I’d like to point out a FEW Things this scene:

  • The Sexual tension was so thic i swear you can cut it with a knife;
  • Ada did not stopped to wonder why was Leon approaching her;
  • Ada CLOSES her eyes waiting for a kiss. Let it SINK that she was not only going to ACCEPT a kiss (IF Leon was going for it) but she would also encourage is and kiss him back
  • Leon’s hand were on her shoulders caressing her naked shoulder
  • Is kinda canon then the fact that IF Leon were to stop all he was doing to make out with Ada, she would accept and they would probably end up doing the dirty middle mission;
  • Her hand was going to reach his face to caress him. But BEFORE THAT it was gliding along his chest…

Leon does understand Spanish

After the Spanish Ganado, ever so rudely, call Leon “Cabrón” (Fucker) Pay atention and you’ll be able to see his side glare at the man lol Not to mention the cute “sigh” he lets go, is like he is doing his best to keep cool LOL

Offended Leon