french garden vocabulary 🌻🌷

🌿 Types of gardens

  • le jardin garden
  • le patio patio garden
  • le jardin sur le toit roof garden
  • la rocaille rock garden
  • le jardin floral a flower garden
  • le jardin d'agrément an ornamental garden
  • le jardin botanique a botanical garden
  • le jardin de fruit a fruit garden
  • un verger - orchard
  • le jardin potager a vegetable garden
  • le jardin paysan cottage garden
  • le jardin d’eau water garden

🍁 Some garden objects

  • un etang à poissons fish pond
  • le parterre flowerbed
  • le pavé paving
  • l’allée path
  • la pelouse lawn
  • la haie hedge
  • le potager vegetable garden
  • la serre greenhouse
  • le tas de compost compost heap
  • la fontaine fountain
  • le sol soil
  • la terre topsoil
  • le sable sand
  • la chaux chalk
  • l’argile clay
  • les outils de jardin garden tools
  • le balai à gazon lawn rake
  • la bêche spade
  • la fourche fork
  • le râteau rake
  • la tondeuse lawnmower
  • la brouette wheelbarrow
  • le terreau compost
  • le gravier gravel
  • les gants de jardinage gardening gloves
  • le pot à fleurs flower pot
  • l’arrosage watering
  • l’arrosoir watering can
  • le tuyau d’arrosage hose
  • la pelouse lawn

💐 Verbs

  • tondre to mow (the lawn)
  • ratisser to rake
  • tailler to trim
  • semer to sow
  • bêcher to trim
  • arroser to water
  • désherber to weed
  • pailler to mulch
  • cultiver to cultivate
  • récolter to harvest
  • cueillir to pick

🌱 Types of plants

  • les plantes à fleurs flowering plants
  • les plantes plants
  • les mauvaises herbes weeds
  • le bambou bamboo
  • la fougère fern
  • l’herbe herb
  • l’arbre tree
  • la plante aquatique water plant
  • le palmier palm
  • à feuilles persistantes evergreen
  • à feuilles caduques deciduous
  • la plante grasse succulent
  • le cactus cactus
  • la plante en pot potted plant
  • la plante d’ombre shade plant
  • la plante grimpante climber
  • l’herbe grass
  • la plante rampante creeper
  • l’arbuste à fleurs flowering shrub
  • les graines seeds
  • saplings les jeunes plants d'arbres
  • plant cuttings - les boutures de plantes

🌹 Types of flowers

  • rose la rose
  • marigold le souci
  • tulip la tulipe
  • crocus le crocus
  • lily le lys
  • iris l'iris
  • sweet pea le pois de senteur
  • geranium le géranium
  • gladiolus le glaïeul
  • chrysanthemum le chrysanthème
  • sunflower le tournesol
  • zinnia le zinnia
  • aster l'aster
  • dahlia le dahlia
  • daisy la pâquerette
  • carnation l'oeillet
  • primrose le primevère
  • peony la pivoine
  • bluebell la campanule
  • begonia le bégonia
  • daffodil la jonquille
  • jasmine le jasmin
  • lavender la lavande
  • azalea l'azalée
  • orchid l'orchidée
  • water lily le nénuphar

🌲 Types of trees

  • orange tree l'oranger
  • lemon tree le citronnier
  • plum tree le prunier
  • pear tree le poirier
  • olive tree l'olivier
  • cherry tree le cerisier
  • apple tree le pommier
  • apricot tree l'abricotier
  • fig tree le figuier
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm so glad that our lemon tree finally grew and sprouted fruitful lemony lemons. I mean, imagine, we can make lemonade, key lemon pie, lemon merengue pie. I think it's the most valuable of property that we have. I think we should go to the bank and get a loan, actually I think we should just get lemon tree insurance and then get a loan and use the lemon tree as collateral because it is now insured. I truly do love our lemon tree. Just imagine a life full of lemon trees, and all our beautiful lemons, endless possibilities. They're so beautiful, I wish I was a lemon. You wish you were a lemon? If you were a lemon I would put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all our lemons. That's so beautiful, like I only hope that the whores aren't stealing our lemons you know those naughty whores always steal lemons and we do have a couple lemon whores in this community, those damn lemon-stealing whores I hate them because no one will take our prized lemons from us. Hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we looked at our lemon tree? It has been about 10 seconds till we looked at our lemon tree. Hey what the fuck
Lemon Tree Haircuts

The lemon trees are approaching their 5th birthdays!  (WOW!) To celebrate, I decided to undertake a project that was much overdue: Haircuts.

Okay, leafcuts. Pruning. Whatever you want to call it, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my lemon trees have never enjoyed the luxury of diligent landscaping. Part of this stems (pun mostly intended) from my own quasi-scientific curiosity in watching them grow. I wanted to see how tall they would get unimpeded. Impressively, they got so tall that it was no longer reasonable to keep them indoors. This was a problem, because outdoor growing isn’t an all-year option in this part of the world. In addition to preventing the trees from getting too large, I wanted to cut them vertically to encourage branching at the lower levels. Also, they were just looking kind of scrubby and I wanted to fix that. 

The relaxing “lemon tree spa day” started at my parents’ house. My parents have been kind enough to lemon-sit the trees during my recent move. The trees recently endured a windstorm and tipped over, so they were completely askew in their pots.

The above picture shows the upper spire of the tallest plant. It was well over 6 feet tall prior to being cut.

I’ll admit I don’t know a ton about cutting trees and shrubs, so I combined 3 indispensable-but-definitely-not-equal things to inform my pruning:

  1. My dad’s expert advice
  2. The internet’s dubious advice
  3. My own questionable common sense

I cut all parts of the tree on which I did not want to encourage further growth, pruning right up to forks in the branches when possible. I chopped the entire growing top of both lemon trees, which was a tad scary. 

Above you can see the material taken from both trees. The largest tree still had a string tied around it from my efforts to straighten it out last summer.

When the haircuts were done, my mom (the esteemed @tango-mango) and I scrubbed every leaf of both trees with a gentle soap/water solution using a toothbrush. This is a recommended treatment for the pest called “scale”, which has perpetually plagued my poor lemons. Once that rather nasty endeavor was complete, we rinsed the leaves with water from a spray bottle and wiped away the remaining bugs. I imagine I’ll have to do a follow up treatment later, but we really gave them what for!

The spa treatment capped off with some straightening and pot maintenance. I have to say, the results of this entire endeavor are stunning. It turns out there were two beautiful, dainty trees hiding under all those bulky branches!

The lemon trees are now ready to move back to the apartment for the summer looking their absolute best. Mission success!

the paladins as things my sister has done

lance: spontaneously bought a fish, named it nicki swimaj

hunk: woke me up from a nap to tell me that she supports my life choices, even though i’m sleeping my life away.

pidge: threw a keyboard at me. why does she have a keyboard? where did it come from? note: external computer keyboard, not musical keyboard

keith: threw a keyboard at me. note: musical keyboard.

shiro: picked a lemon off a tree and just bit into it. proceeded to drop the lemon on the ground and say that it was not ripe yet.

Finally posting a photo 😂 This was my first time actually having tempeh. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about it but it turned out really good 🔥 I left it in a marinade for 10 minutes in peanut sauce, soy sauce and maple syrup and then cooked it until crispy and brown in a non-stick pan and served with tabouleh, corn, avocado, salad, kumara, beans and almonds and a sad little lemon half from my lemon tree 😂  hey it looks cool? Uni break starts today and I couldn’t be more excited for the break, Happy Easter everyone 🐰 xx Zoe

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Keeping it Warm by Jason Ogden
Via Flickr:
Living in the Pacific Northwest requires us to bring in our lemon tree every winter to protect it from the cold…but this might be going a little too far.