Biohazard 4 / Resident Evil 4
Publisher: Capcom, Ubisoft (2007 Windows), Nintendo of Australia / THQ / Red Ant Enterprises (AUS Wii) 
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Platform: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Windows, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Year: 2005 (GCN, PS2), 2007 (Windows, Wii), 2011 (Xbox 360, PS3), 2014 (Windows Ultimate HD Edition), 2016 (PS4, Xbox One)

I found a still from Supernatural and it was sooo inspiring ‘cause these two buddies right here are going to play in Resident Evil Vendetta together.

Even though their derp faces, I can’t wait to watch it.
Can’t say the same for Resident Evil 7, kinda looks like Outlast :/

Anyway, the bookshelf. Oh, the bookshelf. I can’t imagine drawing a library  

Oh, and… miss you Piers <3