Twas the night before finals, 
And all through the college, 
The students were praying 
For last minute knowledge. 

Most were quite sleepy, 
But none touched their beds, 
While visions of essays 
Danced in their heads. 

Out in the taverns, 
A few were still drinking, 
And hoping that liquor 
Would loosen up their thinking. 

In my own room, 
I had been pacing, 
And dreading exams 
I soon would be facing. 

I drained all the coffee, 
And brewed a new pot, 
No longer caring that 
my nerves were all shot. 

I stared at my notes, 
But my thoughts were muddy, 
My eyes went ablur, 
I just couldn’t study. 

“Some pizza might help," 
I said with a shiver, 
But each place I called 
Refused to deliver. 

I’d nearly concluded 
That life was too cruel, 
With futures depending 
On grades had in school. 

When all of a sudden, 
our door opened wide, 
And Patron Saint Put It Off 
Ambled inside. 

His spirit was careless, 
His manner was mellow, 
All of a sudden, 
He started to bellow. 

"On Cliff notes, on Crib Notes 
On last year Exams. 
On Wingit and Slingit 
And Last Minute Crams." 

His message delivered, 
he vanished from sight. 
But we heard him laughing 
Outside in the night. 

Your teachers have pegged you 
So just do your best. 
Happy Finals to All 
And to all a Good Test. 

- Anonymous

Good Luck!

this month i’m only spending money on necessary shit 

  • tattoo ($160)
  • alcohol for my birthday weekend (max. $100)
  • dorm key ($65)

i think that’s it, really. i think? i hope so. that’s already over $300. my dad’s giving me money before i leave so either way i’m good.

and i’m getting money for cleaning the next three days from my aunt? it’s all good b.

after my tattoo on the 24th, i’m stackin’ for spring break: LA w’ the misfits trio.


Fuckin shit up the best way I know how

Time to get real for a quick minute. I feel like talking about something meaningful for the first time in a while. My life seems to have gone astray for a bit and yet I think I’m getting back on track. Maybe I’m actually just ON track for the first time in a while…

I don’t think I can really express enough how excited I am for my own future. It sounds crazy, mostly to me, but I feel like going for fame. I think my own life has more to it than the simple progression of events I laid out for myself from childhood…

Graduate high school

Graduate college

Get a job

Get married

Have kids

What’s the point of it all if we’re only doing what we think we’re supposed to do. What we THINK we’re supposed to do. I want to look back on my life and know that I did something crazy and went for it.

So yeah… I’m not in school. I’m 19 years old, turning 20 in just about 3 weeks and I’m barely getting started on life. There’s so much in store for this year, and I can’t wait to experience it all, and yet I want to savor every moment of it. I’m going to be able to truly focus on the one thing I have a passion for. The first and only thing that I’ve had a complete and true love for.


Bouta go H.A.M. this year and see how far and hard I can push myself. I know happiness is around the corner, and for now I have my support all around me. Here’s to hoping that smiles outweigh the sighs of a heavy heart this year. Buckle down and do work.

Strawberry milk

is the best way to brighten a rainy morning at the bus stop. Yes, I am five years old, yes, it was delicious. 

Also, I accidentally opened my umbrella on the bus and hit some lady in the back of the head. She acted like she didn’t notice, though? Pretty sure she had to have felt it. Soz.

Also also, these spring flowers better look fucking fantastic after all this rain.