LEGION 1x08 Highlights


- “And boom goes the dynamite”
- Cinematography (as usual)
- the half fucked up Avocado 🥑
- Syd saving Davids ass, again
- David being a badass overall
- “The war is over, if you want it”
- badass hallway confrontation between David and the Shadow King (#2)
- Cary and Kerry making up adorably
- David levitating
- David’s moment of memory flashbacks, along with Shadow King confrontation (#1)
- “Did we win?” “Does it look like we won?”
- finding out Aubrey Plaza is back as Lenny/the Shadow King for season 2
- Oliver remembering a certain someone, yet getting possessed by the Shadow King
- the Shadow Kings slow-mo body possession moment in the lab
- ^click, click
- Song choices, such as “Breathe” and “On the run” by Pink Floyd, “If I Ruled the World” by Jermaine Clement, and “Children of the Revolution” by T Rex
- ^Lets be honest with ourselves, pretty much all the song choices from Legion have been the shit.
- ^Mojo? Division 3?

{I’m so happy this show has a second season, seriously, these characters can’t catch a break but there all in it together. The only unfortunate highlight of this show is that we have to wait a WHOLE DAMN YEAR, to watch it again, hope these highlights sparked your interest, feel free to add more}


[a sudden cloud of dust appears at one of the living room’s walls, leaving a very, very large hole, and a German stumbling in with a backpack over his shoulder, carrying a bazooka]

Worst. Mission. Ever.

skylixht  asked:

american football game with Cal where he finds it insanely adorable how into the game you are and cannot stop taking pictures of you and putting them on twitter and stuff and idk just really really fluffy? pleaseeee


I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me.

I’ll make this (y/t/n) as your team’s name so I don’t gotta fight people later :-/

send me requests kids


I sat down beside (y/n), who was tightening her festive (y/t/n)-colored scarf, looking determined even in the September chill. I was surprised when she invited me to a football game, of all things, but I’d agreed because, well, it’s (y/n).

I wasn’t really paying attention, American football is just nuts, really, so the sudden outburst next to me in the first quarter was a bit of a shock.

“That’s a bullshit call! Who the hell is paying these refs?” She shouted, waving her arms at no one in particular. She settled back down with a heavy frown, and I couldn’t help but snap a quick picture for Twitter.

I uploaded it with the caption, “Phase One: Grumpy About Bad Calls.” I smiled to myself, knowing she wouldn’t see it until later.

The game continued with relatively few disturbances, apart from the delighted shrieks of (y/n) when her team, because it was her team, she told me, scored a touchdown.

I took a photo of her mid-jump, smile on her face, and captioned it, “Phase Two: First Touchdown.”

Sometime in the second quarter, a guy selling beer came around to us, and (y/n) turned to me, eyes wide. “Calum, dear?” She asked innocently.

“Yes, babe?” I questioned suspiciously, pulling out my wallet to get a drink for myself.

“Mind buying me a drink?” She batted her eyelashes.

“All they have is beer.” I pointed out.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, that’s why I’m making you buy.”

I snorted, but leaned over, ordering two for us both. The guy gave me an easy smile, saying, “I’m just going to assume these are both for you, buddy.”

I snickered, handing (y/n) her drink, taking a picture when she wasn’t looking.

“Phase Four: Hydration.”

As the game progressed, she got more and more rowdy, eventually turning around to talk smack to the opposing fans. It was more than amusing to see her, small and angry, putting on a front for the big, burly men in jerseys. Luckily, they thought so too, so I didn’t have to pull the “I’m her boyfriend and I’ll fight you” schtick.

I took a picture of her while in one of these spats, captioned, “Phase Five: Engage The Enemy.”

As the game progressed further, so did the amount of incriminating photos, including but not limited to,

“Phase Seven: Form Alliances,” which featured (y/n) high-5′ing a Canadian sitting near us.

“Phase Nine: Analyze and React Accordingly,” a close up of (y/n), hunched over, biting her nails intently, staring at the field.

My personal favorite, however, came at the very end, a photo of (y/n) with both hands in the air, standing on her chair, shortly after the winning touchdown, captioned, “Phase 12: Fuck Yeah Motherfucker.”


He’s just telling the truth. hahaha. Good shit Richard Sherman you’re the Best. Go Seahawks!