Okay… So after going back and forth toward my opinion of this drawing I finally decided to publish it on my blog for good ! I’m not that proud of it but I spent some time creating it, so…

The idea was to represent a hypothetic Fusion (think Steven Universe) between two of my favourite human beings : Thomas Sanders a.k.a. @thatsthat24 and @leothegiant, who I really admire for multiple reasons but mainly their kindness and talents. Two beautiful people I wasn’t able to capture that well on my canvas : turns out mixing facial features is way harder using a kind of realistic style than with cartoon characters.

I’m really sorry if this creation didn’t turn out as well as I planned and if it is in any way offensive. I’ll delete it for good if it is so don’t hesitate to tell me, but ultimately I was really willing to draw this out of love and respect.

I wonder how this Fusion should be called ? Leomas ? Thomeo ?

Done mixing watercolour and digital painting.

Holy Cow this poster was a massive undertaking, a couple of hours of on an off work over a long stretch of months. This project made use of 4 programs, Sai Painter for the sketch, Toon Boom for the line work, Photoshop for some of the color fills, and finally Clip Studio for the final touches.

I can finally rest in peace knowing that this project is finished!

Poster Size (24 x 36inches)

So, my cat went to the vet last week, and since I couldn’t be there, and I knew she was scared, I sent her reiki.

My mom took this photo of her, and I’m at a loss for words here. The light surrounding her blocks the shadows by her paws. It’s not a lense flare, it’s not a lighting trick… I’ve never seen something like this before in animal pictures.

sxltycookies  asked:

share your editing secrets with me please and thank you!

Hi!!! I actually don’t do anything too crazy I guess! I’m not the greatest with photoshop tbh and I probably make everything harder than it has to be. >.> I just use my action I made found here & I use filter>render>lighting effects to give a more realistic lighting effect and then sometimes I select my sim(s), select inverse & then filter>blur gallery>field blur. Also in this picture I added hair for the first time (just messing around) by looking up hair stroke brushes. :DDD I also use a lot of light leak filters and lense flares.

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