Les Cracks

if the butterflies can communicate with le papillon

the butterflies akumas, after two failures at akumatization attempts: boss, today’s a bad day

le papillon: *grumbles from inside his empty lair*

the butterflies akumas: honestly, why don’t we just akumatize you?

 I can’t stop thinking about how if you’ve only seen the Les Mis musical, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between real subplots in the Brick and fanfiction….Because the Brick’s actual real subplots sound exactly like fanfiction

I mean this “fanfiction” is actually a canon book subplot:

Javert and Marius team up buddy-cop style to take down a deadly gang of criminals who are planning to ambush Jean Valjean.

 Marius very predictably screws everything up (because he’s a DORK why did Javert give him a gun?? Why did he give him two guns?????) So Javert has to save the day practically single-handedly. He does this by making snarky comments and saying badass one-liners until this armed and deadly gang is so afraid of him that they just lay down all their weapons without putting up a fight.

 Valjean escapes in the confusion (to Javert’s extreme disappointment) but all of the gang is arrested….with the exception of Montparnasse, because he’d ditched his lookout duties to flirt with Eponine.

The next morning Javert goes to Marius’s house to tell him How Much He Screwed Up. He arrives to find that Marius isn’t there…. because he’s literally packed all his bags and moved houses to avoid talking to Javert again. 

Javert isn’t really surprised. You kinda get the feeling that things like this must happen to Javert a lot

this is all actual canon


Max’s expression towards Kim has a 98% chance of being shippy.

Dark Cupid / Dislocœur


He hates seeing him go, but he loves watching him leave.


I will now refer to IkeSen’s Masamune as Meowsamune. :3c

(And I really hope MC brings him back to the future with her so he can become acquainted with a hair brush >:U)

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So how often do you think Fëanor and Nerdanel did that thing parents do, where they forget the name of the kid they’re calling for and just cycle through all of them? I mean like, especially considering that Elves generally tend to have two names to choose from, and that’s not even counting nicknames, and you have seven sons so it’s like,

“"Ambarussa…Maitim-, no, Kana-…Huan….I mean…Tyelco. ai! You. There! with the hair!“

“It’s Curufin, Atar. I’m Curvo. -.-”

Ladynoir is low-key Spideypool...no wait, hear me out!

Some of you may have seen my crack post about how the akumas in ML are the Flash’s Rogues from DC Comics.  That was child’s play.  This is the crack post to end all crack posts.  The idea stuck it’s claws in my brain and I laughed so hard every time I came up with a new “point” that I wanted to share this with you guys :D

Ok, so Ladybug is obviously Spiderman.  I mean, really…

Ladybug = Spiderman

  • puns like a MF at every villain
  • swings around the city using her yo-yo
  • ties up villains and her partner with her yo-yo
  • the whole creepy crawly color scheme thing
  • rebuffs every advance made by her partner

Wait, what?  

Chat Noir = G-rated Deadpool with a moral compass

  • also puns like a MF at every villain
  • breaks the fourth wall (Origins)
  • doesn’t look when partner is demasked (Lady Wifi)
  • flirts with his partner 
  • gets rebuffed every. time.
  • uses himself as a human shield to protect his partner

Wait, what (again)?  Hold up.  We know that Chat Noir becomes a meat shield for Ladybug as a hobby, but when did Deadpool protect Spidey?

(Deadpool: Back In Black #5)

…ok, but when did he not look when Spidey was demas–

(Deadpool Annual #2, aka “Nobody messes with Spidey but ME”)

If I have to link y’all to Wade coming onto him…do a Google image search for “Spideypool moments”.  I’d recommend turning safe search on and making a bowl of popcorn.  

Anyway, my point is that is Ladybug/Chat Noir is akin to Spiderman/Deadpool and the akuma victims they fight are the Flash Rogues…

Marvel vs. DC, y’all :D

Also, I’d like to note that I’m not a shipper of either Ladynoir or Spideypool.  Adrien and Wade decide who they wanna be shipped with.  I’ve been a Deadpool fan since the 1990s and I can tell you that Spidey is the latest in a long line of his male crushes.  I’m just along for the ride and to point crap out along the way xD


If you can’t read what Wade’s saying, the SFW version is the friction is “distracting”.