Zodiac Dish Soaps
  • Aries: Lemon
  • Taurus: Cucumber Melon
  • Gemini: Green Apple
  • Cancer: Beachy Breeze
  • Leo: Dish... Soap...?
  • Virgo: Lavender
  • Libra: Unscented
  • Scorpio: Red Grapefruit
  • Sagittarius: Sunlight
  • Capricorn: Mandarin
  • Aquarius: Bleach
  • Pices: Rose
What the Signs do at the beach
  • Aries: scaring away the birds
  • Taurus: eating a hot dog
  • Gemini: accidentally kicks a kid's sand castle down
  • Cancer: applying more sun tan lotion to everyone every 2 minutes
  • Leo: trying to get "Beachy waves"
  • Virgo: aggressively wiping the sand off their body
  • Libra: flirting with lifeguards
  • Scorpio: staying in the shade the whole time
  • Sagittarius: making a sandcastle
  • Capricorn: trying to find money in the sand
  • Aquarius: informing everyone that it's dangerous to take the hermit crabs they find home
  • Pisces: looking for fish

[Boxer or wrestler]
Studio 6
Date unknown
Photograph by Leo Beachy (1874-1927)
Maryland Historical Society
(Item ID pending) 

Maryland Historical Society’s Leo Beachy Photograph Collection is currently undergoing processing in order to make the photographs available for research. 

The Garrett County Historical Society also has a Beachy Collection: http://bit.ly/oOG4QH