happy belated 8th anniversary Professor Layton


Fanart for Azran legacy because I love Layton series so much, and I haven’t been particularly verbal about it. I recently got the game as a gift from Chase and finished it quickly. It isn’t my favorite title in the whole series due to the way they handled the plot, but I still enjoyed the game overall, the art style and music continues to be an inspiration. Also I love Detective Bloom, he was one of my favorites from Miracle Mask. 

You wanna know who’s more hateful than Clive Dove, Dimitri Allen, Don Paolo, Jean Descole AND Leon Bronev?


He selfishly sacrificed Claire so he could sell off the incomplete time machine and it exploded. Claire dies, AND gets sent ahead in time, but of course…he survives.

He uses the money he received for the time machine to hide the truth and “climb the political ladder to the very top.” So in other words, he killed a woman, destroyed a man’s career and orphaned a young boy, and he was awarded with the position of Prime Minister.

Dimitri kidnaps him, and then Clive uses him as a security system in his Mobile Fortress. Instead of leaving that bastard to die like they should of, Layton and co save the man’s life while risking their own. Not once does he thank anyone.

And to cap it all off, it’s abundantly clear that he is the cause of all of the destruction and emotional turmoil among several people, and he suffers absolutely ZERO consequences, besides a subtle message from Chelmey: “People can often be so blinded by their own motivations that they lose sight of the damage they do. But criminals aren’t the only blind ones.”

And what does he have to say to Clive? After effectively ruining his life? “Hah. Criminals like him make me think the whole world has gone mad.”

The true villain of Lost Future is not Dimitri. It’s not even Clive. It’s Bill Motherf*cking Hawks, the one game character I want to see die and burn in the Disortion World.

(Also, quick Theory time. What if the corporation who tried to buy the time machine was…Targent? I know that they were thought to be disbanded by the end of Azran Legacy, but…maybe Bloom or Swift took charge of the remaining henchmen and reformed Targent, changing their goals now that the Azran’s power was unobtainable? Something to think about…)


“Will’s in deep you-know-what. So deep in fact he needs a damn good attorney, which is proving difficult. Luckily, a lawyer named Leonard Braver is happy to rep the difficult client as his case is pretty high-profile and could make his career. (Like death penalty high-profile.)” [x]