I want to write a ton of science fiction stories that are purely of this aesthetic. The wide spectrum of Lego classic space themes.

Space exploration, cool tools and instruments that make measurements of who-knows-what. Greeble. A simple, organized, modular, system. Rival factions, mostly doing their own thing. Hanging around on asteroids, small outpost research stations on distant moons. Spacesuits, spaceships, space bases, beautiful colour schemes.

Living on other world, exploring, doing science, almost mechanically, as if it is the sole thing existing in life, the need to explore, and /be/ out there. Radio dishes, antennae, small rockets,control panels. Rocket boosters, space cargo, tinted windows, visors, windscreens. Technology, at once futuristic and outdated.

This is a departure from reality, no doubt about it, but it’s such a cool concept, a captivating aesthetic.



A joint design of Fleet Survey Corps and the UN Stellar Shipping Agency, the LL-10617 is a long range vessel frequently tasked with initial surveys of newly discovered systems. Not as well-equipped as a full survey ship, the Scout is crewed by a  single pilot/navigator, assisted by two robot servitors/mechanics (which are stored on the port and starboard outrigger pylons).

Powered by a Tesla-Mox Singularity Reactor (which creates the necessary wormhole to travel faster-than-light), and maneuvered by a series of anti-grav emitters and twin Eisen-Kurtz thruster pods, the Scout contains enough consumables and range to travel for 10 months without refit/resupply.

In addition to light planetary surveys, the Scout is used to blaze lightspeed trails; the attendant robots assemble nav buoys and hazard markers as needed.

Finally, long range sensor and scanning apparatus are carried on the ship’s port and starboard mandibles; long-range comms are handled by the massive transmitter/receiver dish seated above the cockpit.

More detail images to follow.

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LEGO Ideas Exo Suit reveal! Green classic space minifigs! It looks AWESOME!!! Available early August!


Im super addicted to these guys and I wish I could actually get my hands on all 5 of the minifigures (theres actually a white spaceman but decided not to put him anymore). 

oh and again please excuse my crappy Photoshop skills. Still a newbie here! at least I tried hehe. oh painted the heads from scratch as a form of practice.

Art by me!!