Leigh Conroy

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the perfection that is this picture…

Seriously, Smash wins everything for best mother/daughter casting in the history of television. Bernadette Peters playing mother to Megan Hilty, Bernadette’s Leigh playing Gladys to Megan’s Ivy who plays Marilyn… I still have to take a moment to think of the beauty of this. 

No one did/will ever cast a most perfect mother/daughter duo. EVER. Because so much perfection could only have been born from so much perfection.

No but guys

Thinking about the fictional future here

  • There is a fictional baby in this fictional world
  • and the baby’s mama is Ivy Lynn
  • and the baby’s papa is Derek Wills
  • and the baby’s grandma is Bernadette Peters Leigh Conroy

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to say that I wish I was that baby? I wish I was that baby.


This part gave me the chills. The Bombshell team celebrating the best musical Tony award. It looks so beautiful shot from behind.

Look at Megan and Bernadette huging!!!!!!!

I loved how they were all shaking their Tonys and Leigh was shaking her clutch haha