Leonard McCoy

“I love you, you asshole”

400 Follower Celebration Drabble #3

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Prompt: #15 “I love you, you asshole.”

Requested by: @feelmyroarrrr

Word count: 727 (oops?)

Rating: Teen

You wandered into Med Bay holding a rag to the back of your forearm. “Is Dr. McCoy here?” you asked the red headed nurse at the front desk, as if you weren’t currently trying to stop your arm from bleeding.

“He is…” she began.

“I’ll be in exam room four,” you said and walked off before she could finish. Sitting down on the biobed, you looked around at the exam room, counting the tiles on the floor.

“What in god’s name did you do now?” Leonard sighed as he walked into the room and the door shut behind him.

“Got scratched while repairing something in one of the Jefferies tubes,” you answered casually.

He gestured for you to remove the rag. “You really ought to be more careful, (Y/N).”

“Who said I wasn’t being careful?” You pressed the rag back down as he went to the cabinet to get the supplies he needed.

“You ended up here. Something you seem to do on a near daily basis.”

“And you patch me up every time.”

“One day you’re going to end up seriously hurting yourself and I won’t be around to fix you up.” He laid out the supplies next to you on the bed.

“It’s not like I do this stuff on purpose.”

He pulled on a pair of gloves and took the rag from your arm. “No, but you don’t seem to do much to prevent it.”

You went silent. He wasn’t wrong. You had become a bit more careless in the past month or so.

“I know you know how to prevent these kinds of injuries, and yet you don’t. You may not go out of your way to get hurt, but you don’t take the precautions you know you should. And I genuinely don’t understand why. Is something wrong? Do you need to talk to a counselor? You know I’m…” he said as he cleaned the cut.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” you sighed.

“Then why are you being so careless?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about a Mckirk + Spuhura camping trip?

  • It’s Uhura’s idea. Jim immediately agrees. Spock takes a little convincing, but the promise of having plenty of research samples in the woods is enough. That, and the way Uhura looks at him and talks about spending time with him socially definitely contributes to Spock’s agreeing to it. Bones, though, is a cold hard “no”. “Please,” Jim says, reaching out to hold both Bones’ hands, and he squeezes them lightly, “I’m asking nicely.” “Hmm,” Bones replies, “no.” “Why not?” Jim asks. “Camping. In the woods,” Bones says, “that’s why. It’s awful. There’s flies everywhere, no bathroom, no bedroom-” “It’s just for a weekend,” Jim says, “can you try to not be the grumpy old man? It’ll be good for you to get some fresh air. The fumes of med bay are wearing you down.” “Resorting to flattery, I hear,” Bones replies, “there’s not a thing in the world you can do to convince me to come.”
  • “So what did it take you to convince him?” Uhura asks Jim quietly. The two of them walk ahead of Spock and Bones, following the small mountain path that leads down to a lake clearing, where Uhura arranged everything to be, apparently. “Sex,” Jim admits sheepishly, and Uhura rolls her eyes. “Classy. I shouldn’t have expected anything else.” “Oh, like you were any different convincing Spock. Engaging ’socially’, you’re not fooling anyone,” Jim counters, nudging her arm and matching her grin with one of his own. 
  • Okay, Jim can tell Bones is trying. He’s trying not to curse so much when they struggle pitching their tent. He cusses under his breath a lot, and Jim’s pretty sure his name is muttered out multiple times in less than flattering manners, but Bones is trying. And Jim shows his appreciation of that by pressing him up against the closest tree, lips chasing his in a heated kiss - something that brightens Bones’ mood considerably, at least. 
  • Uhura isn’t an idiot. Their camp site isn’t entirely excluded. There are other campers not too far away. There’s even an outhouse with a functioning toilet and a shower a few hundred feet away, and a campsite shop with a very limited amount of food that looks locally caught, cooked, or brewed. They’re camping, but they’re not really as stuck in the wilderness as it looks. When she tells Bones about it, he lightens up to the point that he actually enjoys himself. 
  • He teaches Spock fishing at the lake - something that would’ve been relaxing had it not been for Jim cannonballing into the water right in front of them. “Fuck sake, Jim,” Bones curses at him when Jim climbs back out of the water. "You’re scaring all the fish away.“ “I think you and your grumpy face do that, too,” Jim counters, which is answered with Bones pushing him right off the pier and back into the water.
  • While Bones and Jim stay at the lake to swim, Spock and Uhura venture out on a hike. Besides the fresh air and a change of scenery from their usual recreational spaces in the Enterprise, it’s nice to spend some time solely in each other’s company. They can gossip about crew members shamelessly, while simultaneously enjoying the views of the lake and the lush green of the trees. They take a break at a river bed to watch the fish and other wildlife around them. 
  • The night is spent surrounding a camp fire, roasting food over the open fire and sharing ridiculous dating stories. It’s nice to gossip and share secrets. Jim and Bones sit next to each other, bickering over whether or not Jim did or did not get hurt on their last away mission. Spock and Uhura listen to them rather fondly, though they’re more fond of each other’s company - Uhura’s resting her head on his shoulder while Spock’s fingers run absentmindedly over her arm. “Hey,” Jim interrupts them, “I know what Vulcan kisses look like. Get a room.”
  • Spock gets hurt on a hike the next day. Rather, it’s an allergic reaction to a sting from a bug. Luckily, Bones is there with a med kid to stop the reaction from getting too bad. He advices Spock to take it slow, though, and so that’s a good excuse to spend the afternoon with Uhura lazing around in the hammock near their tent. Bones is reading a book on the pier, feet in the water, and Jim’s next to him playing a game on his PADD. And, probably, because he’s still a Captain, checking up on the Enterprise crew.
  • A night hike is made terrifying by Jim filming everything and telling fake horror stories about the woods until Uhura tells him to shut the hell up. Bones scoffs about Jim’s immaturity, but it’s definitely Bones who lies awake at night terrified of every unfamiliar sound around them. Which, in the woods, is every sound. He rolls over in their sleeping bag, shaking the other awake. “What?” “There’s someone outside,” Bones says, and Jim huffs, turning back around. “There’s other campers, Bones.” “No, Jim, seriously, you should check.” “You go check.” “Jim.” “I’m sleeping!” “Jim-!” “Fine,” Jim says, turning around to face Bones, and he hovers over him for a few seconds, “if this is nothing, I swear I’m going to make sure you’re not falling back asleep any time soon.”
  • He doesn’t catch a predator, or a wild animal. He catches Spock and Uhura making out - and he’s not sure which is worse. True to his word, though, Jim finds a distraction by keeping Bones awake now that he is, too.
  • All of them are tired, come morning, but pleasantly so. They have breakfast quietly, and then clean up their tents, making sure there’s no mess left behind that would disrupt the local wildlife more than them being there. “Did you enjoy it?” Uhura asks when they head for their shuttle back. “I always enjoy spending time with you,” Spock says. “It was great,” Jim says. “It was okay,” Bones replies, and Uhura smiles. “Same time next year?” She asks, and Bones smiles, too. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

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