Legit one of my favourite things ever

Brendon: I’m not gay

The Bandom: but you will suck a dick


My favourite fanfic tropes

Mostly for @gleek-runner but also anyone who’s interested
-Running and holding hands is literally my favourite thing ever, do that
-Hugs where the smol one clings to the tall one
-Almost kisses with pulling away just before they actually kiss
-Ducking away and getting all flustered (legit the best, I use about 10 times with tanlove)
-When one kisses the others cheek/head ect and after they leave the person touches that spot and smiles fondly
-Clothes borrowing of all kinds
-Love declarations
-Love declarations where they call each other by the full name is better!
-Wrapping arms around the other persons neck when kissing
-One person tells the other a song ‘reminds me of you’ (yes please)
-Getting jealous (not creepy possessive jealous though)
-One person getting so flustered they fall off something or over something
-Anything domestic
-Sharing or talking about books
-First meetings where the tall one has to get a book for the small one
-Anything to do with libraries
-First kiss which neither speak about for several weeks but pine about

Feel free to add more

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*loudly whispers* KEITH AND A SPACE BIRD




Bones in a nutshell

I know I’m always preasing this show basically (except for like the 1% of the times when I try to make objective observations - and that’s why I’m surprised when people get mad at me saying I complain all the time, ehm.) but the latest ep really hit me in the feels. I mean, FOX praised the ep a lot BUT I had my reservations. Not because I didn’t believe they could give me another favourite episode in s11, but because sometimes it has happened that FOX tried to oversell something just because they needed the ratings. This being said, 11x18 is legit one of my favourite episodes EVER. I’ve already said I would show this ep around to people just to make them watch the show if I could, but - really - it holds together all my favourite things and I was particularly impressed with the lines they used to make the characters reply to the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question. Because it’s truly who they are. Booth is the selfless man, so brave, so committed to his values, the man who could never hurt his family/children. Or even the strangers around him. Booth has always been SO desperate to give people something, without even thinking if he would actually get something back. He did that with the vets, with his friends, with Sweets, with Rebecca, with Parker, with Jared (!!!) and even with Brennan. He gave himself up completely to her - even if he did know that she wasn’t ready to love him back. But he really always wanted Brennan to find happiness. He really did. And that might have been a night out at the diner having a beer in the early stages or a shoulder to cry on or even someone to hug when she was scared (remember s2?). Brennan, on the other hand, only found her purpose when she became a mother and a wife. And I mean it in a completely good way. If you really think about it, it’s true. She had a shitty life in the early years, but then - as she said herself - nothing ever stopped her. And she was also helped by Mother Nature because she also had the looks, not only the brains. She was successful, she spoke a shit tons of languages, she was a writer and a scientist. She was a genius. Men would fall at her feet in a sec if she only wanted to. She could sleep with two men at the same time. But still, money or looks don’t buy you happiness. A big part of Brennan was missing until she found Booth. So now, she fully realized herself by being a mother. Because yes, you can love a man, but the love you give to your children is selfless. She could also finally give a child what she never had from her parents. A normal life. Brennan’s life has been pretty extraordinary, but she didn’t even know that what she needed the most was something normal.

“I want to be someone who never stops looking” The 3rd line I was the most impressed was Hodgins’. Because who says that you have to change who you are completely to have character development? Hodgins imo had one of the best developments on the show, but he never really changed over the 11 seasons. And that is a great thing. He learned to be less angry (and that applies both to this pre and post injury life.), but that’s not all that matters. Hodgins is a great person and a great husband and a great father but his work makes him who he is. This particular line made me appreciate the paralysis storyline even more. At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter if he walks or not. Nothing can stop him. Nothing can stop Hodgins from being a man who is supposed to keep looking in order to be happy. And now he knows. His storyline has been imo one of the best of the entire series and if you notice his beard is gone in the next episode. They found an exceptional way of closing this storyarc. The writers made the character’s justice and I’m really happy.

Aubrey is a kid and I love him so much. He had a pretty shitty life too, but that didn’t stop him from being happy and dream big. Who cares, we all need a bit of positivity in our life. Angela is just Angela. If I had to pick a character to represent the heart of the show, it would be her. Beauty is the key. Angela brings joy in a place full of gloom and darkness and she does that through art and beauty. She is beautiful. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t make mistakes, but she tries her best to always be positive and loving and selfless. She puts her family and her friends first. If you really think about it, Angela and Booth are very simiiar in the way they act around their loved ones. Every character on the show shares some traits and that’s probably they really look like a family. And then there’s Cam. So private, so committed, a great boss. Cam is basically the heart of the team when they are on the job. She’s always been. Do you remember when she was on the verge of tears when the GD was around? She was hurting her people. Yup. Her people. I don’think they would make such a great team if Cam wasn’t around. Cam is the Jeffersonian.

And then: Sweets, Zack, Vincent. They all left something to the other characters. Life lessons. No matter how happy they might be, they catch serial killers and murderers for a living. I don’t want to say they are destined to be unhappy but at the end of the day, they have to sacrifice themselves for their jobs. And they do. And this is a beatiful metaphor when it comes to the show too. Bones is apparently a show about death, but if you look at it closely, it’s more a show about life.


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I think my favourite thing about the mythology of the MARVEL universe is that there’s multiple beings who claim to be Satan, but they’re all unwilling to sit on Satan’s throne because they all suspect that this “Satan position” they made up to sound cool might, by chance, also be a legit thing and there might be a One True Satan no one’s ever met who might turn up out of nowhere and beat them up if they sit on his chair.

So, those leaked Gail and Holly scenes

I watched them, obviously. Repeatedly. Foregoing sleep.

Going for it under the cut. Spoiler warning.

Firstly though, can we talk about how painfully romantic all their scenes were? Just gorgeous. I was genuinely overwhelmed by it.

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@pluginphan: Hey Shawn, your recordings are my favourite things in the world tbh and they make fangirling over anime 1000% better ( ^ω^ ) I wanted to tell you how awesome you are but I’m not so good with the words so here’s some fanart of chibi Shawn and Armin and the nicest Titan you’ll ever meet XD

*Legit has a heart attack because this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen* oh my word you are too amazing, thank you so much.

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Ay so like how would junkboy,hot topic and cowboy react to their s/o only having one eye or having heterochromatin and being really insecure about it (your blog is like my favourite thing ever btw )

I love people with heterochromia like it’s my fave mutation

Junkrat: Would find it totally cool either way, and would offer to make them a new eye if they were missing one, or would promise that their two toned eyes were perfect just like the rest of their body and personality. Is a huge fan of their eyes no matter what, and defends his s/o all the time

Reaper: Wouldn’t think anything of it, and would legit shoot anyone that makes fun of his s/o bc of their eyes without hesitation. Doesn’t get the whole thing of being insecure about things, and insists that they have more confidence in themselves.

McCree: Promises that they’re gorgeous, and it ain’t a lie when he says it, since he loves them and everything about them, forever and always. Kisses them all over and makes sure to kiss their eyes bc they’re kinda his favorite part of them, then hurts anyone who says it’s not cool as all hell.

August 21st: Fanfiction Writer's Appreciation Day

I would like to use Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day to give a shoutout to some of my favourite fanfics authors - you’re all amazing!


Heartstrings is legit one of the best things I have ever read in my life. The characters are written beautifully, the plot enthralling, and of course, the romance is absolutely beautiful. The emotion! The drama! It’s what makes a fic great.


Chasing Thunderstorms - if I didn’t already ship Hiccstrid enough as it is. This fic became my life and soul for a week, and I regret nothing. It was funny, dramatic, dynamic, heart-breaking and just simply gorgeous. Who says fanfiction isn’t fine literature?


Tendencies - a gift to this universe. I mean it. The entire world of Miraculous Ladybug was made far richer with the existence of this series. Thank you so much for the consistent, excellent writing. It’s hard to find fanfictions that meet every requirement you look for - this series met every single one of mine.


I never shipped Dramione - thought it entirely impossible. Until I read this fic. The amount of sheer, hard work that is evident in this work is mind-blowing. I fell in love with Isolation the moment I read the first chapter. The dialogue is real and honest, the characterization always accurate, and of course - the excellent writing I came across in that fic was unparalleled.


If there was ever a fic that had me more worried over Adrien Agreste than I ever have been in my life, it’s this one. But I adore A Werecat in London with all my heart. It’s intriguing, unforgettable and truly marvellous in all shapes and forms. Even the original characters are impressive!


You had me at Pick-up and chase. Just one prompt and 20 minutes later, I was laughing way too hard for my own good. You took that prompt and made it into a fully-formed, hilarious piece of fanfiction. I’ll be reading Serendipitous Fate soon - I have no doubt whatsoever that it will be just as amazing.

Thank you to every single fanfics author out there! Your stories bring me unprecedented joy. Whether it be Fairy Tail, Harry Potter, and most definitely Miraculous Ladybug, the amount of effort and time that you all put into your work is most definitely appreciated. Thank you so much!