Leonard Freed


Charles Dickens - Fifty Shades Freed - Chapter Three

Hannon le, Argon, noble gas of Gondor.

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Leonard Freed (October 23, 1929 in Brooklyn, New York – November 29, 2006 in Garrison, New York) was a documentary photojournalist and longtime Magnum Photography member. He was born to Jewish, working-class parents of Eastern European descent.


50 years ago tomorrow 250,000 marched on Washington. On that day, Leonard Freed captured faces in the crowds, movement through the streets, and of the beginning and ends to the historic event.  Tomorrow, we celebrate the anniversary of this day and reflect on the call for civic and economic rights for all.

While we gaze past the camera, we are lifted up
on a soaring wave of sound—We shall
overcome! We shall overcome someday—
a marching song so strong that fifty years gone
I can hear it still—
                       calling to us all, calling like a bell.

An excerpt from “On This Day” by Dinah Berland on Getty Voices.

All images © Estate of Leonard Freed—Magnum Photos (Brigitte Freed)