Leonard Shelby

“Memories are not reliable, notes are” Black and White Variant


Number 1 rule of doing a Memento piece is that you always have to do it in BW version. What’s awesome about this movie is that it’s played in two sequences: a colored one which is told in reverse and BW which is played chronologically.

New Yorkers, don’t forget! TOnight at Bottleneck Gallery is the opening of “Where’s My Mind” show, 7-10pm!

Tomorrow this will be available @ www.bottleneckgallery.com for purchase!

Specs are:
Size: 13x19"
Run: 15
Type: Giclee
Signed and Numbered


Show opens today, Friday 7/12, 7-10pm.
Online sale begins Saturday 7/13 at www.bottleneckgallery.com, 12pm ET.

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You can just feel the details. The bits and pieces you never bothered to put into words. And you can feel these extreme moments… even if you don’t want to. You put these together, and you get the feel of a person. Enough to know how much you miss them.
—  Leonard Shelby (Memento)