Legit one of my favourite things ever

August 21st: Fanfiction Writer's Appreciation Day

I would like to use Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day to give a shoutout to some of my favourite fanfics authors - you’re all amazing!


Heartstrings is legit one of the best things I have ever read in my life. The characters are written beautifully, the plot enthralling, and of course, the romance is absolutely beautiful. The emotion! The drama! It’s what makes a fic great.


Chasing Thunderstorms - if I didn’t already ship Hiccstrid enough as it is. This fic became my life and soul for a week, and I regret nothing. It was funny, dramatic, dynamic, heart-breaking and just simply gorgeous. Who says fanfiction isn’t fine literature?


Tendencies - a gift to this universe. I mean it. The entire world of Miraculous Ladybug was made far richer with the existence of this series. Thank you so much for the consistent, excellent writing. It’s hard to find fanfictions that meet every requirement you look for - this series met every single one of mine.


I never shipped Dramione - thought it entirely impossible. Until I read this fic. The amount of sheer, hard work that is evident in this work is mind-blowing. I fell in love with Isolation the moment I read the first chapter. The dialogue is real and honest, the characterization always accurate, and of course - the excellent writing I came across in that fic was unparalleled.


If there was ever a fic that had me more worried over Adrien Agreste than I ever have been in my life, it’s this one. But I adore A Werecat in London with all my heart. It’s intriguing, unforgettable and truly marvellous in all shapes and forms. Even the original characters are impressive!


You had me at Pick-up and chase. Just one prompt and 20 minutes later, I was laughing way too hard for my own good. You took that prompt and made it into a fully-formed, hilarious piece of fanfiction. I’ll be reading Serendipitous Fate soon - I have no doubt whatsoever that it will be just as amazing.

Thank you to every single fanfics author out there! Your stories bring me unprecedented joy. Whether it be Fairy Tail, Harry Potter, and most definitely Miraculous Ladybug, the amount of effort and time that you all put into your work is most definitely appreciated. Thank you so much!