aos headcanon: leopold fitz is actually very musically talented, he can sing and play the piano and the guitar and write songs if he gets any inspiration for one. this is one secret that he kept from the team, the only person who knows is jemma because she found out while they were at the academy, and when she found out she made him teach her how to play piano in trade for keeping his secret.


I will never forget the first time I walked in to Leopold’s on a family trip to Berzerkley and saw racks and racks full of tapes by artists I had never heard of before. It was the beginning of the realization that there was a shitload of amazing rap music that didn’t come out of the Tri State or fit in the Stretch and Bobbito approved mold of “rap that’s not from New York that sounds like it could be from New York” and that also wasn’t NWA/Ice T or NWA-sounding-derivative. It totally brought me back to square one in the best way. 


AoS + @SoVeryBritish tweets (4/?)  

Regina needed to be ...

Cora’s Queen 

Leopold’s second wife

Snow’s Stepmother 

Rumple’s Evil Queen

Henry’s Hero 

Robin’s second chance

…she never feels like she’s good enough though

 Once Upon a Time … she just wanted to be free

never got her chance with Daniel

But Emma

Emma needed her to be 

 just Regina

nothing more

 nothing less

 I think this says a lot

Regina needed to be