Leonard Shelby

Memento has a non-backward black-and-white subplot about a guy named Sammy Jankis who, like Leonard Shelby, also had retrograde amnesia and accidentally killed his own wife with his absent-mindedness. As Leonard explains in that clip, Sammy’s wife was diabetic and refused to believe her hubby couldn’t create new memories, so, in order to find out if Sammy was just faking it, she decided to repeatedly ask him for an insulin shot, hoping he’d refuse. He didn’t, and she died from too much insulin, we guess. At first this seems like a pretty pointless anecdote to insert in the middle of a movie about revenge and wicked body tats, but what’s that at the end of this clip, specifically at 8:28? We see the oblivious Sammy sitting in a home after his wife’s death, but when someone walks in front of him, his image changes.

For a brief second, we see Leonard sitting in the chair instead of Sammy … and that’s because, at this part of the tale anyway, they are the same person. … So, with this split-second shot, Christopher Nolan was cheekily revealing the final plot twist of his movie a good half hour before it was over.

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Captain Tony Stark takes control of the starship Enterprise, along with his first officer Steve Rogers and nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner. With help from Asgardian ambassador Thor Odinson, Russian navigator Natasha Romanoff, and weapons expert Clint Barton, they take to the stars to hunt down a criminal called Loki. Little do they know, Admiral Fury and his agents are hiding dark secrets from them.