one of my favorite webcomic things I’ve seen sometimes is goofy character profiles, soooo I wanted to make some of my own!! I meant to do ‘em ages ago but I think I’ve proven my track record for doing things on time. now you, too, can finally find out all the Important Facts And Official Stats™

I’m gonna be posting new ones ~once a day~ for the other characters over the next few days. in the future, you can find the profile cards done so far here!

Fire emblem: if – Kingdom of Nohr drama CD series [The Northern Fortress - Marx and Leon’s confrontation]

Track 2: Younger brother, older bother

(part 2 of the Marx’s birthday translation surprise! I stayed up till 4am for this.)

(NOTE: this is the translation ONLY no audio track is provided.)

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some genderbends i was thinking about at work and had the BIGGEST urge to draw /////zzzz