-You want to see Mona and Sal again.
-You want to learn anything about Mona’s or Sal’s past.
-You want apritello to become cannon.
-You want to see Alopex again.
-You want leorai to become cannon.
-You want to see Karai bonding with the turtles and April.
-You want to see the girls(Karai,April,Shinigami and maybe Mona lisa) hanging out together.

a while back, I asked @arishynya to make a tutorial on how to draw snakes and I immediately fell in love with her snake leo design, he is just so cool looking. Also, this drawing is loosely inspired by an animated french movie called Sahara that I saw on Netflix because it had some dancing snakes and the animation in it is awesome especially in this one scene where there was a snake dance fight.

The TMNT couples in gifs

Leo and Karai

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Raphael and Mona Lisa:

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Donnie and April:

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Mikey and Renet:

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