Okay… So after going back and forth toward my opinion of this drawing I finally decided to publish it on my blog for good ! I’m not that proud of it but I spent some time creating it, so…

The idea was to represent a hypothetic Fusion (think Steven Universe) between two of my favourite human beings : Thomas Sanders a.k.a. @thatsthat24 and @leothegiant, who I really admire for multiple reasons but mainly their kindness and talents. Two beautiful people I wasn’t able to capture that well on my canvas : turns out mixing facial features is way harder using a kind of realistic style than with cartoon characters.

I’m really sorry if this creation didn’t turn out as well as I planned and if it is in any way offensive. I’ll delete it for good if it is so don’t hesitate to tell me, but ultimately I was really willing to draw this out of love and respect.

I wonder how this Fusion should be called ? Leomas ? Thomeo ?

Done mixing watercolour and digital painting.


Roseluck: My gosh, it’s full of stars!

Doctor: Still not nearly as many as there should be, though.

<Stylus - Welcome aboard the Star Trotter! There are so many little details that I can’t wait to explore about this thing. 8D The design of of the interior has always been an idea floating about in our heads, but finally getting the color scheme and the designs down on the page feels great and in this artist’s opinion looks fantastic. I’m absolutely happy with these design choices.  This is going to be an amazing couple of months, guys!>

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