Legs Diamond

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i noticed how the ships that were at the site for nora's video looked like legs so it's got me thinking, did the diamond ships used to form like a giant body or something? I mean we won't know until then (if ever) but it seems to be pointing to such a thing.


So now we have arms, a head and maybe torso, and legs.

Form Voltron! 


My dad has a relatively coveted newspaper collection of historic events. We are in the process of organizing and sorting through them all so they can be put on display by the town. These are some that we pulled out today and I thought you guys might like to see them.

1. October 13th, 1930. Jack “Legs” Diamond is shot in New York.

2. November 23rd, 1963. John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas Texas.

3. November 25th, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald is shot dead by Jack Ruby in Dallas Texas.

4. October 5th, 1965. Pope Paul VI makes a historic visit to New York in a bid for peace, seen with president Johnson.

5. July 20th, 1969. Man lands on the moon.