Leif Vollebekk

My dad and I really connect over music. He’s constantly introducing me to new things he’s heard, and I always love whatever it is.

This week he recommended I check out an artist named Leif Vollebekk. He’s totally right up my alley. An Icelandic-inspired folky, chill vibe and some great lyrics. The funny thing is, when he mentioned I ought to check him out, I said speaking of music – you should check out The Barr Brothers if you haven’t. I’m reading this morning and it turns out that Leif Vollebekk on his most recent album enlisted the harp talents of a girl from The Barr Brothers. Talk about being on the same page.

Anyway. Has anyone else heard of this guy? What do ya think?

Something New #3: Leif Vollebekk - Twin Solitude

One of the incredible things about music is how it takes over actual physical spaces and creates these separate sub-spaces of its own. They are only auditory but can sometimes feel surprisingly real. In short, music can take you places while you’re cosily harkening to this or that tune, sitting in your room and wearing ancient PJs.  

Leif Vollebekk’s third full-length “Twin Solitude” is one of these kinds of music: it takes you places. The whole album is a bit of a road trip together with Leif - just look at the track list: Vancouver Time, Into the Ether, Big Sky Country, Michigan, Road to Venus, East of Eden, Telluride. All the comings and goings, miles and miles driven along endless highways; stunning dawns and dusks seen behind the wheel; beautiful strangers one stumbles upon along the way and is then bound to leave behind; hopes and dreams and disappointments; - it’s all there on this record, delivered with grace and passion by Leif’s mellow and just-raspy-enough vocals, embellished with minimalist but intricate arrangements. 

Melancholy-infused and slow-paced as it might be, “Twin Solitude” is an album that makes you feel less alone. So cheers to that. To feeling less alone. 


She’s as poor as me
But looks twice as good

Leif Vollebekk - “Off The Main Drag”


(vía https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmF2uTi3mUU)

 Esta canción de Leif Vollebekk “Photographer Friend” me mueve…


Leif Vollebekk | Photographer Friend

Photographer friend, photographer friend
Some things they never last