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Quizá nadie lea esto, pero aquí va. Como el mundo sabe, Venezuela actualmente está viviendo una etapa de crisis económica y humanitaria, para nadie es un secreto. Este primero de septiembre de 2016, la oposición venezolana convocó una manifestación masiva en Caracas, para solicitar el referéndum revocatorio al presidente Nicolás Maduro, con el cual quedaría destituido de su cargo. A las personas que irán a marchar por Venezuela les digo muchas gracias por estar allí, y les deseo toda la suerte del mundo. A los venezolanos que por alguna u otra razón no pudimos estar, les pido que compartan toda la información posible a través de sus redes sociales, y lo mismo le pido a la comunidad internacional. Que se sepa que esto está pasando, y es una realidad en Venezuela, porque es triste saber que el hogar del hombre que libertó cinco naciones está luchando prácticamente solo. Les pido que por favor compartan toda la información posible, y que esto se sepa. Que el mundo esté al tanto de lo que sucede en mi país.


Venezuela is now a week into protests against Nicolas Maduro’s government for problems concerning incessant crime, inflation, insecurity, and shortages. Several social media and television platforms have been blocked, 6 people have died, and the opposition leader Leopoldo López has been arrested. [x]

NYC: U.S. Out of Venezuela & Ukraine! Protest U.S.-funded attacks

Thursday, February 27 - 5pm to 6:30pmTimes Square, 43 St. & 7 Ave., Manhattan What do we hear? No money for unemployment insurance? The minimum wage can’t be raised? Health care, education must be cut. Bull!!

When the imperialist strategists want money, they get it. Billions of dollars have been made available for U.S.-backed crimes of sabotage, destabilization and aggressive intervention, including funds for the most reactionary fascist elements in Venezuela, pro-Nazis in the Ukraine, and for forces linked to al-Qaida in Syria.

U.S. Hands OFF Venezuela!

The death of Latin American hero Hugo Chávez last year was Washington’s signal to increase subversion in Venezuela against the Bolivarian revolution. 

The Venezuelan oligarchy – one percent of the 1% – has created false shortages in essential goods; they’ve manipulated prices, speculated in currency, and shipped money abroad in a frantic effort to destabilize Venezuelan government. 

Fascist-like forces killed Venezuelans in mid-February, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry immediately demanded the fascist leaders be freed from prison. It’s another attempt to seize Venezuela’s oil for the U.S. ruling class, using tax money that should be used for our social services. Chávez approved Bolivarian reforms that helped Venezuela’s poor climb out of abject poverty. Now the U.S. rich want to punish Venezuelans.

Let’s stop this crime against our sisters and brothers in South America! 

No to U.S.-funded takeover in Ukraine!

Unlike Occupy Wall Street, Ukraine’s “popular” movement is not fighting the 1%. Kiev’s occupiers are fighting for Wall Street, Brussels and Frankfort’s banks to take over their country. And for Ukrainian youth to serve NATO. In return they’ll get the same austerity that is choking Portugal, Spain and Greece.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland openly bragged that Washington had poured $5 billion in taking over Ukraine. The U.S. and EU established 40,000 non-governmental organizations - NGOs - in Ukraine before the 2004 “Orange Revolution.“ They continue the sabotage.

The pro-Western Ukrainian nationalists are spearheaded by racist parties like Svoboda and the neo-Nazi Right Bloc who are allowed to beat people on the streets. The same Tea Party and right-wing zealots that declare war on immigrants, people of color, on women and LGBTQ people here in the U.S., operate with increasing U.S. support and organization to destabilize countries around the world.

Edward Snowden and Wikileak’s revelations are showing that U.S. destabilization campaigns have been used Haiti, Syria, Libya, Ecuador, Venezuela, throughout Eastern Europe and Balkans.

Say NO to ALL of Wall Street’s Wars!
No U.S. money to sabotage other countries!

Initiated by International Action Center 
and Fight Imperialism Stand Together 
Leopoldo Lopez Serves US Interests in Venezuela

Caracas, Feb 18 (Prensa Latina) - Opposition leader Leopoldo López, with a record in coup attempts since 1999, emerges today as faithful representative of the right wing serving US interests.

Lopez, who is currently national coordinator of the opposition organization Voluntad Popular (People’s Will), presents himself as leader of a group that promotes “a message of conciliation, peace, well being and progress, committed to the construction of an alternative of country where all the rights are for all Venezuelans." 

Lopez, whose behaviour in practice is far from the arguments he promotes, was held responsible for violent actions unleashed by fascist groups in the past few days and was put under arrest today.

The ex mayor of Chacao municipality studies in the Kennedy School of Government, of the Harvard University, a place of special interest to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Previously, he was in Kenyon College, in Ohio, where the CIA controls professors whose task is identifying students that can be useful to US purposes.

Back in Venezuela he was linked to the International Republican Institute (IRI) of the Republican Party, which would give him full strategic and financial support.

Since 2002 he traveled frequently to the Washington-based headquarters of IRI and also met with government officials of the George W. Bush Administration.

On April 11, 2002 he led the opposition pro-coup march to the Miraflores Palace, which caused the death of dozens of people and later the kidnapping of then President Hugo Chavez.

After his functions as Mayor of Chacao, he was politically disqualified for embezzlement.

Venezuela's hardliner reappears as Nicolás Maduro expels US officials

After four days out of the public eye, Venezuela’s opposition hardliner Leopoldo López has appeared in a video asking his compatriots to join him in a march on Tuesday to demand a halt to repression that followed Wednesday’s deadly protests.

After the circulation of López’s message, President Nicolás Maduro took to the airwaves to denounce US interference in Venezuelan sovereignty while vowing to apply the full weight of law to López and his upcoming protest. He also said he had ordered the expulsion of three US consular officials who, he said, had been conspiring against his government.

In a pre-recorded message, López said he would demand that the interior minister acknowledge the state’s responsibility for Wednesday’s deaths. The former mayor [of Chacao] also said he would present himself to authorities that have issued an order for his arrest.

“I will present myself. I have nothing to fear. I have committed no crime. I have been a Venezuelan with deep commitments towards my country and my people”, said López in a three-minute video that circulated widely trough social media networks.

The government issued a warrant for López’s arrest on Thursday following nationwide demonstrations that left three dead after opposition protesters clashed with security forces.

President Nicolás Maduro has blamed López for leading a coup against his government with the aid of the US . The charges against him range from acts of vandalism to terrorism.

In an indistinct room, with a blurred painting in the background, the US-educated politician pledged to continue street actions alongside the Venezuelan people, while acknowledging he faces the risk of being jailed.

Late on Saturday night, López’s home and that of his parents were raided by security forces in search of the head of Voluntad Popular, a small breakaway opposition party that gained significant ground in the December regional elections.

In his broadcast Maduro denounced the US and López, and said the unidentified consular officials had been part of a conspiracy against his administration.

“It’s a group of US functionaries who are in the universities,” Maduro said. “We’ve been watching them having meetings in the private universities for two months. They say they go there to offer visas.

“Let them go conspire in Washington,” he said.

Maduro said US government officials had warned him that Lopez’s arrest could have “very negative consequences” and exhorted all legal actions against López to be dropped.

“I accept no threats from anyone in this world”, Maduro said. “There will be no force that will detain us in our pursuit of justice and in our fight against fascism … We are willing to go to the last consequences in our defence of peace and sovereignty.”

Referring to López as a fascist, Maduro warned that he was behind Nazi-like plans that could embroil Venezuela in further civil strife.

h/t: Virginia López at The Guardian

No, Maduro. Usted no es dictador

“Usted se ve obligado a inventar guerras imperialistas para poder excusar la falta de resultados. Usted no persigue a la prensa para amedrentar a la disidencia, sino para callar las estadísticas de delincuencia, escasez, corrupción, inflación, y el creciente descontento en la población. Usted tiene una Ley Habilitante todo poderosa, y no ha podido habilitar nada. Usted no ha podido ni siquiera mudarse a La Casona como le corresponde. Usted no está en control. Entonces ¿dónde está el dictador?”, se pregunta un columnista del diario El Universal de Caracas.


Learn about the secret history of Leopoldo López, the CIA and what they want for Venezuela

Many elements in the life of Lopez, in addition to his current coup-provocateur activity, is linked to U.S. intelligence agencies. Son of a family that always thrived in the higher spheres of right-wing political fauna, from a young age he identified with the United States and elites of the imperial universe.