me tomorrow
  • teacher:did you do your homework
  • me:on the evening of february 28th, 2016, leonardo "leo" dicaprio was awarded the oscar at for best actor in a motion picture for his role in "the revanant" (2015). he was in attendance with kate winslet, his close friend and former on-screen lover/actual soulmate. it took approximately a century for him to be recognized for his talent. leo grew up in
  • Leonardo DiCaprio:*wins Oscar, talks for longer than 45 seconds*
  • Guy in charge of cuing music:Sir, he's going over his allotted time.
  • Oscar's Producer:You give that beautiful man as long as he needs, he's earned this.
  • Guy in charge of cuing music:But, sir--
  • Oscar's Producer:DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND????

Kate Winslet finally admits the truth about Titanic! 🌹