Friday Night

I start my first year at academy this Monday so summer is (sadly) finally over for me too. And with the vecation’s end there also came an end to something I have been working on in late summer nights when my body begged me to sleep but I couldn’t stop. Even now I don’t know if I should be proud of this or throw it into trash! XD Basically I wrote the weirdest fanfic yet and I promised myself if I ever finish it that I’ll share it on deviantart and tumblr along with my fanfiction account that I have kept a secret until now. I don’t think coming forward with this story is the best choice but heck I was never the one to make the best decisions! XD

Anyway, above you see a little scene from the Leo and Karai fic and below is a link to it that will hopefully make you laugh. Also please do not read if you are still preteen. Don’t worry you won’t miss out on much and it’s way too long anyway so it would be a miracle if anyone makes it to the end. But, you know, miracles can happen! And I would appreciate a review from those brave souls that do.

Friday Night FanFiction:…

Enjoy guys!


A Peck on the Cheek
i told myself i wouldn’t draw mona lisa until she appears in the episodes but here i am posting art ˇvˇ oh well… couldn’t help myself.
i don’t know much about the old mona mostly just how her old design looked and i must say i am so happy with the new one. thank god they didn’t go for the lizard lady with hair and boobs. that was just weird…
since it’s already official she’s going to be raph’s lady …why(-_- ) i can just hope the creators won’t go for the ‘love at first sight’ for the fourth time already. i mean this is raph we’re talking about. he doesn’t like anyone new. plus since the love interest is already unavoidable i wish mona will at least be as sarcastic and mean as raph and that they’ll have one of those love/hate relationships. that’ll actually be really great to see OvO just them annoying each other 


Silly comic I wanted to draw after seeing “ The Deadly Venom.”

When Karai kissed Casey to infect him with deadly venom, I thought FOR SURE the whole episode was going to be silly shenanigans with Karai giving everyone a “kiss of death”. The episode was funny, but no stupid clichéd cheap shot. I was kind of… disappointed XD

So I drew a silly brief comic of what it might have been like if Karai went around kissing all the turtles. Even if it’s not accurate, I hope you’re at least amused xD