Okay so short answer is I don’t know. In order to record, Tyler needs to find time to read the book and so far that hasn’t happened. Also we don’t have a lot of material we can cover before the second season of the Netflix series. There are a few other Danny Handz books but we don’t want to use them all up as we inevitably have a lull in content between seasons. Some of the spacing out of episodes has been intentional.

As soon as we record next I guarantee I will let everyone know and hopefully have some idea when the episode will be released. Obviously I’ll post a link to the episode here when it is ready.

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Friend: “Hey, I haven’t seen you in forever! how are you?”

me: “Fine, thanks.”

Lemony Snicket from outta nowhere: “Of course, in this case, ‘fine’ is only meant to reassure. She has never been less fine, nor was she ever fine in the first place. Here, the word ‘fine’ could be defined as ‘I am actually slowly dying on the inside, but don’t wish for anyone to worry’.

  • Me : yeah I can finish my homework in 5 minutes
  • Lemony Snicket : Many things can be done in five minutes including enjoyable events such as confessing your love, opening a gift, or eating a delicious meal, as well as miserable events like death, a violent crime, or a severe anxiety attack... one thing that cannot be done in under five minutes is a ten page essay, a word which here means "a student's worst nightmare", and while I can assure you, dear viewers, that the boy would achieve one of these feats within five minutes, I am sorry to say it was not the essay, but rather the anxiety attack.
  • JK Rowling: Suddenly, light started shining through the window!
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: The window, which hanged on the wall, softly letting its curtains dance around the room, suddenly brought a bright light into the house.
  • Douglass Adams: Quite unexpectedly, light shined through the window in the room, which was less surprising when you think about the fact that's what windows are for.
  • Lemony Snicket: Light shined through the window abruptly.
  • abruptly, usually means unexpected, or sudden. For instance, if your mother picked you up from school after telling you twice about doing that, it would not be abruptly. However, if someone were to tell you your house burned down and your parents were dead without telling you to sit down first, it would very much be called, abruptly.
Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.
—  Lemony Snicket
  • Paul Ryan: The idea of Obamacare is that the people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick.
  • Lemony Snicket: What Paul Ryan does not appear to understand, dear reader, is that health insurance, like all insurance, works by pooling risks. No individual is likely to need all of the medical care at once. You may be healthy one year and pay for someone else when they lose their leg to lachrymose leeches, and they for you next year, but we will all need some of it eventually. This is the same whether your insurance is through the Affordable Care Act, or through an offshore account in Peru.

Later that night

I held an atlas in my lap

ran my fingers across the whole world

and whispered

where does it hurt?

it answered




—  Warsan Shire