This year marks the 81st Fete du Citron à Menton, the annual Lemon Festival in Menton, France (previously featured here). The theme for this year’s festival is “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. Over 300 artists worked with 145 tons of citrus fruit to create a variety of awesome sculptures inspired by Jules Verne’s classic 19th century science fiction novel about the adventures of Captain Nemo. We’re particularly fond of the giant octopus and squid, but the Nautilus, whale and Nemo himself are pretty great too.

Photos by Lionel Cironneau, Sebastien Nogier, and Olivier Anrigo respectively.

[via NY Daily News]


Every year, a joyous festival of fruits takes over the French Riviera. For 15 days, the French people and tourists from all parts of the globe are uprooted in celebration amongst life-sized and towering citrus sculptures. This year’s 79th annual Fete du Citron, otherwise known as the Menton Lemon Festival in France, has begun its parade of citrus sculptures, music, dancing, and various carnival festivities.

As visitors celebrate, they can enjoy the “French regions” theme for this year’s art constructions made of lemons and oranges. Creative participants have produced some amazing structures made of the typical grocery items. The sweet and tangy treats have been assembled to recreate life-sized monuments like the Eiffel Tower to nondescript castles and churches to represent Menton’s region. There are also other nonspecific, representative structures like that of a goose and a bottle of wine to epitomize the southwestern region of Bordeaux. If you’re interested in seeing this year’s festival in person, it will be active until March 7, 2012.

Ever heard of Menton, France? Yeah, neither had I… until it was brought to my attention that there’s this awesome LEMON FESTIVAL that takes place there every year. It’s basically citrus fruit galore - some of the designs are up to 10 metres tall! And apparently 145 tonnes of citrus fruits are used in this festival. 

Must… go… check it out…