Legs Diamond


So, my dad has a large collection of musicals. Many of them are obscure and strange and, in this case, out of print. I’m innocently looking through his CD collection– for the purpose of making a Carolyn Rothstein showtunes playlist, no less– when I find this. 

My oh my, Team NY does not fare well when it comes to portrayals in musical adaptions. 

On the last day of 1930, Jack ‘Legs’ Diamond stands behind police officer on 125th Street in Manhattan, one of several escorting the notorious bootlegger and racketeer- who claimed to be just a nightclub owner- to the train station after his release from City Hospital on Welfare Island. (Photo by Phil Levine/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Legs and Lucky had a very weird relationship. Lucky got a bit of his bootlegging start in cahoots with the Diamond gang, and Legs was AR’s bodyguard and Lucky’s rival for quite some time. He and Legs were purported to hate each other (Legs making comments about how “only queers wear silk shirts” and Lucky basically calling Legs a classless pissant among reported evidence of said hatred) but then Lucky would allow Legs to stay at his house when he needed to hide out…

..and Lucky’s infamous near-death experience and source of his facial scars in '29 was most likely the result of police battery, after he refused to tell them anything about Jack’s whereabouts when they were searching for him after a murder.


This is actually one of the greatest videos I have ever seen. Chad Kimball performs “Giants in the Sky” from INTO THE WOODS two ways. The first, is the way Sondheim intended it. The second, the way he wants to sing it. You will be speechless. It will blow your mind. 

This video helped me #dreamcast Chad Kimball in LEGS DIAMOND, the Peter Allen flop. Because, Chad Kimball in LEGS DIAMOND would be a trainwreck, but possibly the biggest and best trainwreck, ever.