-”
    “That’s it. You’ve done it. You’ve ruined Christmas, Ferre. You’re wrost than the Grinch you’re… the Frinch!”
  • They’re big on Christmas markets, especially at night. There’s such a cheerful atmosphere, they can drink muled wine and eat chestnuts. Courfeyrac loves it when the Christmas lights reflect on Ferre’s glasses. Courfeyrac’s eyes don’t need lights to be sparkly
  • Courfeyrac probably has a yankee candle advent calendar let’s not kid ourselves. Combeferre has to guess the smell everyday.
  • “I’m sorry to break it to you but “Sparkling Snow” isn’t a smell”
  • Courfeyrac goes everywhere with a santa hat that has a bell on it.
  • Not matter how much his boyfriend will beg, Combeferre will /not/ dress up as an elf for Christmas
Les Amis as out-of-context quotes that my friend said while watching Les Mis for the first time

Enjolras: “Oh look, they’re hating on the rich people!”

Combeferre: “So they sing about their love… And they haven’t had any conversations besides their song about their love. Doesn’t that stink? Oh, well. What you gonna do? It’s TV.”

Courfeyrac: “They’re all so pretty. Why are they all so pretty?”

Jehan: “Pretty neat things, them stars!

Bahorel: “The kid is like 8, and he’s still singing when he gets shot. That’s commitment!”


Joly: “It looks like a face mask! I, too, love exfoliating with human crap.”

Bossuet: “Ooh, that’s some deep shit. Sorry guys, what can I say, I love some crappy puns!”

Grantaire: “Aw, he’s singing about stars again, except they’re not pretty this time. He’s clearly having some life issues.”


Marius: “You know what I noticed? There’s no comic relief in this.”

Cosette: “I wonder what they made that out of. Pudding, maybe. Just a happy thought.”

Éponine: “Is the part where we’re supposed to feel sympathy for him? Cause I feel NOTHING.”

Montparnasse: “OH SHIT IT’S THECOPS!”